AlphaBay News: New Feature Announced, Timed Messaging

Saturday, September 26th 2015, Administrators at the AlphaBay Market announced on their homepage the release of a new feature requested by their Agora Market Refugees.

Saturday September 26th, 2015 users of the AlphaBay Market logged into their account and were greeted with a announcement in the news feed.  The admins at AlphaBay have just released a new feature to their messaging system.  The new feature will allow users to add a random delay when sending a message.   When starting a new conversation with another member on Agora you can choose to have the message send out at a later time or date.

“we now allow message sending with randomized delays. When creating a new conversation, you now have the option to select whether you want the message to be sent now, or at a later time. “ –AlphaBay News

AlphaBay Market Random Message Timing

This may not seem like much to many of AlphaBay Market’s users, but some may see some potential in such a feature.  According to a post in the official AlphaBay forums the AlphaBay Market’s admin the feature was requested by several of the Agora Refugees.

“It is now possible to select a random delay when sending a PM. By default, it is sent immediately, but when you start a new conversation, it is now possible to set a random timer to make the message be automatically sent after a randomized delay. This was a feature that many Agora refugees asked for. “ – Admin (AlphaBay)

We thing the best part about this roll out is it shows AlphaBay Market truly wants to offer a overall better user experience.  Listening to their visitors and a implementing yet another solid feature is what has been separating AlphaBay from their competition and keeping them one step ahead.  Great Work AlphaBay!

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