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AlphaBay Market and Hansa Market Have Been Seized by Law Enforcement and Taken Offline. 

Here are invite links to Free Accounts at the top 3 alternative Darknet Markets

 Dream Market (est 2013):  http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2502947670

 Valhalla Market:  http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/xtXZ

 Toshka Free Market  http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/auth/register/6a31b60d91fd494c4252eb7d0012d30b

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162,830 Product Listings (Updated 5.30.2017)

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AlphaBay Market | Overall: 4.5

From our team’s thorough review we have settled upon a solid 4.5 star review.  For our review we decided to factor in several important variables.  The most important ones we based our score on were Security, Listings, User Interface, Support and the Unique Features AlphaBay Market offers it’s users.  While we understand our website is dedicated to primarily information on the AlphaBay Market, we are all fans of the other major marketplaces, and aimed on rating AlphaBay Market, as well as future marketplaces as unbiased as possible.  To show our work we will go over why we scored AlphaBay in the manner we did for each of those afore mentioned categories.

AlphaBay Market Review | Listings: 4

AlphaBay Market‘s lowest score, but certainly not low by any means, was listings.  We compared the amount of listings, as well as the quality of listings to other popular Darknet Markets.  In terms of listings quality, this is based off the types of listings.  If a marketplace had 100,000 listings, and 97% of those listings were digital goods it would merit a score of 1.  So in our book, the number of listings is not a sure win.  As of today, AlphaBay Market has 36,023 of listings, with 17,457 Drugs, 1,612 Services, 2,682 Digital Goods, 402 Weapons, 3,231 Tutorials and 1,322 Counterfeits.

AlphaBay Market Drugs Listings

That number shows that 48% of the listings should be drugs which are clearly the most popular Darknet Market product. While this is an incredible collection of listings, the majority of many listings under the “better” categories are in fact data or tutorials rather than actual product.  This in itself lowered AlphaBay Market‘s listing score.  While many of the markets do have data items in the wrong categories, it was by far much higher percentage than the other markets.  For the record Abraxas Market had 19,926 listings including, 64% of which are drugs and Nucleus with 19,656 listings, 58% which were drugs.

AlphaBay Market Review | Security: 4.5

Security of a Darknet Marketplace is one of the single most important aspects of a successful marketplace.  The last thing anyone wants is having their door kicked in by a storm of LE after placing an “anonymous” purchase on their favorite darknet market.  Initially we were going to rate AlphaBay Market a 3.5, but due to a new “Scam Watch” feature the market rolled out with their score jumped a full point.  What is Scam Watch?  Scam Watch is a team of trusted members of AlphaBay Market’s community with a strong background in Malware, Hacking, Fraud etc and they are paid to focus on detecting and preventing all types of scams.  They have the ability to freeze vendor account withdraws if any vendor is suspected of scamming or if their account has been hacked.  Since August 11th the Scam Watch team has sucessfully banned over 200 vendors and deflected several exit scams in action.  That’s a lot of your bitcoins which have been saved from the dingy pocket’s of worthless scammers.  Good Work AlphaBay Market and your Scam Watch Team!

Beyond the already mentioned Scam Watch, AlphaBay Market also uses Multisig, Normal Escrow (with Full Escrow in the works) and the use of PGP encrypted messages.

AlphaBay Market Review | Features: 5

The one thing I think we can all agree on is AlphaBay Market leads the way in the innovative new features category.  They are constantly upgrading, updating their website and announcing new and exciting features on a regular basis.  As of now, AlphaBay is one of the only successful darknet markets with a working bid/auction style option for their listings.  AlphaBay also hosts one of the best working search filters we have seen on any of their competitors site’s.  It’s simple and easy to narrow down your searches to include exactly what you want, be it a certain range of price, location, or category.  We already mentioned the incredible Scam Watch they recently rolled out with, but they are also hosting an Auto-Carding platform where shoppers can seamlessly purchase active credit card fulls.   This is no surprise as the Admin and Founder of AlphaBay has a deep and trusted background in the credit card slinging business.

AlphaBay Market Review | Website: 4.5

AlphaBay Market has one of the best looking, fully functional websites in their niche.  It’s faster than the majority, with one of the lowest downtime ratings in the history of Darknet Markets.  According to DeepDotWeb, AlphaBay Market is online 96.8% of the time, the best rating out of the major darknet marketplaces.  This is especially noteworthy given their servers had hardly any issues taking on the massive amount of Agora Market refugees back in late August.

AlphaBay Market Homepage

Navigation for AlphaBay Market is also top of it’s class.  It’s very straight forward, with it’s simple, easy to read UI, fast loading pages and already mentioned search filter.  It’s no surprise that these guys are growing at such a fast rate, especially when compared to the sloppy interfaces and confusing layouts such as seen on Mr. Nice Guys Market (sorry Mr. NiceGuy, creative but can be complex to anyone new).


AlphaBay Market Review | Final Thoughts

And there you have it.  Our review on AlphaBay Market and an insight on why we gave it such a high score.  If we missed anything, please let us know in the comments below or by contacting us directly through the form on our contact page.  For now AlphaBay stays on our top favorites list and from the looks of things, that won’t be changing anytime soon.  We are all very excited to see what their admin team decides to surprise us with in the near future.  Thank’s AlphaBay Market.

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  1. I have been using AlphaBay Market for the last 5 months. Completed several transactions, always smooth, never a single issue. It’s become my go to market since Agora and Black Market Reloaded have departed. Love this place. 5 Star all around

  2. I absolutely love AlphaBay Market. Been using it for over a year now and have never had any issues. Its in my opinion the best marketplace that exists on the Darknet and the devs clearly work hard at keeping it updated.

  3. Say man I’ve been trying to try out tha site . I’ve got to put n that code n every time I put it n it says u’ve got to enter tha capitha correct. It’s really ignoring so help plz

  4. im have problem want let me get pass
    try out tha site . I’ve got to put n that code n every time I put it n it says u’ve got to enter tha capitha correct. It’s really ignoring so help plz



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