AlpraKing’s effective bitcoin tumbling guide.

Posted on 05 Oct 2017 by AlpraKing at /r/DarkNetMarkets


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AlpraKing’s effective bitcoin tumbling guide.

by AlpraKing

In light of the Humboldtfarms’ bust affidavit, we now know that standard bitcoin tumblers are not 100% effective against LE. They are either ran by LE themselves or LE has found a flaw to exploit to correlate incoming and outgoing transactions, as was seen in the case of Humboldtfarms’ operator, where millions were involved and successfully traced back to illegal activities using blockchain analysis.

As such, I have designed a way to completely remove all taint from our bitcoins, regardless of the reliability of the websites used or the amount to be cleaned.

What we need:

1. An electrum wallet with at least 5 INPUT addresses on TAILS (Wallet INPUT DIRTY)
2. 5 Bitblender accounts. (BB1, BB2, BB3…)
3. An electrum Wallet with at least 10 OUTPUT addresses on TAILS. (Wallet OUTPUT DIRTY)
4. A monero wallet with 10 addresses. (MONERO INPUT)
5. A second monero wallet with 10 addresses. (MONERO OUTPUT)
6. An electrum wallet with 10 addresses to get your cleaned bitcoins in (OUTPUT CLEAN)
7. The website
What we want to do is split the dirty bitcoins into the 5 different addresses of your INPUT DIRTY wallet. Then, each of these addresses will send to its own associated bitblender account address. Each bitblender account is configured to auto-withdraw the bitcoins to two different OUTPUT DIRTY addresses, as a way to break down the incoming, whole transactions into two, fragmented transactions, making it harder to trace as it gets out of the blender. We use multiple blender accounts because we don’t want to send more than 0.3 or 0.4 btc at a time into a blender at a time, because too large transactions will be immediately picked up as standing out of the blender’s standard volume of activity. With 5 blenders we should be able to send a few bitcoins daily without raising too much eyebrows. Then its just a matter of time to clean up all the coins.

So BB1 sends to OUTPUT DIRTY 1-2, BB2 sends to OUTPUT DIRTY 3-4, and so on.

By now, the bitcoins we had in our 5 DIRTY INPUT addresses should be moved out to 10 DIRTY OUTPUT addresses, having been passed through the blenders. This made them harder to trace but it is not reliable protection if the blender is ran by LE so we have another tumbling step.

Now what we’re going to do is use Shapeshift is an “exchange” where we can trade our coins for another kind of coin without even registering. We don’t need an account, We don’t have to submit identity documents, and we can acccess it over TOR. Simply open, Specify you want to trade BITCOINS for MONERO. We then send multiple small transactions of bitcoins from our OUTPUT DIRTY wallet and convert them into monero, sent into our MONERO INPUT wallet. 10 DIRTY OUTPUT addresses send to 10 MONERO INPUT addresses.

We’re going to let a few days pass, for extra safety.

Then we send the money from our 10 MONERO INPUT addresses to the 10 MONERO OUTPUT addresses. This should break down completely the blockchain analysis if the tumbler we used in the first part of the guide wasn’t effective.

We’re going to let a few more days pass, for extra safety.

Now we head back to using a new tor identity, and we swap the monero we have in our 10 MONERO OUTPUT addresses back into bitcoins, sent to our 10 OUTPUT CLEAN bitcoin addresses

This method should remove all taint beyond doubt.