Alpraking’s The Kingpin Handbook – Chapter 1.2

Posted on 01 Apr 2016 by AlpraKing at /r/DarkNetMarkets


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Alpraking’s The Kingpin Handbook – Chapter 1.2.

by AlpraKing

Due to overwhemling populary of my coked-up post yesterday (or was it the day before?), I will be writing new chapters every now and then and post them here. Welcome to my chronicles.

25. Avoid Hyperexpansion and remember it is BAD.

Hyperexpansion is when your business grows too fast and your opsec/skill does not follow. When this happens, most of your energy becomes focused toward moving more supply, satisfying more customers, etc in order not to lose any sales, and you start lacking on your opsec due to being so focused on expanding. Even if you DO NOT start lacking on your opsec, you might also get caught, because procedures changes when your volume moves up. As an example, if you are used to dealing quarters of weed on the corner of your street and has been doing so for 5 years sucessfully your opsec is pretty good FOR THIS LEVEL, it however doesn’t meant your business model would work safely if you started doing the same thing for kilos of coke with no real changes in your procedures. Opsec has to be stepped up with as much energy as the drug business expansion. When your business hyperinflates, you have 3 choices. Either you fall into the trap of hyperexpanding, either you start refusing customers (which is an extremely frustrating thing to do especially when you know you COULD supply if you stepped up), either you adapt your price to match supply and demand, thus always earning a maximum for the lowest level of risk. It is better to ship 100k pills a week and make $100k than move 500k to make $200k.

Opsec procedures have to be perfected BEFORE accepting a higher volume. If you have perfected shipping 100k pills a week and see your sales slowly rise, you must switch your system to one you believe will handle 300k safely, and test to see if it works with your 100k userbase. After several months, when you confirm it does and have grown quite experimented with it, you can start lowering your prices to increase sales volume.

I have completely changed my own business model and strategy so many times since starting I think im on V4.2 now. (started from scratch 4 times, performed minor changes/uprades 2 times)

Hyperexpansion is incredibly frequent on DNMs. If you crosscheck all DNM related busts for major vendors, you’ll see they are all extremely young (20-22) with extremely shitty opsec, but somehow they get busted with tens of kilos of drugs. And ruin their lives.

26. Keep researching

Get your hand on complete evidence cases of previous arrests similar to yours. If your lawyer is anywhere close to experimented, he should directly or indirectly know anyone in the justice system. Assuming you have the right connections in the justice system, It is surprisingly easy to obtain this documentatation.

You <-your lawyer <- the lawyer who represented them <- archived evidence from an investigation in their lawyer’s archives

Then you can start documenting yourself with hundreds of detailled pages of evidence from cases similar to yours (big productions, or sent via the postal system, etc) and sometime you see the route the investigators used and you’re like.. WTF these LEs are geniuses)

One example was an investigation where the suspects hid money in several rented appartnments of the same big big appartment building to facilitate the transactions. It was clever, the cops couldn’t get close enough to see which appartments the suspects were using once they entered the building. So they got the electrcity bills of everyone who was a renter of the place, and saw 3 places in the building who used little to no electricity. So they started checking who was renting these posts and eventually found links between them and the suspects and the LE got warrants.

If you dont have good legal connections, even google gives brief but sometime extremely good info on what is safe and what is not if you perform searches on arrests similar to what you are doing

If you’re bright you’ll learn from the mistakes of others, If you’re average you’re gonna learn from your own mistakes, and if you’re stupid you simply won’t learn.

27.Money is good, power is bad

As (most) males in their 20s which account for most of the drug dealers, your instincts push you to dominate. to be the alpha. So its easy to fall prey to vanity. This is what pushes you to want sports cars and throw parties. The feeling of power. This is simultanouesly the most powerfully pleasant thing a drug dealer can feel, but also the thing that must be as most as possible avoided. Your objective is to MAKE MONEY, which can be used as a tool to do great things.your goal isn’t (shouldn’t) be to be everyday’s party superstar. This is also part of the reason why you delegate even your “boss” tasks. People want power, give them power, as long as you keep power over them, their power is yours.

This also comes with the dangerous possibility that if an administrator deserts your ranks, he will most likely leave with all his own network that you built for him at your expense. In other words, without your administrators you have no power or influence at all. but you do have power over your administrators, so you have power over their cohorts indirectly. This is the best position of power possible for you. Once reached, just keep your administrators loyal. Its a feudal system based on trust. None of the cohorts that you pay for their work but (in their own mind) work for your administrators will stay loyal to you; they don’t even know you exist.

Your administrators will be grateful for you to give them this position of power. imagine! a handful of mens you are chosen to recruit yourself, their wages paid by your superior, but who vow loyalty to you. Give them this power, and keep the money, the REAL power source, for you.

TL;DR: Keep your administrators happy, give them most of your power, and keep the profits for yourself 🙂

28. Threats are nothing, never answer to intimidation.

If people know you have a lot of money and that you are involved into illegal shit, you’re gonna have some real hacking pros after you. They will hack your website, try to social-engineer you, attempt to doxx you and ransom your info, etc

For example, if you pay a hacker who succesfully doxxes you (in order for the info not to be published all over the place, as they normally threaten you with), you actually admit that this doxx has value and you want it kept down. You also show weakness and there’s no reason to believe your ransommer won’t contact you in a few weeks under a new alias to ransom you again, and the cycle going on for ever. Never bow down. Once you do, your spine will never be perfectly straight ever again.

Don’t deny. Don’ talk. Threatened? Don’t answer.

29. Fix diplomatic matters quickly.

Ask your reseller questions. Care to their well-being and try to glean any info you can on their relations with other resellers and their opsec procedures.

I used to have 2 resellers who shared their doxxes amongst themselves for reasons I’m not too sure why even today and sometime a dispute between them raged and I had to use my influence to prevent one of my resellers from doxxing the other reseller. When you get into your email (assuming XXXX and YYYY are two of your resellers) and see YYYY tell you “hey man plz can u stop XXXX?? he said he’s gonna dox me on reddit and to the LE, he already sent dickpics to my mom on facebook to prove he was serious” and you fuck all understand what’s going on, it deserves a real world facepalm and you hope you had investigated earlier. Just wanting to reassure everyone; both these guys are no longer reselling for me and are in prison at the moment. (one confirmed, the other most likely)

The End