Alpraking’s The Kingpin Handbook – Chapter 1.3

Posted on 08 Apr 2016 by AlpraKing at /r/DarkNetMarkets


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Alpraking’s The Kingpin Handbook – Chapter 1.3

by AlpraKing

This one is aimed at vendors at large, and less on high-volume vendors.

30. Never answer online blackmail attempts

No matter how truthful the dox info might be, never pay for it “not to be released”. By doing so you are confirming that the information has value. If you pay a dox ransom, you’re confirming it has value and nothing will stop your ransommer from creating a new account a few months later and extort you again. Don’t say yes, dont say no, don’t flame the extorter, just ignore the message and refresh the page to make it dissapear from your “unread” list. And most likely nothing will happen. In the worse case scenario, you will be doxxed (publicly, or to LE, who cares). This can help LE by orienting correctly its investigative efforts, but it doesn’t count as evidence, even if your real name show up everywhere, it only counts as “hearsay”. You would probably pay such a ransom to “preserve your opsec”, but now imagine if the ransomer was actually a LE deep into an investigation trying to confirm if its really you? If you pay the ransom, you’re pretty much confirming this is you. Who would pay a ransom if the dox info was wrong? Also, people attempting to dox you are most likely criminals as well and are bluffing, as I doubt any of them really wants to call LE and tell them shit; the first thing the cop they’re talking to on the other end of the phone might wonder is “how do you know this? are you involved?”. I’ve seen SO MANY times people go nuts over “OMG HE’S GONNA DOX ME he will send drugs to my house with no opsec!!!111” that i still shake my head over the memories of conversations I had with some of my resellers, a while back.

31. Clean up!

Clean up regularly. This means that routinely, and prior to any illegal stuff, clean everything. This includes regularly cleaning your entire house of illegal stuff. If you use recreational drugs, keep them all in one place, along with any other incriminating shit. You don’t want a long-forgotten unencrypted USB key full of customer info being found under your desk in the event of a raid. By cleaning your house regularly, you ensure that you know what is where, and what might be possibly found if your house was raided. If you’re transporting drugs, clean your car BEFORE and AFTER. You don’t want a single pill on your backseator some joint left-overs to serve as a “probable cause” for your car to be searched, esepcially if you’re transporting bulk drugs.

32. Stay cool and have the “I’m not doing anything wrong” attitude when talking to LE

Convince yourself that what you’re doing is routine work, and prepare a plausible excuse to justify your movements if you’re transporting something illegal. This will be of use if the cops stop you on the road. Remember, unless they have a warrant or probable cause, they can’t search your car. This winter, I had a shipment of 700k xanax pills that was moving from our lab to a transit place in a vehicle, and because of the weight of the pills in the trunk, the driver miscalculated the time necessary to break and crashed off-roads into the snow. Cops came and started asking questions. We gave a plausible story (wont go into details), It was late during night, the car was clean (in appearance) and the driver had a real job and didn’t look like a druggy. Eventually we got the car towed and went on our way without any issues. If you look nervous as fuck in front of the cops because you have drugs in your car, you’re going to make them suspicious. It is the nature of cops to see criminals everywhere and they are always on their guards. If you look suspicious, they’re gonna dig.

33. Know your rights

Have you seen the “Am I being detained” videos on youtube? these are a pretty good example of what you should know. Hire a lawyer and get yourself very familiar with your rights, so that you know when you are really forced to comply or not. Most LE don’t even know your rights (or their powers) and will start doubting themselves if you look very confident and say “No, you are not allowed to do that without a warrant” and insist on it. A bright cop might use some sort of good worded phrase to raid you, such as “I’m gonna have to ask you to get out of the vehicle” <– see what I did there? to ask you . He’s asking you permission, say no.

34. Launder your bitcoins

Bitcoins are very easy to launder. First, tumble them out from the markets to a tumbler. Then, create a front-company, registered, with a real service/product that accept bitcoins. create invoices, and pay them directly from the tumbler. Each transaction will look like its coming from a unique btc address. Once laundered, just send your btc to any exchange and cash them out. Once the papertrail is created, there is no need to hide them anymore. You’re gonna have to pay your taxes on anything you launder. High volume of laundering will attract heat on you, especially if your company looks too obviously like a laundering company, so keep it to a minimum. Pay everything you can with cash and keep your laundered money to pay things that the governement can find easily as owned by you (property, cars, etc). to look even more legit, you should also pay some of your life expenses that everyone has with your clean money, such as your groceries or gas. When I go to the grocery, I tend to ask the cashier If I can pay 50$ with debit and the rest (450$+) with cash. This way, im creating a credible bank statement. It looks like im paying my gas, grocery, etc even tough the amounts are low. Having paper bills that prove you are paying 50$ a week in groceries and 20$ in gas look alot less suspicious than not paying for groceries or gas ever at all, especially if you have an expensive car. You should not need to launder more than 50-100k a year with this method. 100k a year is more than enough to pay your mortgage on a big house and a nice car. Just make your bank statement look like you eat ramen noodles every week, and thats why you can afford a high mortgage despite having only 100k a year in declared income.

35. Update!!

Update regularly Tails, Tor and keep up to date with recent LE busts. You want to keep TOR up to date to avoid using an obsolete version with known vulnerabilities. Its easy to get used to it and be lazy and not change your software version. This is bad opsec both with software and in real life; you want to be made aware as soon as a particular opsec procedure or software version is obsolete. If you look at most kingpins throughout history, most of them made millions of dollars during 5, 10, 15 years and eventually got busted and were sentenced to life. More often than not because they kept using the same methods over the years, and LE investigative methods eventually catched up. Now, with the Internet, we can keep up with what LE is doing on a large scale, and keep up with what is still safe and what is not. There is also no excuse not to update tor, tails or any other software you might be using for your business, regularly

The End

Feel free to post your questions, I will answer to the best of my knowledge.