BlackMarketReloaded Firearms Dealer, CherryFlavor, Sentenced

BlackMarketReloaded Arms Dealer Sentenced

Gerren Johnson, age 29, better known by his darknet market vendor alias “CherryFlavor” has been sentenced to almost three years in jail.

Johnson was part of a dark web gun trafficking group based out of the United States.  They would hide firearms in electronics products and ship them to customers in Australia, and other parts of the world.

Johnson was also linked to a Glock Model 17 9mm Pistol that was recovered in France and an Armitage International Model Scarab Scorpion 9mm that was recovered in the Netherlands.

The group worked out of Atlanta, GA where they advertised firearms for sale on the darknet market BlackMarketReloaded.

The vendor page on BlackMarketReloaded was CherryFlavor and some of the firearms listed by the group included Glock pistols which ranged in price from $2300 to $3400 USD.

Law Enforcement seized 31 firearms between international agencies, USPS, and the A.T.F. Through the initial investigation they tracked Cherry_Flavor’s sales to be on average 10 to 15 firearms a month through BlackMarketReloaded.

The sentencing memorandum stated that firearms sold by CherryFlavor had been traced and recovered in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Canada, France, Australia, The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, Zambia and Sweden.

Johnson entered a guilty plea to a smuggling charge in the US District Court in Georgia and was sentenced on April 5 2018 to a 33 month long jail sentence.

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