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/r/DarkNetMarkets Public Archive Project

This page contains a copies of the pages from the subreddits that were taken offline on 21 March 2018.  Given the vital role that many of these Subreddits played in the evolution of the community based around the Dark web and Darknet Markets, we thought it was important to archive what we could…

The information, logs, and material in the archive pages should be used only for research and information purposes only.  While we tried to get the most recent cached copies of these pages please understand that they will not be updated, and eventually will become outdated.

Each page is dedicated to a Subreddit thread, and includes a copy of the cached page that has been converted to a PDF format that anyone can view or download. The information has not been altered, and the only change we made was stripping the PDFs of links to avoid any issues.

Each PDF was scanned through VirusTotal and OPSWAT. The links to both scans are posted on in the page along with the SHA and MD5 records for everyone’s safety.

If you notice any issues with these pages, would like to provide feedback or make  some suggestions to improve this project please let us know by contact us through our contact page so we can update them. If you have any cached pages you would like us to include, please let us know and we will add them. Right now we are slowly trying to upload pages we think are the most important, or were the most influential to those online communities.

If you are looking for an new community to join now that /r/DarkNetMarkets is offline we suggest checking out Dread [Onion Link]. You can also still visit the Subreddit of /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs/ which as of this date is still online.

We take no credit at all for the Market Lists, guides or tutorials in these pages. They were created and maintained by the mods and community of /r/DNMSuperlist and /r/DarknetMarkets.

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