In order to offer full transparency about our website, we have decided to add this changelog section to  This will allow our visitors to see any and all changes that we make to our website, as we make them.  If you have any suggestions for changes you think we should consider, or any new features you would like to suggest then please contact us with your feedback and ideas.

Our changelog will be updated with any and all changes we make to our website as we make them, regardless of how small that change may be.

November 20, 2018

  • Updated Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR regulations.
  • Removed Rapture Market from Darknet Markets List
  • Added Berlusconi to Main Markets List
  • Moving Serpent Market to Dead Markets list and updating directory page with current information.
  • Adding Nightmare Market, Agartha, Core Market to New Markets list.

September 7, 2018

We have decided to no longer allow our website to store information about our visitors. Part of this agenda is to no longer provide the option to create and log in to accounts. We will also be deleting all the subscriber accounts. We feel that this feature provided very little value to our traffic beyond allowing for faster commenting and to subscribe for alerts when we publish new posts.  We are doing this to ensure the protection of our visitor’s data. If you would like to continue to receive updates you can use our RSS Feed at and for alerts on important information you can sign up for our newsletter which we only send out for important notices and a monthly newsletter.

  • Fixed Rapture URL (from “dscv5ng2qlf3abls.onion//?r=LLQqv” to “dscv5ng2qlf3abls.onion/?r=LLQqv”)
  • Removed pages related to user accounts and our site members (members page, register page, etc)
  • Removed website URL option from commenting form.
  • Added changelog to our top menu and footer menu.
  • Removed Olympus from our Darknet Markets main menu.
  • Removed ability to create an account or log in to an account so we no longer save any customer information.
  • Deleted WordPress subscriber accounts.


May 25, 2018

  • Added Top Menu
  • Widened Main Menu
  • Added Advertiser Page
  • Added Writers Wanted Page
  • Published Dream Market Review
  • Created Empire Market Report