LE posing as Post Worker makes Controlled Delivery & Arrest, Lancaster PA

Controlled Delivery leads to Darknet Market arrest in PA for fentanyl

Lancaster County Law Enforcement arrested a man last week during a controlled delivery after he placed an order on a darknet market for hundreds of fentanyl-pressed pills.

Anthony V. Alongi, age 45 of Manheim Township, located in Lancaster Pennsylvania, was charged with ordering the large amount of drugs during an investigation conducted by the State Police. The investigation resulted in with a controlled delivery of what Alongi believed to be 500 fentanyl-pressed pills.

How LE became aware of Alongi’s darknet orders is still unclear, as there was no mention if any of his previous orders had been intercepted.  However, the recent order which was delivered by Law Enforcement contained only placebo pills, which Alongi believed to be the 500 fentanyl-pressed pills he ordered.

While investigating Alongi, Law Enforcement became aware that he had made several similar darknet market orders in the recent past, which is when they decided to make the controlled delivery.

Police made their controlled delivery on March 23 while Alongi was at home, with his two children, ages 12 and 5. Moments later the Police returned with a search warrant.

Alongi is being charged with criminal use of a computer, two counts of reckless endangerment, criminal attempt at possession to distribute, two counts of endangering children, tampering with evidence and two counts of drug possession.

He is currently out on $25,000 bail after his arraignment on March 24. Since he was able to post bail, Alongi will remain free until his court hearing scheduled for next month.

   ” We’re scratching the surface of it. I have a feeling we could employ a number of full-time investigators looking at this. I think it’s only going to grow, just as the internet did. “

the Lancaster County District Attorney told ABC Local News in regards to the darknet.

“We’re going to need to put more resources into this”

The investigation is ongoing. Until court begins next month, Alongi is presumed innocent.


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