Dream Market Vendor DARKKING22 Busted for Fentanyl & Opioid RCs

Darkking 22 Arrested

28-year-old Antonin Austin, also known as DARKKING22 on Dream Market, was charged with purchasing several orders of fentanyl and multiple opioid analogs from China over the darknet and shipping them to darknet shoppers in the US. According to a press release from the N. Ohio DA, DARRKING22 was apprehended on March 28, 2018, by a task force composed of the FBI and US Postal Assessment Service.

The release went on to claim LE had tracked one of Austin’s previous drug shipments to a post office in Wickliffe. LE noticed Austin had tried to make a shipment using a fake return address.

According to a release covering this arrest “Austin used the online moniker ‘DARKKING22’ on the dark web. As of this month, DARKKING22 advertised some of the following items for sale: ‘Fentanyl Pure HCL, Methozymethylfentanyl ‘30490’, Molly, pure lofentanil, and MMAF New Product.’ Methozymethylfentanyl, pure lofentanil, and MMAF New Product are known to be various types of fentanyl analogs. Undercover law enforcement agents made multiple purchases of opioids from DARKKING22 on the dark web in 2018. “The purchases were made using bitcoins and the shipments indicated the letters carrying the drugs originated in the Cleveland area.”

DARKKING22 Busted for Selling Fentanyl and RCsThe release also mentions that LE had intercepted a package sent by a well-known fentanyl distributor in China in October 2017. The package contained 10 grams of fentanyl and was shipped to DARKKING22’s home address in Euclid, North Ohio.

From a recent check of DARKING22’s profile on Dream Market, the package interception by LE seems to match the time DARKKING22 began receiving negative feedback. During that time period, he also made statements on his Dream Market profile that apologized to his buyers, claiming he never received his new shipment of product.

From his feedback on Dream Market, it also seems as if Austin was selling research chemicals that he was marketing as legitimate opioids. According to Dream Market, DARKKING22 was banned on February 11, 2018. It is unclear if he was banned for selling RCs or for not fulfilling orders.

DARKKING22 Busted for Selling Fentanyl and RCs“Drug traffickers like this have enriched themselves while causing so much pain in our community.” said Justin Herdman, a US Attorney “This defendant ordered thousands of deadly doses of fentanyl from China, brought it to a residential neighborhood in Euclid and then mailed the dangerous drugs all over Ohio and across the country,”

This case was examined by the Federal Bureau of Examination and U.S. Postal Inspection Service. For his activity on Darknet Markets, Austin or DARRKING22 is being charged with conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute.


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