CoinMixer Details:

CLOSED: July 11, 2018: Reason for Closure: Unknown, Suspected in relation to the massive US Federal Operation announced June 26, 2018. Officially Launched: May 1 2015 Fees/Cost:.0004 BTC and Randomized fee of 1% to 3%
Features: Multiple Outputs, Delayed Deposit, Tor or Clearnet Sites, Multiple Deposit Methods

CoinMixer Notes:

Coinmixer is a very simple, easy to use bitcoin mixing service that has been around for a few years now and has a great reputation and they offer a few very attractive features. One of those nice features offered by CoinMixer is that they have both a clearnet based site and an onion based site, which is a unique and attractive feature.

As for their fee, CoinMixer chargest a fixed 0.0004 BTC fee and a randomized fee of 1 to 3%.

We have published a simple, step-by-step guide on How to Mix Your Bitcoins with CoinMixer and it includes a Bitcoin Mixing Video Tutorial.