OnionLand Details:

Officially Launched: 2016 Closed: Early 2018 Members:+9,500
Admin: aediot Moderators: REPLICANTFARM, zbricktop, pop Features: Education, Tutorials, Information Reason for Closure:Admin’s personal issues

OnionLand Notes:

OnionLand is a Tor based forum dedicated to education about darknet markets and providing trusted, factual information on the subject. The OnionLand forums have a strict set of rules that are regularly enforced and are in place to keep OnionLand as strictly a source of unbiased information, and not a forum that condones illegal activities. Vending through the forum is strictly prohibited. In June of 2017 the original admin, Star, stepped down from his position and announced that OnionLand would continue under new management.

The mission of Onionland is to inform the general public and newcomers to the forum what things such as the Darknet and Cryptocurrency actually are.
The end goal is to have you learn enough until you’re either comfortable enough in your knowledge to move on or to actually join that world.