Sheep Marketplace

Sheep Marketplace Notes:

One of the largest exit-scams to date, ฿40,000 were stolen. Withdrawals were halted before 29 Nov 2015, but deposits & sales were ongoing. Over the next 12+ months, the Reddit community was able to identify the owner of Sheep Marketplace. That owner was recently sentenced to 9 years in prison in 2017.

After an attempting to purchase a house with unexplained income (exit scam proceeds), the system flagged his fiancé’s accounts. An expert witness reported that the man’s phone had a configuration file for Sheep Marketplace stored on it. The seized computer contained similarly incriminating pieces of evidence. The two men in the Florida case took off with $4,575,115 in bitcoin.

The market owner only grabbed $731,600. A Czech Republic court sentenced the man to nine years in prison for theft, drug distribution, and illegal weapon possession.