Silk Road 2.0

Silk Road 2 Notes:

BTC was stolen, escrow disabled, and Forum moderator Cirrus advises considering SR2 compromised (22 December 2013, ironic inasmuch as Cirrus was the LE undercover agent who undid SR2 and helped with SR1); new operators Defcon/Hux/etc deny it.

Defcon announced the cold wallet had been lost to DPR2, but then that it had been restored. SR2 experienced repeated account balance problems, failed to ever implement auto-finalize or dispute resolution (forcing accumulation of orders’ balances), and announced 13 February 2014 that all deposits & escrow had been stolen, followed by another hack in September 2014.

Silk Road 2 was taken offline by LE and the admin, lake Benthall, was arrested after an investigation that was tied to Operation Onyonamous.