Dream Market Bans the Sale of Fentanyl

Dream Market Bans Fentanyl

In an unexpected turn of events, Dream Market has banned the sale of Fentanyl and Carfentanyl. Dream Market, the largest and longest-running Darknet Markets is the first of the 3 major darknet marketplaces to outright ban the sale of fentanyl.

Market Support member Gowron announced their decision in the Dream Market forum on May 20. It’s still unclear if there is going to be any resistance from its large community of opioid vendors, but as of now, we have yet to see any protest from the Darknet Market community.

Fentanyl is the now popular pain medication which has heavily affected the opioid epidemic in America, and it’s popularity as a street drug has been growing in other western countries.

According to reports, it is much stronger than heroin, and a fraction of the cost, which is one reason it’s often used as a cutting agent in other opioids and leading to a very high overdose rate.

Recently, the American President Donald Trump has made reducing the fentanyl epidemic one of his primary objectives. Over the last few months, Federal Agents have arrested hundreds of fentanyl dealers, revoked licenses of script selling doctors, and have been delivering heavy sentences to anyone caught selling the drug.

Some fentanyl sellers are even being charged with manslaughter if their product is directly tied to an overdose. The US President has even named Darknet Markets, such as Dream Market, as one of the root causes of the epidemic.

Dream Market has not yet explained it’s reasoning behind their decision of banning fentanyl. One speculation is to protect the safety of its users. Or if it’s a power play to reduce being a target for US Federal Agents.

By banning the sale of fentanyl, Law Enforcement will most likely shift its time and efforts towards competitive markets that openly allow the sale of fentanyl and other opioid analogs.

Dream Market Bans Fentanyl

In the most recent Dream Market vendor’s who have been arrested and charged with the sale of fentanyl, the vendors were not labeling their product as fentanyl. The Dream Market vendors were selling fentanyl as other opioids such as heroin or oxycodone.  Such as the case with OxyGod and Doggfood, two major fentanyl distributors from Dream Market that have been arrested. So, it remains uncertain how Dream Market staff or the Dream Market Admin will be enforcing this new rule, or what the consequences will be if a vendor is caught selling the fentanyl-laced product.

One idea is Dream Market could partner with DNMAvengers, a dark web forum that promotes harm-reduction. DNMAvengers provide a product testing service where anyone can send them a small sample of a drug, which they test. Once the results are tallied, the DNMAvengers staff uploads the final information to their forum, along with the source or vendor username who sold the product.

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Only time will tell how the Dream Market Ban on Fentanyl will impact the growing opioid crisis, or if it will be enforced accordingly. But the fact that the worlds largest Darknet Market publicly announced an outright ban on fentanyl is in itself good news and a big step in the right direction. Good job Dream Market.


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