Dream Market Fentanyl Vendor “Doggfood” Arrested

Dream Market Vendor Arrested

A 32-year-old Ex-Postal worker in Baltimore has been arrested for allegedly selling Heroin on various Darknet Markets using the Vendor name “Doggfood”.

Cory N Skinner of Pikesville, better known by his darknet market moniker “Doggfood” pleaded guilty to intent to distribute over 100 grams of heroin, along with various other drugs including cocaine and now faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

Dream Market account of DoggfoodDoggfood was a fairly popular heroin vendor on Dream Market, according to DarknetMarkets.com research. But his popularity was not due to his sales, but rather a bad reputation for adulterating his product with Fentanyl. Leading to many of his customers becoming sick.

Doggfood’s product was confirmed to be cut using fentanyl after chemical testing was done of his product by the harm prevention forum DNM Avengers, who posted the results several months back. A quick search of DNMAvengers for the mention of Doggfood pulls up several posts and threads full of complaints regarding DoggFood’s product, provided customer service, and numerous accounts suspecting fentanyl to be the main ingredient for the product Doggfood sold as Heroin.

According to court documents, Law Enforcement began their investigations after the death of a police officer who worked for the University in Arkansaw. Detectives discovered a priority mail package which was sent from Baltimore. 2 additional packages were intercepted by USPIS (United States Postal Inspector Service) which was connected to the package sent to Arkansas. The additional packages contained about 3 grams of heroin. All of these packages had Skinner’s fingerprints on them.

DoggFood DNMAvengersUS Postal Inspectors in Maryland also were investigating Skinner between September 2017 and January 2018 and had intercepted over 47 grams of Heroin and more than 80 Buprenorphine packs that were split between 20 or more packages. This leads us to believe that Skinner may have been placed under arrest in early 2018, at the end of the Maryland investigation, but we have no information to verify that.

Through the entire investigation, it was determined that Skinner had sold an estimated 100 grams of cocaine, over 200 packs of Buprenorphine, and almost 300 grams of heroin as a Vendor on the Darknet Market, Dream Market. Upon arrest, detectives discovered mailing supplies, more than $6000 in cash and additional, a 9mm firearm with ammunition, evidence to support his ties to darknet markets which included the laptop Skinner used to access and use his Dream Market account.

We did further research into the Dream Market vendor, DogFood, and discovered he had vendor accounts on both Wall Street Market and Tochka Market. Though his sales on both markets are zero, we found it alarming that there were still live listings on his Tochka account. We verified that both accounts belong to DoggFood by verifying the PGP key, which was also used for his main account on Dream Market.

We also found it troublesome that DoggFood’s Wall Street Market account shows that someone logged into DoggFood’s account about a month ago. This is very suspicious as it has yet to be discovered what date Skinner was apprehended by law enforcement. This leads one to believe that Law Enforcement or one of DoggFood’s friends may have access to his account information.

Skinner is facing 40 years in prison and is scheduled for sentencing on August 13th for his involvement with Darknet Markets.


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