Dream Market Review

Dream Market Review

Number of Listings   123,000+

Dream Market URL  http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2502947670

Dream Market Forum  http://tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion/

Dream Market first launched in late 2013 and is currently the most successful Darknet Markets.  After the Law Enforcement takedown of AlphaBay and Hansa back in 2017, refugees of both sites relocated to Dream Market, which quickly rose to the top of the Darknet Market List.  This is our full Darknet Market Review of the largest Darknet Market of 2018, Dream Market.

For our review of Dream Market, we factored in several important variables.  Security, Listings, User Interface/Design, and Features are the primary categories which we rate individually for Dream Market.  This will be the ongoing scoring platform we will be using for future Darknet Market Reviews.

Dream Market Review | Listings: 5

Dream Market earned a perfect score for their listings. This is because Dream Market has by far the most listings in the Darknet Market Comparison List currently online. Not only does Dream have the most listings, their listing count isn’t padded with an overabundance of garbage such as digital goods.

This is a surprise given Dream Market’s size, as even AlphaBay allowed vendors to make thousands of digital goods listings which polluted various categories meant for physical goods.

In terms of listings quality, Dream Markets listing quality is very high.  If a marketplace had 100,000’s of listings, and almost all were digital goods it would merit a score of 1 for the listing calculation.

While some may blame vendors for digital goods pollution, we feel it’s up to the market support team or admin to monitor and moderate their market so this is not a common issue.

Listing Quality on Dream Market

103,000+ of listings, with 64,595 Drugs, 4,607 Services, 50,118 Digital Goods, 640 Drug Paraphernalia and 1,322 Counterfeits. Below are two breakdowns of data showing the overall categories and subcategories of products.

One thing that we did notice on Dream Market is the quantity in subcategories does not add up to match the total listed for that main category.  For example, Drugs displays 64,595 products in that category, however when we add up all the Drugs subcategory total we reach a sum of 62,525.

This means there are 2070 product listings under Drugs that do not have a category and are not classified under “Other”.  We are not sure what the 2070 product listings are, we believe it to be a combination of product listings that don’t fit into any of Dream Market’s subcategories and listings that may have been suppressed for whatever reason.

While there are a lot of digital product listings, Drugs are by far the most popular item listed to Dream Market, making up over 52% of the listings.  In total, we see the most prevalent overall products are Stimulants, Cannabis, Information, E-Books, and Ecstasy.  If you would like to see us publish more Darknet Market data please let us know in the comments below.

Dream Market Review | Security: 3.5

Market Security is one of the most important areas for a Darknet Marketplace. Without topnotch security, the market is sure to be taken offline either by hackers or law enforcement. For our review of Dream Market’s security, we combined website security and market security features to reach our overall score of 3.5.

As of now, Dream Market has no current security issues that haven’t at least been addressed or resolved. They also offer a few vital security features to their users.

Dream Market Security Features

  • Timestamped Last Login Activity
  • Link and Alternative Link Verification – Auto
  • Link and Alternative Link Verification – Manual
  • 2FA Login (Optional)
  • Mandatory Withdraw Pin
  • 2FA + Password Login (Optional)
  • Auto Logout
  • BugBounty Program
  • Built-in Bitcoin Tumbler (Optional)
  • Market Wallet History Delete
  • Market Wallet History Autodelete (2 Days)
  • Delete All Messages Button
  • Order Delete Button
  • Auto-Delete Order History
  • PGP Encryption for Messages
  • High-Cost Vendor Bond ($750+ USD)

While Dream Market does have a good amount of important security features, including some that are unique to Dream Market, they are lacking some equally important features.

One of the important features missing from the list is Multisig for Bitcoin storage.  This puts vendors and buyers on Dream Market at risk of losing all of their funds if Dream Market decides to exit scam, or if they are brought offline for whatever reason.

If this review was based solely on market security features, Dream would have easily scored a 4 or a 4.5..unfortunately for them, we are also including past security issues…and there have been plenty.

Dream Market has had some pretty serious security issues in the past, however, this could be due to the fact that they have been online far longer than any other Darknet Market.

Dream Market Past Security Issues

  • Server IP Leaks – One major leak was obsessed about soon after AlphaBay and Hansa fell, leading many to speculate Dream Market was under control by Law Enforcement. While this is a reasonable concern it is simply not true…and we are dumbfounded by the number of major news sites who reported this as a possible LE takeover, yet failed to do any basic research to confirm this. We looked into this issue and it turns out the IP leak began in 2014 after an update to Dream Market’s messaging system. The site was quickly moved to another server, however, the IP address was left in the code for whatever reason.
  • The Arrest of Forum Admin – In fall of 2017 a forum support administrator for Dream Market was arrested by federal agents as he attempted to enter the United States. The support staff member, known as OxyMonster, supplied LE with login credentials to his laptop and phone which lead to his capture. It is still unclear what another data LE was able to obtain from OxyMonsters devices and if they gained market or forum access.
  • Delayed Banning of Compromised Vendors – During Operation Bayonette where LE obtained access to AlphaBay and Hansa, they discovered the login credentials for many vendors worked in other markets. This allowed LE to infiltrate Dream Market using the accounts of many vendors. Even though the accounts were reported, it took Dream Market several weeks to ban the compromised accounts.
  • Market Wallet Corruption – In fall of 2017, one of the main market wallets became corrupted, leading to a large amount of bitcoin to disappear from several user accounts.  While Dream Market claims to have replaced the missing bitcoin, several users attest they have not been fully reimbursed.

Because of the major security issues that hit Dream Market in recent history, this has significantly impacted their overall security score.

Dream Market Review | Features: 3

Dream Market Screenshot May 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018

Features are another important part of any major market. Without important features that make the market standout, it will be overshadowed by its competition. While most features are usually security related, there are other important features which are commonplace for Darknet Markets to enhance its overall usability.

Dream Market Features

  • Previously Mentioned Security Features
  • Market Forum
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero Support
  • Messaging System
  • Conference System (Group Messaging)
  • Search Filter
  • Exchange Rate Widget
  • Alternative Links/Mirror Links
  • Market Escrow System
  • Help/Support Pages

As we can see in our Dream Market Review they has most of the run of the mill features, and some unique ones as well..such as the conference system. Unfortunately Dream Market loses more points in this category for missing the mark here. They have yet to implement several security features, the only offer language support for English, and their search filter is relatively standard. Overall score, another 3.5

Dream Market Review | Design: 3

Another missed mark for the Dream Market Review is its overall design. Even if this isn’t the most important ranking factor, it’s something users want. Good, modern design brings a professional overall feel to a market, and for Dream Market’s success, there is no example why it’s never received a proper facelift. Dream Market is reliable, stable, and functional, it looks like it was designed in Geocities by a teenager.

Dream Market – 2014
Dream Market 2014
Dream Market in 2014


Dream Market – 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018


Dream Market Review | Final Thoughts

Dream Market is the biggest Darknet Market by far, and given it’s been online longer than any of its competition there is no wonder it has faced issues with its security history.

It is a stable market, the site is very functional and it has an outstanding uptime even when faced with major DDoS Attacks that bring other markets to their knees. But..their customer support has more complaints than all the other markets combined, the site’s design is dated, and Dream Market has done little to resolve those issued.

Our advice to Speedy would be to evaluate it’s support staff members, their response time, and other factors and adjust his system accordingly. Have more communication and involvement in the forums or Reddit, directly rather than through staff members. Add multilanguage and multisig support, and publish a major design update.

For now Dream Market remains at the top of their list, and according to Dream Markets Admin Interview with us, they won’t be leaving anytime soon.  No matter how big you are, there is always room for improvement. It’s their perseverance, popularity, and age that keeps the number 1 sport on our Darknet Market List as Dream Market.

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