How to Safely Access and Buy from Dream Market

Our Ultimate Dream Market Tutorial

So you are interested in Dream Market, the world’s currently largest and most popular darknet market. In this tutorial we will cover everything you need to know about creating a Dream Market, Setting up your Dream Market 2FA to protect from hackers, and the steps needed to easily and safely make a purchase on Dream Market.

The first step is to make sure you have a secure connection and the only way to do that is by investing in a reliable, and trusted VPN service.  While it’s true that Tor will mask your internet connection, having a solid VPN is a secondary and important security measure that should always be used, and for the security provided, the low monthly cost is easily justifiable.

There are numerous options for a VPN, literally hundreds of choices. But not all VPN services provide the level of security you want when navigating Darknet Markets such as Dream Market.

One major issue is a lot of VPN services keep logs or records on their customers. We have already done research into various VPN services and we personally recommend checking out NordVPN.

NordVPN provides dual-layer, military-grade encryption, they do not keep any records on their customers, they accept bitcoin as a form of payment, and they have a free 3-day trial which does not require a credit card.  You can check them out here. Yes it’s a referral link, and no a VPN is not required, but we highly suggest it.

Don’t worry, we are not some shady spam site that’s going to try and scare you into spending money on our affiliates, and we sure the heck are not going to hide the affiliate factor by masking our links…unlike some shady ass sites that are out there.

Dream Market Tutorial | Darknet Tools

Outside of the VPN, we suggested above, there are a few tools you are going to need in order to even access Dream Market.

Dream Market GuideThe Tor Browser | Dream Market Tutorial

The Tor Browser is basically a modified version of Mozilla Firefox, and it’s required if you ever plan on surfing the dark web.

Tor is available on a few different platforms in order to work on nearly any device from the basic Windows computer to Android Phones (however, we discourage using a mobile device due to OPSEC issues.)

What Tor does, it encrypts your internet connection by relaying it through several different connections across the world.

Dream Market Guide Tor BrowserBut since you want to learn how to access Dream Market rather than the technical aspects of an internet browser, we won’t waste your time on that for the pure reason of ranking. We will detail that elsewhere, so let’s cut to the chase.

Head over to the website run by the good people of Tor Project and grab yourself a copy of the Tor Browser, and install it on your computer.


PGP Key | Dream Market Tutorial

Using PGP Encryption is an absolute must.  You need it in order to communicate with vendors on Dream Market, it’s required.  You also need PGP in order to protect you Dream Market account with  2-Factor Authentication.


Is it required by Dream Market? No…but you are a F&CKING IDIOT if you don’t use 2FA. Even seasoned Darknet Market vendors have had their accounts phished and lost thousands for skipping this step, don’t ever think it won’t happen to you.

PGP tutorialSo head over to the following website and grab a copy of GPG4WIN and if you want instructions on how to setup and use PGP you can find our AWESOME Noob friendly PGP guide here.


Bitcoin Wallet | Dream Market Tutorial

If you plan on buying anything from Dream Market, you are going to need bitcoin. If you plan on grabbing bitcoin, you will first need a place to store it on your computer.  That’s why we need a bitcoin wallet.

Dream Market URL Guide WalletWhile we actually recommend using Bitcoin Armory for storing your bitcoin on a personal computer, it’s an absolute nightmare to configure for a novice, and for that reason, we recommend our second choice Bitcoin wallet called Electrum.

Electrum is easy to setup, free, open source, and one of the most popular bitcoin wallets available.  Go ahead and download and install Electrum on your device.


Bitcoin | Dream Market Tutorial

Lastly in your must-have toolkit is a form of cryptocurrency.  While there are a few options of cryptocurrency accepted by Dream Market, the most popular is Bitcoin. So for our Ultimate Dream Market Tutorial, we suggest using the default, Bitcoin. If you are interested in a more secure or secondary option, Dream Market also offers support for Monero and Bitcoin Cash.

The easiest way to acquire bitcoin is through local bitcoin.  Local Bitcoin is fast, does not require a bunch of verification like Coinbase or similar, and you can purchase bitcoin with a bank transfer or even locally via an in-person cash trade.

How to access Dream MarketAnother great option for grabbing bitcoin is by purchasing through a bitcoin ATM if they are available in your area.

You can check out localbitcoins here and yes this is a shameless affiliate link to their site (using our links helps support us and keep our site online)


Dream Market Tutorial | The Ultimate Guide

Dream Market URL | Dream Market Tutorial

The first step is to acquire a safe Dream Market URL. Over recent years phishing has become a major concern and problem in the darknet markets community. There only two very important steps you need to take in order to reduce the chance of falling prey to a phishing hack on your account.

  1. Safe Links – Always make sure you get your Dream Market or other darknet market links from a reputable website. While we would love it if you use our links (we verify and update them daily), you can also find links at  We do not recommend getting your links from anywhere else other than us, or them.
  2. 2-FA Security – Enable 2-Factor Authentication on all of your darknet market accounts.  This way, your account will remain safe, even if you accidentally fall prey to a shady phishing site by accident.

Verified Dream Market invite URL: http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2502947670/

Once in a while Dream Market may go offline due to a variety of reasons.  Mostly this issue is caused when they are updating a feature on their website, or if they are being attacked by a DDoS.  If any case the above, main Dream Market URL is not working, you can try one of these verified Dream Market Alternative Links 


If you are already using Tor you can click directly on the links above. If not, copy and paste the link into your Tor browser to navigate to the Dream Market account creation page to begin creating a Dream Market account.

Create a Dream Market Account | Dream Market Tutorial

Once the Dream Market account creation page loads, you can go ahead and fill in the required information.

When creating a Dream Market username, or a username on any Darknet Market, make sure the name is different than anything you have used in the past. You don’t want to ever be connected to your darknet accounts, and by using a unique name it will better guarantee your anonymity.

Dream Market URL Account InviteAlso, choose a password that you will remember, and that is secure. Our personal recommendation for creating a strong password is to choose 3 regular words, 1 made up word, one symbol, and one number.

This makes it highly unlikely it will ever get cracked via a dictionary attack, and it can still be easy to memorize.

Example: DoggyChasesBallsDooogles!8

Also, make sure that you choose a pin number that you won’t forget. If you need to write it down, keep it somewhere secure without any indication that it’s related to a darknet market account.

For example, write it on a piece of paper and label it Outhouse number or something irrelevant. The pin number is required whenever you want to withdraw funds from your Dream Market wallet, or if you ever forget your password for some reason.

If you lose your pin number, you can kiss any bitcoin you have in your account goodbye. Don’t Lose Your Pin Number!

Once that is all set, and you have all the information filled out you can go ahead and click the “Register” button to move on to the next step.

Setting Up PGP Key | Dream Market Tutorial

Now you need to setup your PGP key in your account. This is mandatory as it’s the only way you will be able to contact a vendor to relay them information about your order, including your delivery address.  You also need your PGP setup in Dream Market to protect your account with 2-Factor authentication.

How to Access Dream Market URL PGPIf you don’t already have a PGP key created, go over to our PGP Tutorial and follow the instructions to set one up.  If you already have a PGP Key ready to go, click on your username at the top of the page to navigate to your account settings.

Once you get to your settings page, scroll down to the section that says PGP Key and copy and paste your PGP key into that field and clicks the “update” button to save your key in your Dream Market account.

Now, Dream Market may or may not have you verify that your PGP key is valid. If not, no problem. If it does, just follow the steps they give you to verify the key.

Setting Up 2-FA Login | Dream Market Tutorial

Do Not Skip This Step. Do Not Skip This Step. DO NOT SKIP THIS F#CKING STEP!

Sorry, but I still find it absolutely embarrassing that people fall prey by phishing links ALL THE TIME when everyone should know better by now.

All it takes is a couple minute to set up and includes one quick extra step when logging in…and it can save you a LOT of money, time, and frustration.  We are going to enable 2-Factor Authentication on your account.

If the concept of it makes you nervous, let me break it down so you understand it better.

All it means is this. Nobody can access your account unless they have access to your PGP. So once it’s enabled you will have to decrypt a message with your PGP key and enter the decrypted code whenever you log into Dream Market…thats it. Simple. Worth it.

To enable 2-FA on your Dream Market account, make sure you are still on your account settings pages and located the section labeled “Login Method” and select 2-FA (Password + PGP) from the drop-down menu. Once that is done click “Update”.

Dream Market URL 2FA TutorialNow Dream Market will log you out of your account to verify your 2-FA.  So go ahead and wait for the Dream Market login page to load.

Once it’s finished loading, it should show a field that asks for only a username and captcha code. If it does not, click the link labeled “2-FA Login” in the top corner of the screen.

Enter your username and complete the captcha code. Now you will see the 2-FA login screen which asks you to decrypt a message with your PGP key.

How to use Dream Market 2-Factor Authentication LoginCopy and paste the message into your PGP clipboard and decrypt the message with your key. Then copy the decrypted message into Dream Market, enter your account password and login.

How to buy from Dream Market 2-FA GuideNow your account is secure with 2-FA which means you’re already smarter than hundreds of seasoned Dream Market users. Sleep soundly tonight.

Finding a Product | Dream Market Tutorial

PGP is set up, the account is secured, let’s go shopping. Navigate over to the Dream Market homepage by clicking the “Shop” link in the top menu.

Dream Market has a fairly straightforward form of navigation, with a standard filter that can help us easily locate the product we are looking for.  In this tutorial, let’s say we are theoretically looking to buy weed.

How to Order on Dream Market URLFirst, click the “ship to” drop-down in the filter and choose the country you reside in.  Followed by the “ship from” drop-down and choosing a country you wish your product to come from.

It’s always best to choose a product that is shipped from your own country so opt for doing that. This filtering arrangement will make sure we are only seeing offers from domestic vendors.

If you only want to see an option for a specific category you can also use the “category” drop-down in the filter. Feel free to use any of the other options to narrow down your search.

Buying From Dream Market DarknetOnce you spot a product that interests you, go ahead and click on it to navigate to the product page.

Vetting the Vendor | Dream Market Tutorial

Now you might want to jump right in and smash that order button, but noooot so quick. Let’s play this outsmart to limit any chance of being scammed or worst… Anyways, here are some steps you should always follow when considering a vendor on Dream Market.

  1. Product Description – Read the description on the product page thoroughly.  See if the vendor has any specific requirements for ordering with them, such as address format and if they require FE.
  2. Product Reviews – Scroll down to the reviews section to see reviews for that product. Sometimes the reviews will contain recent ones, often not. It’s uncertain if Dream Market hides negative reviews, but we have more safety protocols to protect us.
  3. Vendor Information – Click on the vendor’s account name at the top of the listing to navigate to the vendor’s information page.  This will usually contain a description that includes a wealth of important information. Such as Ordering protocol, and if the vendor is on vacation or not.
  4. Last Active – This section on the Vendor page tells you when they were last logged into their Dream Market account.  If it says they have not logged in for a day or longer, we suggest moving on to a different vendor who has been active in the last 24 hours.
  5. Feedback – You can also check recent buyer feedback compiled from all the recent purchases from that vendor. Pay mind to the most recently dated ones, and their overall feedback score to see if there is a high number of low scores for the past 30 days. If so, find another vendor.

Dream Market Best Guide 2018Once you have found a vendor who has a trusted reputation, and that has been recently active in their Dream Market account you can move to the next step.

Safely Adding Funds | Dream Market Tutorial

So now you have decided upon the product you would like, and you need to add bitcoin to pay for the product.  Now, you could just send bitcoin to your Dream Market wallet address directly, but we suggest not doing that and here is why.

Over the years new technology has been released which makes tracing bitcoin transaction relatively simple, this is especially true for law enforcement. The last thing you want is to have a dirty Dream Market wallet address that traces back your personal wallet in a simple to view straight line.

We can fix this issue by taking advantage of a thing called a bitcoin mixer, or a bitcoin tumbler. Bitcoin mixing is a service provided by a few different websites. You send your bitcoin to the service, and they mix them with other peoples bitcoin and send them to a wallet address of your choice. This better masks your bitcoin transactions and makes it very difficult to track. We have a great tutorial, which includes a video, that details how to mix your bitcoin using the tumbling service CoinMixer.

You find our bitcoin mixing tutorial here

You can visit our recommended mixing service here:  

Follow the instructions in our Bitcoin mixing tutorial, but set the deposit address as the bitcoin address for your Dream Market account which can be found by clicking the money sign in the Dream Market main menu. This will send all the mixed, and harder to trace bitcoin directly to your Dream Market account.

Dream Market Bitcoin TumblerDon’t send any more bitcoin to your market wallet then you plan on spending. You should store bitcoin on your personal bitcoin wallet at all times.

Placing an Order | Dream Market Tutorial

Now that you have found a reliable vendor who is offering the product you would like to purchase, and mixed our bitcoin with a bitcoin tumbler before sending them to our market wallet, we can finally place the order.

Scroll to the bottom of the product listing page and select a shipping option, enter the quantity you want to purchase and click the “add to cart” button.

Dream Market Add ProductNow you should automatically be directed to the shopping cart to finalize the purchase and if not you can go to your cart by clicking the shopping cart option in the main menu.

Now all that’s usually needed at this point is entering your shipping information.  While you can enter the shipping information and request Dream Market to encrypt your message for you, we recommend not doing this and choosing to encrypt the message yourself.

Copy the Vendor’s PGP key and import it into your GPA keyring. Type your delivery address into the GPA clipboard and encrypt it using the vendor’s PGP key then copy and paste the encrypted shipping information into Dream Market and click the order button.

Watch your Order Status | Dream Market Tutorial

Now that your order has finally been placed just monitor the order status.  In 1 or 2 days you should receive a message in your inbox when the vendor accepts your order, and another message when the vendor has marked your order as “shipped”.

If you placed the order on a Friday, the vendor might not see it until after the weekend, so don’t worry if you don’t receive a message for a couple days.

Once the order is marked as shipped, you just need to wait for your order to arrive. Be vigilant when checking the mail as orders are often disguised for better security.

If you are using escrow instead of FE, which you always should, the vendor has 16 days to make sure the order is delivered before the money that is held in Dream Market’s escrow is automatically deposited into the vendor’s account.

If it is getting close to the 16 days mark and you have not received the order, or if you have any issues with the order you can request an extension through the order page.

If the order has not arrived after the extension or if you have complications with the order that has yet to be resolved, you must open a dispute with Dream Market.

If you have received your order, and are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Log in to your Dream Market account and finalize the order, then leave appropriate feedback about your overall experience.

Now you know how to safely, securely, and properly access and place an order on the world’s largest Darknet Market, Dream Market.





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