OMG the cocaine is shipped via mail by brazen drug dealers!?!? *GASP*

The world of journalism was turned upside-down and the entire population of Great Britain has been silenced with utter shock and disbelief this morning after an EXCLUSIVE report, which is certain to win every Pulitzer prize over the next 30 decades, was published by the DailyStar.

While this may be difficult to believe, and even more difficult to accept as reality, we feel that the DailyStar’s latest article is authentic (though we are still awaiting final confirmation from SNOPES)……There are drugs….including the cocaine….being shipped through the royal mail!

Yes, it’s true.  The cocaines is actually being shipped through the RoyalMail postal service by “BRAZING drug dealers”.  Who would have thought something this horrifying could happen in the world we live in?

Thankfully Journalist Superstar Ed Gleave of the DailyStar brought this to public attention this morning in an EXCLUSIVE report that exposed several previously unknown facts about the cocaines being shipped in the mail, including, but not limited to:

  • Cocaine is being shipped via the RoyalMail by BRAZEN drug dealers
  • People share the cocaine with friends
  • Some people can purchase the cocaine in under 15 minutes!
  • Students buy the cocaines from a thing called a “dark web”(?)
  • The biggest risk of having cocaine mailed to you is “its sent in the post”
  • Dealers cut some cocaine with additives to boost their profit
  • Some dealers make £100 profit per gram

If you, dear reader, are BRAZEN enough to check out the original article (nofollowing the sh!t out of that link) for yourself at the top good-writinginged and mostest legitimate news syndication in the world, the DailyStar, that you keep these things in mind. If it wasn’t for their crack team of investigative journalists, these horrifying truths would have never been exposed in the DailyStar’s EXCLUSIVE Report, and that you should ignore the images sourced from a similar, yet not as good-like, article published by Vice several years ago.

If you hadn’t gathered. Yeah, this was a poorly written shit-post by GlitchXploiter. I wasted your time. Deal with it. 


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