How ItalianMafiaBrussels was Beaten by a Controlled Delivery


Leonardo Cristea, 22, a citizen of Romania received a three year sentence in the United States prison system after pleading guilty for his role in an international drug trafficking operation.

Leonardo is one of four young men that were indicted for attempting to import controlled substances into the country, which failed after one of their packages was seized by law enforcement while on it’s way to Colorado.

Back in May of 2016, 10 people from Belgium were placed under arrest by Law Enforcement for their connection to major drug operation. Two of the men charged on the indictment will be prosecuted in the country while the alleged ring leaders of the group, Filip Lucian Simion and Cristea will be extradited to Colorado after being arrested in Bucharest, Romania.

As of now prosecutors are contending that one of the men, Cristea, is one of the members of ItalianMafiaBrusselsItalianMafiaBrussels is a high profile darknet market vendor of MDMA.  According to the criminal indictment, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted a package containing over 2 ounces of MDMA while on route to Boulder CO from Belgium.

The local Drug Task Force of Boulder Colorado decided to use the seized MDMA to conduct a controlled delivery on the buyers address.  After being detained the buyer deiced to cooperate with officers in their investigation and admitted to being a long time darknet market shopper who began sourcing his drugs from the dark web since the days of Silk Road.

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