Man Arrested After Having 1Kilo of Amphetamine Shipped to his Grandmothers Home

Dominik S. of Weilheim will be spending the next 2 years behind bars for having at least 2 kilo of Amphetamine and 50 grams of cocaine shipped to his grandmother’s home in Weilheim Germany.

According to the prosecution, Dominik had used TOR to purchase one kilo of amphetamine and 50 grams of cocaine of darknet markets on at least 2 separate occasions. Both orders were addressed to Dominik’s grandmothers home where he had been temporarily residing. The first order was successfully delivered, while the second shipment was intercepted by law enforcement, prompting their investigation.

Dominik was sentenced to 4 and a half yeas in jail by the district court of Munich II after pleaded guilty to illegally trafficking narcotics. The district court did however change the punishment to a revoked suspended sentence meaning Dominik will only need to serve 2 years for his criminal activities.

During the investigation law enforcement recovered a small amount of MDMA and other substances which Dominik claimed were for personal use. According to the affidavit, Dominik had ordered the large quantity of amphetamine and cocaine with plans of selling it on the street for a larger profit in order to repay some debts he held with his grandmother.

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