MurderHomelessPeople’s Guide On Setting Up a Burner Android

Posted on 16 Feb 2017 by murderhomelesspeopleat /r/DarkNetMarkets


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MurderHomelessPeople’s Guide On Setting Up a Burner Android

by murderhomelesspeople

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Phones are an important part of every operation. They hold abundant amounts of sensitive information and can be the
nail in your coffin when done improperly. I’ll be going over a few things here but is by no means a definitive list. I will
be writing this to be as scale-able as possible. There’s a multiple ways to use these devices, the way you want to do
this is dependent on how you want to use the phone. I personally do not set up google accounts on my devices as I
have no need too. I may start to explore the option more as at first I was adverse to the topic and ill informed, that
has since changed. This site shows a great example that introduced me to it which was first posted here by
u/al_eberia. I’ve been vetting it and it’s sound, if you have info stating otherwise please let me know as I am not
perfect. For this post I will be doing my method.

Picking your device

Having your name on a phone is a bad idea and nothing that we can condone for business purposes. If you’re just
moving a few quarters to your friends and don’t give a shit then by all means use your personal phone that is on
contract in your name, you’ll be fine, but you’ll also be fucked if you ever run into some bad luck. If you’re serious
about moving some weight then get a separate device.

Old school cells work fine but are becoming more outdated as time goes on. With the rise of Stingray and now the
Stingray 2 it’s imperative to encrypt your activities now more then ever and with the wide spread availability and ease
of use encryption has achieved it would be stupid not to.

It would be beneficial to do a little research on what models of burner androids (for this I’ll be focusing on androids
but other methods exists). are available in your area. Going for the lowest end model will leave you under powered
and lagging, you need a phone that can keep up and when dealing with lots of texts a slow or unresponsive phone is
unbelievably frustrating. Not to mention the battery will be fucked in a month which can leave you in some bad
situations. Spend the little extra buck and get something half decent with a recent OS for longest chance of continued
support in case of super critical bugs which is something we’ve seen from android. Where you buy it is up to you but it
doesn’t hurt to travel some distance

Initial Setup

  • You will need another android device, whether or not it is tied on you is irrelevant as we only need this device to
    acquire legitimate apks and optionally add F-droid. Whats matters is what version of the apps the device is
    downloading as they will need to be compatible with the device they’re being transferred to so keep that in
    mind. If you choose to download apk’s from sites be aware you may be exposing your device to unnecessary
  • Set up your drug phone and skip everything possible except for locking and encryption options (if they appear), do not create a google account and deselect any permissions it asks for like locations, data/bug/app reporting,
    weather, auto updates, etc.
  • Go into setting and ensure location services, gps, wifi and mobile data are shutoff.
  • Enable encryption from your settings under security and wait for the process to finish when your device is
    finished encrypting enable a lock screen. It should be noted that anything other than pins and passwords are
    considered insecure.
  • Download the apps you want on clean phone, as well as the app SD Maid or any app capable of exporting apk’s.
  • Once you’re done turn on bluetooth on both phones and pair them. On your drug phone enable installing apps
    from unknown sources under security in settings.
  • On your clean phone open up SD Maid and navigate to app control in the menu. Scroll to your app of choosing
    and select it. In the preceding menu select export the apk. When it’s finished a little pop up from the bottom
    should appear which will take you to the directory the apk was stored in. Select the apk by holding down and
    from the menu in the top right corner select share>bluetooth>the device you’re sharing too.
  • On your drug phone you will have a notification to accept the incoming transfer, click yes and await the
    download. Once done select the download and install the app.
  • Optional Install F-Droid by first downloading and installing through the web browser of your clear phone (you
    will need to enable install from unknown sources). Open F-Droid and from the top right menu select share Fdroid
    by bluetooth and repeat the step above. Make sure to turn on the Guardian Project repo. F-Droid is a
    collection of open source apps from messaging solutions to encryption options and IMSI catchers. You do not
    need a Google Account to download from F-Droid
  • You can update any app by repeating the steps above providing the phone can handle the next version. Make
    sure to disable install from unknown sources, unpair the devices (disconnecting is not the same thing as
    unpairing) and turn off bluetooth.
  • You can also turn on wifi at this point and connect, although you don’t necessarily need too. If you want to use a
    VPN use one from
  • You may now activate your phone, don’t start texting yet though!

I would never recommend rooting a device. You completely compromise your devices encryption standards and open
yourself up to possible device corruption and data loss.

Messaging Options

As said before, don’t do plain text. This goes for storing the messages too. Using a combination of Signal and Silence
(a texting fork of Signal before it went internal) you can keep communications across all mediums secured. Both of
these apps utilize the Signal Protocol to keep your messages safe. They also feature password protection for securing
your messages locally, timed storage limit and in the case of Signal, ephemeral messages (self destructing
messages). The first thing you should do after installing these apps is set a password. Remember you are only as
secure as you want to be so take advantage of all the features!

Signal should be your first choice as it exchanges the keys through it’s own systems, leaves no trace of your
messages when used properly as the team behind signal is not keeping your messages and also allows for encrypted
calling but since it is a data only app it has limitations and is beneficial to round it out with its SMS counterpart. This
will allow you to remain active when there is no wifi around which will be essential for most operations.

To set up these apps together:

  • First set up Signal and allow the key exchange to complete
  • Second set up Silence and set as your default messaging app (this is important) and complete the key exchange by tapping the lock up top. All Signal messages will now go through Signal and SMS will go through Silence. A
    little lock will indicate whether your messages are secured and should always be looked for when sending a
    message. Do not set Signal as your default messaging app, it’ll screw everything up.

Another option I should mention that doesn’t even need phone number is Conversations which is available for free on
F-Droid but costs like 1$ or 2$ on Google Play. Conversations is a Jabber/XMPP client with either OTR, OMEMO or
Open PGP encryption. This is a much more cost effective and simpler way to set up messaging even after accidental

That’s all I got I think but I may think of more! It’s hard to write out stuff like this so I’ll pick at it more as time goes
on! If you notice any mistakes please let me know! If you wanna tear it up like the piece of shit it is please do!

Why I Don’t Want a Google Account

Because then you’re gunna start building a profile if you do. If law enforcement finds your device and finds out your
google account they may be able to extract some data from it, if you ever accidentally turned on location without
realizing it may have been logged by google among other things. For this reason I prefer to go without one.