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Olympus Update May 2018 : Back Online with New Links!

Olympus Market Update Working Links

Olympus Market Update May 22, 2018

After several days of downtime, Olympus Market came back online today with an announcement on their current status.  Throughout the week many darknet market users were beginning to fear Olympus had exit scammed.  Between Tochka taking a short break, Rapture Market vanishing, and Zion Market pulling a long overdue exit scam, it wasn’t too unreasonable for some to fear the worst.

Luckily (at least for those the non-Olympus haters) our theory was correct. Olympus Market was plagued with an ongoing DDoS.  We currently believe that might be what’s also keeping Rapture offline as well.

Olympus reached out to DeepDotWeb who recently updated their links.  If the Olympus links on DDW look unfamiliar, don’t worry. It’s because Olympus has moved their market and forum to new URL’s, and have published new working alternative links as well.

Olympus Market Update LinksYesterday Olympus admin made an announcement in their forum that they had brainstormed an effective strategy to overcome the recent DDoS attack. They implemented a rotating mirror system for the Olympus Market. So make sure to update your bookmarks with the following links.  We have already updated the Olympus links on our website.

Main Olympus Market Linkhttp://d5zwee2wk2apmrhc.onion/signup/6UYWPX

Olympus Market Alternative Links

Olympus Market Forum Link:

Always make sure to double check your links.  Bookmark working trusted links from reputable sources. And if requested for your pin number when logging in, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PIN. And finally, ALWAYS use 2FA login!

Man wearing a bra caught filling hotel bathtub with potatoes while high AF on MDMA

30-year-old James Johnson was apprehended at the Travelodge in Easliegh after Law Enforcement received a hotel staff complaint regarding a strong cannabis odor originating from Johnson’s hotel room.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered James Johnson sporting a women’s bra over his shirt as he filled his hotel bathtub with potatoes while twisted out of his mind on MDMA.

According to the report, Johnson and his childhood friends decided to have a small, 1-night stay at the travel lodge… however, their initial plans for a small get together turned into a 5-day bender of non-stop psychedelic consumption.

Upon searching the trio’s room, Law Enforcement confiscated a small galaxy of drugs which included MDMA, 5-MAPB, and 2CB….and of course, they found a bathtub full of potatoes.

“They saw Johnson with the bag of potatoes and in women’s clothing.” Said James Kellam “It may be this that led officers to believe that he was intoxicated.”

Johnson pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute, due to the large quantity of drugs which were seized from both Johnson’s home and hotel room.

During an interview, Johnson said he had bought the drugs off of a darknet market for around £750. However, after testing, a drug expert with the local police department estimated the true value of the drugs was around £300. According to the expert, some of the drugs tested turned out to be inert (fake).

Johnson, who works as a volunteer, told the courts that he stopped taking his prescribed medication when he began taking the class A drugs… which caused his bizarre behavior in the Travelodge.

Mitigating, Unyime Davies said that Johnson was “remorseful” and was an “intelligent man who made a mistake”.

Ultimately, Johnson was sentenced to an 18-month community order and is required to carry out 9 months of drug rehab.

When Johnson was questioned by Judge Peter Henry at Southampton Crown Court as to why he had done it, Johnson replied: “It felt like the right thing to do at the time.”


UPDATE: OxyGod, The Darknet’s Dumbest Criminal?

OxyGod Dream Market Arrest

While this originally was supposed to be a short update on the trial of OxyGod, this story has taken a turn in an entirely different direction.

OxyGod was a vendor on Dream Market who was arrested in April 2018 after law enforcement intercepted packages containing pressed fentanyl pills. During their investigation, they took notice of their suspect, Wyatt Pasek’s flashy lifestyle.

During their arrest, Law Enforcement confiscated a pill press, pills, and cash from Pasek’s home in Newport Beach, CA. You can read more about the initial arrest here.

While we were searching for updates related to this case our investigation lead us to Instagram account belonging to Wyatt Pasek, the alleged Dream Market vendor known as OxyGod.

It soon became painfully clear what may have lead to Law Enforcement’s investigation into Pasek’s. Prepare to be disgusted by who we are calling the dumbest criminal in the history of the dark web.

My bag worth a lot

A post shared by King Of The Skyline (@yung10x) on


Yes…that is a video of Wyatt Pasek, AKA OxyGod cruising around in a luxury vehicle showing off a bag loaded with what appears to be hundreds of thousands of dollars…for the sole purpose of Instagram followers…and if that wasn’t enough…how about this?



Yes…that was a video of Pasek dumping $75,000 USD onto a $250,000 Mclaren car….which he uploaded to his own YouTube account.

What excuse did Wyatt Pasek use to justify his fortune as a 22-year-old from California?  Well, according to his Instagram account, a small $500 investment into Bitcoin…That’s right.

A 22-year-old claimed to invest $500 in bitcoin explained the fortune he made to support his lifestyle of driving numerous cars worth over a quarter million dollars and bathing in bathtubs of cash…yeah, he posted a video of himself bathing in a bathtub of cash on his Instagram.

Apparently, Pasek isn’t a mathemetician…otherwise he would have realized investing $500 in bitcoin last year would not be even close to accounting for his new found wealth.

So, back to the initial update on the OxyGod case, the Post Indictment Arraignment Calendar shows that court case is scheduled for July 2, for both Wyatt and Duc Cao.

The indictment names Wyatt as OxyGod and includes the alias Yung10x which is also Wyatt’s Instagram and other social media handles.  Duc Cao’s aliases include the names Kevin Cao, and Kstackz.

For those interested, this is the alleged Instagram account for Duc Cao https://www.instagram.com/kstackz_____/

The indictment lists the charges against Pasek and Cao as Conspiracy to Manufacture, Possess with Intent to Distribute, and Distribute Schedule II and IV Controlled Substances, Distribution of Fentanyl, Possession with Intent to Distribute a Fentanyl Analogue and Felon in Possession of Firearms and Ammunition among other charges.

Why is there a charge for Possession of firearms by a felon? We looked into this and discovered that Wyatt Pasek (aka OxyGod) was arrested in 2016 for felony possession of a controlled substance. This marked him as a felon for life, which means Pasek is not allowed to ever be in possession of any type of firearm…however, Pasek decided it was a smart idea to upload this image to his personal Instagram account.



A post shared by King Of The Skyline (@yung10x) on


We at Darknet Markets News will continue to follow this case and post updates with any new information that becomes available to us. For those who are interested, you can find more stomach wrenching photos and videos at the Instagram or youtube channel of the alleged Dream Market vendor known as OxyGod.




Only 2 More Days Until Dread Comes Back Online

Dread online in 2 days

UPDATE: We hope to see them back online today. However, even if Dread comes back online today, we urge everyone to take it with a grain of salt. This is because of the drama that unfolded between HugBunter and Olympus Market. It’s still unclear if Dread’s ex-admin and Olympus Market have control over Dread’s original URL, or if it’s securely back under control of HugBunter. We suggest waiting for HugBunter to make an official announcement on Dread’s status that he verifies by signing with his PGP key.

Anyone who regularly checks the Dread domain for any signs of life was greeted with a glimmer of hope on May 19.  Dread’s website has been updated with a message claiming they will finally make their long-awaited return on May 21, only 2 days away as of this post.

Dread, a darknet forum which is lightly based on the concept of Reddit. It quickly became the primary darknet community after Reddit banned numerous subreddits, including the popular r/DarkNetMarkets back in May.  However, Dread’s popularity was shortlived due to some drama that unfolded between the founder of Dread, HugBunter, and a newer darknet markets known as Olympus Market.

Since Dread has gone offline, the online community based around the darknet market subculture has primarily gone dark.  Some have flocked to r/DNMNoobs and Voat, while some began using the veteran darknet forums Onion Land and DNMAvengers.  Though the activity, in general,l has dwindled compared to what was on r/DarkNetMarkets.  We hope to see the reemergence of Dread breathe life into the darknet community, as without a central online community many are left in the dark which allows scammers and market exit scams to thrive.  I guess we will just have to see what happens come May 21.

Interview with SpeedStepper, the Dream Market Admin

Interview with Dream Market Admin SpeedStepper

Dream Market, is a darknet market that’s been online since 2013, making Dream Market the longest running darknet market. In the summer of 2017 when AlphaBay and Hansa were taken offline by Law Enforcement, most of the refugee users from those sites chose Dream Market as their primary alternative marketplace. This quickly made Dream Market the largest, most popular, and most successful darknet markets, a title they continue to hold.

This week DarknetMarkets.com reached out to the founder and administrator of Dream Market who is better known as SpeedStepper or Speedy. SpeedStepper was kind enough to give us the privilege to interview them, the Admin of the largest Darknet Market. We thank SpeedStepper for giving us that rare opportunity.


Dream Market Interview


DNetSEO: Who are you, and what is it that you do?

SpeedStepper: They call me Speedstepper, everyone calls me “speedy” for short, I am the frontman of the famous and longest running in history Dream Market.


DNetSEO: What is life like as the admin of the world’s most successful Darknet Market?

SpeedStepper: Some feel incredibly successful, and I am really proud of what we have created and what we achieved, I am a very humble and ambitious person, I believe we have contributed into making the world a better and safer place.


DNetSEO: How did Dream Market start?

SpeedStepper: Its all started with a dream obviously that our team made into a reality, bitcoin and tor married each other and now here we are 🙂


DNetSEO: Did you expect Dream Market would one day become the largest and longest running market?

SpeedStepper: Once I am determined and I have a goal, I will do anything and everything to achieve it, I have been like that since the day I was born.


DNetSEO: In regards to the “Server IP Leak”. I looked into this pretty extensively. While people started whining about this in 2017, suggesting Dream Market was compromised by LE, I know for a fact that is not true. That string of code containing an IP address has been exposed since March 26, 2015 and appears to be from an issue involving an update to Dream Market’s old messaging system. Why not just announce it instead of letting conspiracy theorists slip deeper into their paranoia, and why not just delete the useless string of code?

SpeedStepper: This IP is not up to date anymore. Our security is for us to take care of, we will always have rumours and people will have stories to tell, but rest assured Dream Market is and always will be Safe!


DNetSEO: I think it’s pretty great that you continue to roll out new features that improve your user’s security, like the recent update that shows recent login activity. Do you have any new features in the works or any plans on ever updating Dream Market’s design?

SpeedStepper: I have a set hours on a daily basis that i spend time my time wisely brainstorming new ideas and projects to make Dream Market even better and more secure then what it is now.


DNetSEO: Do you ever talk with other darknet market admins or primarily keep to the Dream Market crew?

SpeedStepper: I would love to communicate with admins but unfortunately that happens infrequently.


DNetSEO: Out of the new darknet markets, which one do you think will make it all the way into 2019 before exit scamming?

SpeedStepper: Honestly I can only speak on my behalf we are here to stay forever, I have seen a lot of events happen over the past years I wish every other Market operated like we do which is in an honest and safely matter but I do try and have some faith in the new emerging markets, but I cannot predict that on there behalf unfortunately.


DNetSEO: When will Dream Market finally embrace the only cryptocurrency that is worth using, Dogecoin?

SpeedStepper: Look we are always looking at cryptocurrencies we are more looking into privacy coins but Dogecoin could be on the list for all of our future 😉


DNetSEO: Do you have any crazy experiences you’ve had as a market admin that can share?

SpeedStepper: Nothing that I can think of right now.


DNetSEO: As a…as THE veteran Market admin, do you have any security or OPSEC advice for your users?

SpeedStepper: I won’t go too much into detail but I will make a short list.

(I will also like to make this clear do not fall for phishing attempts made by these noobs on the forums and even on the clear net, educate your friends I cannot make this any clearer always use PGP to login and always /verifySafeHeaven after the .onion URL to make sure you are on our Official page.


DNetSEO: The masterful art piece I promised in exchange for this interview….is actually done by me. It’s this Dream Market fan art I drew. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to hang it on your wall in a beautiful frame. Dream Market Interview SpeedStepper

SpeedStepper: Thank you and I appreciate you going out of your way.


DNetSEO: Do you have any questions for us or anything you would like to announce or share with our readers?

SpeedStepper: Some people can think that I am the Pablo or Elchapo of the internet, but really I am just your average guy who was committed to his dreams which i have made my dreams come true and now we are all living in it and everyone is making each others dreams come true.

DNetSEO: Speedy, thank you very very much for your time and for giving us the opportunity to interview you. It was an honor, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Dream Market. 


You can find links, working alternative links, and additional information about Dream Market here.  


Did Zion Market Finally Exit Scam?

Zion Market Exit Scam

While we hate to say “I told you so” especially when it involves people having money stolen from them, all signs currently point to an exit scam at the hands of Zion Market. You may have noticed that we stripped them from our trusted markets list after noticing none of the affiliate sign-ups through our Zion referral link were registering and hadn’t been for at least several months.

Between Zion ripping off the people who put effort into promoting them, and having absolutely zero interest with any involvement with the darknet market’s community on Dread or even in their own forum for that matter, an exit scam honestly shouldn’t come of many surprises to anyone. We even joked about it last month in our interview with the Admin of Tochka Market (which is a great alternative for any Zion Market refugees)

It’s possible that they are just offline, and all their alternative links are down, as it’s happened before. However, given recent reports from Zion Market Vendors, it doesn’t seem like Zion will be coming back to life this time around.

According to a discussion in the DNMAvengers forum, Vendors on Zion Market claimed that their released escrow payments were not being signed and broadcasted since at least May 4th and since May 8th Zion buyers have been unable to withdraw their funds from the market.

Several of Zion’s members attempted to contact support in regards to their missing funds, through both the support messaging system and Zion’s forum. As usual with Zion, none of the support requests received a response from the Admin or any of Zion’s support staff. A couple days later Zion Market went offline, as did every one of Zion’s alternative links.

One vendor, Usagear aka Odin Pharma, claimed “I am a vendor in zion and I stopped shipping last week because zion owed me a lot of money of escrows released and finish early (that I already shipped). I told some customers about the issue. i was going to refund pending orders yesterday if I did not received an answer from support. I was able to log in yesterday for 5 minutes, no answer, I was going to refund and zion went off line. I an usagear in zion” in the DNMAvengers forum, later mentioning they have been trying to contact Zion support about missing funds since May 2nd.

As of this post, there have been no updates on Zion’s status from the admin or the support staff. In regards to the vendors who get the worst of a deal between losing product and thousands of dollars, hopefully, Zion is just having technical issues rather than having a scumbag for an admin. So did Zion Market exit scam? *shrugs* prolly.

Website Update: New Domain Name & Rebrand as DarknetMarkets.com


This is just a small announcement that as of last night we are no longer DarknetMarkets.net and are now DarknetMarkets.com.

No, we are not that filthy scumbag “Dr.” Bitcoin, or affiliated with him.  Most probably know him as that degenerate who runs the phishing website at darknetmarkets.org.  While he did own the .com domain previously, we purchased it at auction. Apparently, the previous owner either forgot to renew this domain name, or headhunters finally caught up to the guy and took their revenge…which would explain why he hasn’t been active online for about a year…Anyways, we are now DarknetMarkets.com

As with all site migrations when moving to a new domain name, it’s a hassle and a headache that includes a lot of work for a small team such as ours.  If you notice any part of our website that is not working, or you notice a bug on our site, please let us know by contacting us through our contact us page.

Olympus Market Apologizes for the Dread Drama

Olympus Market Apologizes

If you have been keeping up with the Dread/Olympus drama, here are some of the facts in our Olympus v. Dread timeline.  If we are missing anything, or this list requires edits please let us know via our contact page.

  • When Reddit banned the DNM subreddit, Olympus began campaigning for their forum to be a replacement.  However Dread became the chosen online community that most Reddit refugees went to.
  • Using vote manipulation, and possible fake accounts, Olympus Market started to manipulate votes, favoring posts highlighting them while downvoting positive comments about Dread on DNMNoobs.
  • After Dread opened their advertising platform, Olympus began making posts that claimed HugBunter, the Dread admin was a scammer and had operated a darknet market which exit scammed.
  • Olympus offered the co-admin of Dread $50,000 USD (eventually paying $10,000) for access to Dread’s database and private key.
  • Olympus gained control of Dread and redirected Dread’s traffic to a .onion under Olympus Market’s control.
  • Olympus Market began posting claims that they had hacked Dread.
  • HugBunter announced that Dread was not hacked, but that Olympus had bribed the co-admin for server access.
  • Both Olympus Market (including their forums) and Dread were offline. Though some Olympus Market Alternative Links were still active.
  • DarknetMarket.net contacted Olympus about the status of their site.  Olympus replied with the following “We had a strong DDOS attack, we are here to stay and never meant to go anywhere. Like yourself, we are running a business and sometimes we hire the wrong Individual for a position (PR).”
  • Olympus Market returned online shortly after.
  • HugBunter announced that Dread would return with a new and improved site.
  • Olympus admitted to bribing Dread’s co-admin and offered an apology to the Darknet Market community.

From our understanding, HugBunter has been MIA for the past few days and has not provided any information regarding the new and improved Dread.  We hope that he will come back online shortly with good news about the site.  Especially since several marketplaces paid a good deal of money for at least a month’s worth of advertising on Dread and only received less than a week’s worth of advertising before Dread went offline.

You can find a more detailed report on the drama that unfolded between Dread and Olympus Market on DeepDotWeb and the DNMNoobs SubReddit.

On April 25th, 2018 Olympus Staff member Ori (short for Orionis) posted an official apology in the Olympus Forum.

Hash: SHA256

Dear Tor users,

the past days were quite horrific for everyone who uses Tor.
I decided to close every Dread related thread on Olympus Talk instead of deleting them.
Everyone should be able to read about the mistakes we made and we would like everybody to know that those will never happen again. We haven’t thought about the community, which we temporarily destroyed. Instead, we cared about ourselves only and wanted to satisfy our desire for revenge.

Both parties, HugBunter ( Dread Admin ) and Olympus Admin, did some major mistakes. However, the fight between Olympus and Hug has been sorted and we are as good with Hug as we could be right now.

We changed some major things within our Staff team and would like to start from scratch.
We will be hiring a good PR within the next few days. So no blindfold and selfish announcements written by PR-Staff anymore. Good news about Olympus is what everyone wants to read instead of bad ones.
Olympus is in my opinion ( besides the awful previous PR ) the best market when it comes to Vendor/Buyer support, safety and easy to use interface if compared to other major markets right now

We are here to stay. I can fully understand the trust for Olympus is like -3000 right now but we would like to review the latest happenings and make sure we will change ourselves and will be an even better and bigger market in the future even if it takes a lot of time and trust.

We were down in the last few hours due to an ongoing DDoS attack. We appreciate the latest DDos attempts because this shows us how to improve our DDos protection system. Only the main onion of Olympus and Olympus Talk have been targeted. All the alternative onions worked fine throughout the DDos attempts. In case the main onion is down and you need any alternative onion just visit dnstats.net ( clearnet java version ) for now.

We would be glad if you think about giving Olympus a second chance at any time in the future.
If not, well there is nothing we can do about it. There might be a few other markets you could use instead even if not everyone of them seems to be trusted by the community.

More about this topic can be read here:


and another apologize by the admin himself here:


In Love,



Update: “OxyMonster” Vallerius Loses Evidence Challenge

OxyMonster VALLERIUS Court Update 2018

In an unfortunate turn of events for Gal Vallerius, a motion to suppress the evidence collected by immigration was denied by the U.S. Magistrate Judge on Tuesday.  The motion was requested by Vallerius lawyer due to the legality of searching electronic devices without consent while entering the United States.

Gal Vallerius, a French national widely known by his online handle “OxyMonster” was a forum support moderator of the Darknet Market, Dream Market.  Was detained for questioning in Atlanta, GA in 2017 while attempting to enter the United States to compete in a beard contest.

While being questioned, US Federal Agents requested that Vallerius unlock his laptop and other electronic devices, for a routine search.  According to court documents Vallerius complied with the search and Law Enforcement investigators were able to identify Vallerius as the Dream Market staff member by comparing writing styles of the two and tracing bitcoin transaction history.

Vallerius and his attorneys argued that even with consent, the search of the electronic devices was unwarranted as the federal agents had tricked Vallerius by claiming it was a routine search process.  They also argued the obtained evidence violated the Fifth Amendment since Vallerius was not read his Miranda rights.

Both of the arguments in the motion were rejected during Judge Torres denial.  Torres ruled that Miranda Rights were not required at the time since Vallerius was only being questioned and had not officially been detained.

The argument that Vallerius was tricked into offering consent to search his devices was denied on the basis that Vallerius had willingly given consent and that Border agents “Possessed independent authority to search electronic devices for evidence of criminal activity” which is in accordance of the Border Search Doctrine.  Electronic Device searches are now a common procedure that began in 2016.

Vallerius is currently awaiting his pending trial in a Florida jail on several charges including Narcotics Trafficking.  Anthony Natale, the Public Defender of OxyMonster, mentioned on Wednesday that he planned to file an objection and that he had not yet informed his client of Judge Torres decision.

OMG the cocaine is shipped via mail by brazen drug dealers!?!? *GASP*

The world of journalism was turned upside-down and the entire population of Great Britain has been silenced with utter shock and disbelief this morning after an EXCLUSIVE report, which is certain to win every Pulitzer prize over the next 30 decades, was published by the DailyStar.

While this may be difficult to believe, and even more difficult to accept as reality, we feel that the DailyStar’s latest article is authentic (though we are still awaiting final confirmation from SNOPES)……There are drugs….including the cocaine….being shipped through the royal mail!

Yes, it’s true.  The cocaines is actually being shipped through the RoyalMail postal service by “BRAZING drug dealers”.  Who would have thought something this horrifying could happen in the world we live in?

Thankfully Journalist Superstar Ed Gleave of the DailyStar brought this to public attention this morning in an EXCLUSIVE report that exposed several previously unknown facts about the cocaines being shipped in the mail, including, but not limited to:

  • Cocaine is being shipped via the RoyalMail by BRAZEN drug dealers
  • People share the cocaine with friends
  • Some people can purchase the cocaine in under 15 minutes!
  • Students buy the cocaines from a thing called a “dark web”(?)
  • The biggest risk of having cocaine mailed to you is “its sent in the post”
  • Dealers cut some cocaine with additives to boost their profit
  • Some dealers make £100 profit per gram

If you, dear reader, are BRAZEN enough to check out the original article (nofollowing the sh!t out of that link) for yourself at the top good-writinginged and mostest legitimate news syndication in the world, the DailyStar, that you keep these things in mind. If it wasn’t for their crack team of investigative journalists, these horrifying truths would have never been exposed in the DailyStar’s EXCLUSIVE Report, and that you should ignore the images sourced from a similar, yet not as good-like, article published by Vice several years ago.

If you hadn’t gathered. Yeah, this was a poorly written shit-post by GlitchXploiter. I wasted your time. Deal with it.