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Dream Market Fentanyl Vendor “Doggfood” Arrested

Dream Market Vendor Arrested

A 32-year-old Ex-Postal worker in Baltimore has been arrested for allegedly selling Heroin on various Darknet Markets using the Vendor name “Doggfood”.

Cory N Skinner of Pikesville, better known by his darknet market moniker “Doggfood” pleaded guilty to intent to distribute over 100 grams of heroin, along with various other drugs including cocaine and now faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

Dream Market account of DoggfoodDoggfood was a fairly popular heroin vendor on Dream Market, according to DarknetMarkets.com research. But his popularity was not due to his sales, but rather a bad reputation for adulterating his product with Fentanyl. Leading to many of his customers becoming sick.

Doggfood’s product was confirmed to be cut using fentanyl after chemical testing was done of his product by the harm prevention forum DNM Avengers, who posted the results several months back. A quick search of DNMAvengers for the mention of Doggfood pulls up several posts and threads full of complaints regarding DoggFood’s product, provided customer service, and numerous accounts suspecting fentanyl to be the main ingredient for the product Doggfood sold as Heroin.

According to court documents, Law Enforcement began their investigations after the death of a police officer who worked for the University in Arkansaw. Detectives discovered a priority mail package which was sent from Baltimore. 2 additional packages were intercepted by USPIS (United States Postal Inspector Service) which was connected to the package sent to Arkansas. The additional packages contained about 3 grams of heroin. All of these packages had Skinner’s fingerprints on them.

DoggFood DNMAvengersUS Postal Inspectors in Maryland also were investigating Skinner between September 2017 and January 2018 and had intercepted over 47 grams of Heroin and more than 80 Buprenorphine packs that were split between 20 or more packages. This leads us to believe that Skinner may have been placed under arrest in early 2018, at the end of the Maryland investigation, but we have no information to verify that.

Through the entire investigation, it was determined that Skinner had sold an estimated 100 grams of cocaine, over 200 packs of Buprenorphine, and almost 300 grams of heroin as a Vendor on the Darknet Market, Dream Market. Upon arrest, detectives discovered mailing supplies, more than $6000 in cash and additional, a 9mm firearm with ammunition, evidence to support his ties to darknet markets which included the laptop Skinner used to access and use his Dream Market account.

We did further research into the Dream Market vendor, DogFood, and discovered he had vendor accounts on both Wall Street Market and Tochka Market. Though his sales on both markets are zero, we found it alarming that there were still live listings on his Tochka account. We verified that both accounts belong to DoggFood by verifying the PGP key, which was also used for his main account on Dream Market.

We also found it troublesome that DoggFood’s Wall Street Market account shows that someone logged into DoggFood’s account about a month ago. This is very suspicious as it has yet to be discovered what date Skinner was apprehended by law enforcement. This leads one to believe that Law Enforcement or one of DoggFood’s friends may have access to his account information.

Skinner is facing 40 years in prison and is scheduled for sentencing on August 13th for his involvement with Darknet Markets.

Dream Market Bans the Sale of Fentanyl

Dream Market Bans Fentanyl

In an unexpected turn of events, Dream Market has banned the sale of Fentanyl and Carfentanyl. Dream Market, the largest and longest-running Darknet Markets is the first of the 3 major darknet marketplaces to outright ban the sale of fentanyl.

Market Support member Gowron announced their decision in the Dream Market forum on May 20. It’s still unclear if there is going to be any resistance from its large community of opioid vendors, but as of now, we have yet to see any protest from the Darknet Market community.

Fentanyl is the now popular pain medication which has heavily affected the opioid epidemic in America, and it’s popularity as a street drug has been growing in other western countries.

According to reports, it is much stronger than heroin, and a fraction of the cost, which is one reason it’s often used as a cutting agent in other opioids and leading to a very high overdose rate.

Recently, the American President Donald Trump has made reducing the fentanyl epidemic one of his primary objectives. Over the last few months, Federal Agents have arrested hundreds of fentanyl dealers, revoked licenses of script selling doctors, and have been delivering heavy sentences to anyone caught selling the drug.

Some fentanyl sellers are even being charged with manslaughter if their product is directly tied to an overdose. The US President has even named Darknet Markets, such as Dream Market, as one of the root causes of the epidemic.

Dream Market has not yet explained it’s reasoning behind their decision of banning fentanyl. One speculation is to protect the safety of its users. Or if it’s a power play to reduce being a target for US Federal Agents.

By banning the sale of fentanyl, Law Enforcement will most likely shift its time and efforts towards competitive markets that openly allow the sale of fentanyl and other opioid analogs.

Dream Market Bans Fentanyl

In the most recent Dream Market vendor’s who have been arrested and charged with the sale of fentanyl, the vendors were not labeling their product as fentanyl. The Dream Market vendors were selling fentanyl as other opioids such as heroin or oxycodone.  Such as the case with OxyGod and Doggfood, two major fentanyl distributors from Dream Market that have been arrested. So, it remains uncertain how Dream Market staff or the Dream Market Admin will be enforcing this new rule, or what the consequences will be if a vendor is caught selling the fentanyl-laced product.

One idea is Dream Market could partner with DNMAvengers, a dark web forum that promotes harm-reduction. DNMAvengers provide a product testing service where anyone can send them a small sample of a drug, which they test. Once the results are tallied, the DNMAvengers staff uploads the final information to their forum, along with the source or vendor username who sold the product.

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Only time will tell how the Dream Market Ban on Fentanyl will impact the growing opioid crisis, or if it will be enforced accordingly. But the fact that the worlds largest Darknet Market publicly announced an outright ban on fentanyl is in itself good news and a big step in the right direction. Good job Dream Market.

Dream Market Review

Dream Market Review

Number of Listings   123,000+

Dream Market URL  http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2502947670

Dream Market Forum  http://tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion/

Dream Market first launched in late 2013 and is currently the most successful Darknet Markets.  After the Law Enforcement takedown of AlphaBay and Hansa back in 2017, refugees of both sites relocated to Dream Market, which quickly rose to the top of the Darknet Market List.  This is our full Darknet Market Review of the largest Darknet Market of 2018, Dream Market.

For our review of Dream Market, we factored in several important variables.  Security, Listings, User Interface/Design, and Features are the primary categories which we rate individually for Dream Market.  This will be the ongoing scoring platform we will be using for future Darknet Market Reviews.

Dream Market Review | Listings: 5

Dream Market earned a perfect score for their listings. This is because Dream Market has by far the most listings in the Darknet Market Comparison List currently online. Not only does Dream have the most listings, their listing count isn’t padded with an overabundance of garbage such as digital goods.

This is a surprise given Dream Market’s size, as even AlphaBay allowed vendors to make thousands of digital goods listings which polluted various categories meant for physical goods.

In terms of listings quality, Dream Markets listing quality is very high.  If a marketplace had 100,000’s of listings, and almost all were digital goods it would merit a score of 1 for the listing calculation.

While some may blame vendors for digital goods pollution, we feel it’s up to the market support team or admin to monitor and moderate their market so this is not a common issue.

Listing Quality on Dream Market

103,000+ of listings, with 64,595 Drugs, 4,607 Services, 50,118 Digital Goods, 640 Drug Paraphernalia and 1,322 Counterfeits. Below are two breakdowns of data showing the overall categories and subcategories of products.

One thing that we did notice on Dream Market is the quantity in subcategories does not add up to match the total listed for that main category.  For example, Drugs displays 64,595 products in that category, however when we add up all the Drugs subcategory total we reach a sum of 62,525.

This means there are 2070 product listings under Drugs that do not have a category and are not classified under “Other”.  We are not sure what the 2070 product listings are, we believe it to be a combination of product listings that don’t fit into any of Dream Market’s subcategories and listings that may have been suppressed for whatever reason.

While there are a lot of digital product listings, Drugs are by far the most popular item listed to Dream Market, making up over 52% of the listings.  In total, we see the most prevalent overall products are Stimulants, Cannabis, Information, E-Books, and Ecstasy.  If you would like to see us publish more Darknet Market data please let us know in the comments below.

Dream Market Review | Security: 3.5

Market Security is one of the most important areas for a Darknet Marketplace. Without topnotch security, the market is sure to be taken offline either by hackers or law enforcement. For our review of Dream Market’s security, we combined website security and market security features to reach our overall score of 3.5.

As of now, Dream Market has no current security issues that haven’t at least been addressed or resolved. They also offer a few vital security features to their users.

Dream Market Security Features

  • Timestamped Last Login Activity
  • Link and Alternative Link Verification – Auto
  • Link and Alternative Link Verification – Manual
  • 2FA Login (Optional)
  • Mandatory Withdraw Pin
  • 2FA + Password Login (Optional)
  • Auto Logout
  • BugBounty Program
  • Built-in Bitcoin Tumbler (Optional)
  • Market Wallet History Delete
  • Market Wallet History Autodelete (2 Days)
  • Delete All Messages Button
  • Order Delete Button
  • Auto-Delete Order History
  • PGP Encryption for Messages
  • High-Cost Vendor Bond ($750+ USD)

While Dream Market does have a good amount of important security features, including some that are unique to Dream Market, they are lacking some equally important features.

One of the important features missing from the list is Multisig for Bitcoin storage.  This puts vendors and buyers on Dream Market at risk of losing all of their funds if Dream Market decides to exit scam, or if they are brought offline for whatever reason.

If this review was based solely on market security features, Dream would have easily scored a 4 or a 4.5..unfortunately for them, we are also including past security issues…and there have been plenty.

Dream Market has had some pretty serious security issues in the past, however, this could be due to the fact that they have been online far longer than any other Darknet Market.

Dream Market Past Security Issues

  • Server IP Leaks – One major leak was obsessed about soon after AlphaBay and Hansa fell, leading many to speculate Dream Market was under control by Law Enforcement. While this is a reasonable concern it is simply not true…and we are dumbfounded by the number of major news sites who reported this as a possible LE takeover, yet failed to do any basic research to confirm this. We looked into this issue and it turns out the IP leak began in 2014 after an update to Dream Market’s messaging system. The site was quickly moved to another server, however, the IP address was left in the code for whatever reason.
  • The Arrest of Forum Admin – In fall of 2017 a forum support administrator for Dream Market was arrested by federal agents as he attempted to enter the United States. The support staff member, known as OxyMonster, supplied LE with login credentials to his laptop and phone which lead to his capture. It is still unclear what another data LE was able to obtain from OxyMonsters devices and if they gained market or forum access.
  • Delayed Banning of Compromised Vendors – During Operation Bayonette where LE obtained access to AlphaBay and Hansa, they discovered the login credentials for many vendors worked in other markets. This allowed LE to infiltrate Dream Market using the accounts of many vendors. Even though the accounts were reported, it took Dream Market several weeks to ban the compromised accounts.
  • Market Wallet Corruption – In fall of 2017, one of the main market wallets became corrupted, leading to a large amount of bitcoin to disappear from several user accounts.  While Dream Market claims to have replaced the missing bitcoin, several users attest they have not been fully reimbursed.

Because of the major security issues that hit Dream Market in recent history, this has significantly impacted their overall security score.

Dream Market Review | Features: 3

Dream Market Screenshot May 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018

Features are another important part of any major market. Without important features that make the market standout, it will be overshadowed by its competition. While most features are usually security related, there are other important features which are commonplace for Darknet Markets to enhance its overall usability.

Dream Market Features

  • Previously Mentioned Security Features
  • Market Forum
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero Support
  • Messaging System
  • Conference System (Group Messaging)
  • Search Filter
  • Exchange Rate Widget
  • Alternative Links/Mirror Links
  • Market Escrow System
  • Help/Support Pages

As we can see in our Dream Market Review they has most of the run of the mill features, and some unique ones as well..such as the conference system. Unfortunately Dream Market loses more points in this category for missing the mark here. They have yet to implement several security features, the only offer language support for English, and their search filter is relatively standard. Overall score, another 3.5

Dream Market Review | Design: 3

Another missed mark for the Dream Market Review is its overall design. Even if this isn’t the most important ranking factor, it’s something users want. Good, modern design brings a professional overall feel to a market, and for Dream Market’s success, there is no example why it’s never received a proper facelift. Dream Market is reliable, stable, and functional, it looks like it was designed in Geocities by a teenager.

Dream Market – 2014
Dream Market 2014
Dream Market in 2014


Dream Market – 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018


Dream Market Review | Final Thoughts

Dream Market is the biggest Darknet Market by far, and given it’s been online longer than any of its competition there is no wonder it has faced issues with its security history.

It is a stable market, the site is very functional and it has an outstanding uptime even when faced with major DDoS Attacks that bring other markets to their knees. But..their customer support has more complaints than all the other markets combined, the site’s design is dated, and Dream Market has done little to resolve those issued.

Our advice to Speedy would be to evaluate it’s support staff members, their response time, and other factors and adjust his system accordingly. Have more communication and involvement in the forums or Reddit, directly rather than through staff members. Add multilanguage and multisig support, and publish a major design update.

For now Dream Market remains at the top of their list, and according to Dream Markets Admin Interview with us, they won’t be leaving anytime soon.  No matter how big you are, there is always room for improvement. It’s their perseverance, popularity, and age that keeps the number 1 sport on our Darknet Market List as Dream Market.

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One Last Shot at Freedom for Ross Ulbricht

One Last Shot at Freedom for Ross Ulbricht

The 34-year-old Silk Road Administrator, Ross Ulbricht, has one final chance at obtaining freedom and his team of lawyers are rushing to do everything in their power to make that happen.

Ross Ulbricht was the alleged founder and administrator of the infamous Darknet Market known better as the Silk Road.  On the Silk Road, Ulbricht went by the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts and operated the darknet site from 2011 until 2013 before being captured red-handed by law enforcement while running the site from a laptop inside a coffee shop.

Ulbricht was found guilty on seven drug charges, money laundering, and several other cyber-related criminal charges. In 2015 the Judge sentenced the young Ulbrict to the maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

However, Ulbricht’s friends, family, and followers have fought perseveringly for his freedom while attesting that numerous issues with the case, including the misconduct of federal agents, hindered the standing of the case.

William & Connolly are the new legal team fighting on behave of Ulbricht’s freedom. They have petitioned for writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court and are arguing that Ulbrights fourth amendment rights are being impeded upon.

The legal team’s petition has brought up two interesting questions that are very significant to whether or not Ulbricht’s Six and Fourth Amendment protections have been violated.

According to the law team, the internet records which lead to Ulbricht’s arrest may have been seized without a warrant, and 2, that the Judge rather than the jury used uncharged crimes to support an unreasonable punishment.

The Supreme Court has not rejected the petition since it is considering similar issues in the Carpenter v. United States case, which seeks to determine if police need a warrant to obtain cellphone records revealing an individual’s location and movements.

So far the Supreme Court has yet to officially reject the petition, which gives Ulbricht supporters a glimmer of hope.  As of now, Ulbricht has been moved from NY to Florence Maximum Security Prison..you know…because the tech-savvy crowd is notorious for being so rowdy and dangerous.

Olympus Update May 2018 : Back Online with New Links!

Olympus Market Update Working Links

Olympus Market Update May 22, 2018

After several days of downtime, Olympus Market came back online today with an announcement on their current status.  Throughout the week many darknet market users were beginning to fear Olympus had exit scammed.  Between Tochka taking a short break, Rapture Market vanishing, and Zion Market pulling a long overdue exit scam, it wasn’t too unreasonable for some to fear the worst.

Luckily (at least for those the non-Olympus haters) our theory was correct. Olympus Market was plagued with an ongoing DDoS.  We currently believe that might be what’s also keeping Rapture offline as well.

Olympus reached out to DeepDotWeb who recently updated their links.  If the Olympus links on DDW look unfamiliar, don’t worry. It’s because Olympus has moved their market and forum to new URL’s, and have published new working alternative links as well.

Olympus Market Update LinksYesterday Olympus admin made an announcement in their forum that they had brainstormed an effective strategy to overcome the recent DDoS attack. They implemented a rotating mirror system for the Olympus Market. So make sure to update your bookmarks with the following links.  We have already updated the Olympus links on our website.

Main Olympus Market Linkhttp://d5zwee2wk2apmrhc.onion/signup/6UYWPX

Olympus Market Alternative Links

Olympus Market Forum Link:

Always make sure to double check your links.  Bookmark working trusted links from reputable sources. And if requested for your pin number when logging in, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PIN. And finally, ALWAYS use 2FA login!

Man wearing a bra caught filling hotel bathtub with potatoes while high AF on MDMA

30-year-old James Johnson was apprehended at the Travelodge in Easliegh after Law Enforcement received a hotel staff complaint regarding a strong cannabis odor originating from Johnson’s hotel room.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered James Johnson sporting a women’s bra over his shirt as he filled his hotel bathtub with potatoes while twisted out of his mind on MDMA.

According to the report, Johnson and his childhood friends decided to have a small, 1-night stay at the travel lodge… however, their initial plans for a small get together turned into a 5-day bender of non-stop psychedelic consumption.

Upon searching the trio’s room, Law Enforcement confiscated a small galaxy of drugs which included MDMA, 5-MAPB, and 2CB….and of course, they found a bathtub full of potatoes.

“They saw Johnson with the bag of potatoes and in women’s clothing.” Said James Kellam “It may be this that led officers to believe that he was intoxicated.”

Johnson pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute, due to the large quantity of drugs which were seized from both Johnson’s home and hotel room.

During an interview, Johnson said he had bought the drugs off of a darknet market for around £750. However, after testing, a drug expert with the local police department estimated the true value of the drugs was around £300. According to the expert, some of the drugs tested turned out to be inert (fake).

Johnson, who works as a volunteer, told the courts that he stopped taking his prescribed medication when he began taking the class A drugs… which caused his bizarre behavior in the Travelodge.

Mitigating, Unyime Davies said that Johnson was “remorseful” and was an “intelligent man who made a mistake”.

Ultimately, Johnson was sentenced to an 18-month community order and is required to carry out 9 months of drug rehab.

When Johnson was questioned by Judge Peter Henry at Southampton Crown Court as to why he had done it, Johnson replied: “It felt like the right thing to do at the time.”


UPDATE: OxyGod, The Darknet’s Dumbest Criminal?

OxyGod Dream Market Arrest

While this originally was supposed to be a short update on the trial of OxyGod, this story has taken a turn in an entirely different direction.

OxyGod was a vendor on Dream Market who was arrested in April 2018 after law enforcement intercepted packages containing pressed fentanyl pills. During their investigation, they took notice of their suspect, Wyatt Pasek’s flashy lifestyle.

During their arrest, Law Enforcement confiscated a pill press, pills, and cash from Pasek’s home in Newport Beach, CA. You can read more about the initial arrest here.

While we were searching for updates related to this case our investigation lead us to Instagram account belonging to Wyatt Pasek, the alleged Dream Market vendor known as OxyGod.

It soon became painfully clear what may have lead to Law Enforcement’s investigation into Pasek’s. Prepare to be disgusted by who we are calling the dumbest criminal in the history of the dark web.

My bag worth a lot

A post shared by King Of The Skyline (@yung10x) on


Yes…that is a video of Wyatt Pasek, AKA OxyGod cruising around in a luxury vehicle showing off a bag loaded with what appears to be hundreds of thousands of dollars…for the sole purpose of Instagram followers…and if that wasn’t enough…how about this?



Yes…that was a video of Pasek dumping $75,000 USD onto a $250,000 Mclaren car….which he uploaded to his own YouTube account.

What excuse did Wyatt Pasek use to justify his fortune as a 22-year-old from California?  Well, according to his Instagram account, a small $500 investment into Bitcoin…That’s right.

A 22-year-old claimed to invest $500 in bitcoin explained the fortune he made to support his lifestyle of driving numerous cars worth over a quarter million dollars and bathing in bathtubs of cash…yeah, he posted a video of himself bathing in a bathtub of cash on his Instagram.

Apparently, Pasek isn’t a mathemetician…otherwise he would have realized investing $500 in bitcoin last year would not be even close to accounting for his new found wealth.

So, back to the initial update on the OxyGod case, the Post Indictment Arraignment Calendar shows that court case is scheduled for July 2, for both Wyatt and Duc Cao.

The indictment names Wyatt as OxyGod and includes the alias Yung10x which is also Wyatt’s Instagram and other social media handles.  Duc Cao’s aliases include the names Kevin Cao, and Kstackz.

For those interested, this is the alleged Instagram account for Duc Cao https://www.instagram.com/kstackz_____/

The indictment lists the charges against Pasek and Cao as Conspiracy to Manufacture, Possess with Intent to Distribute, and Distribute Schedule II and IV Controlled Substances, Distribution of Fentanyl, Possession with Intent to Distribute a Fentanyl Analogue and Felon in Possession of Firearms and Ammunition among other charges.

Why is there a charge for Possession of firearms by a felon? We looked into this and discovered that Wyatt Pasek (aka OxyGod) was arrested in 2016 for felony possession of a controlled substance. This marked him as a felon for life, which means Pasek is not allowed to ever be in possession of any type of firearm…however, Pasek decided it was a smart idea to upload this image to his personal Instagram account.



A post shared by King Of The Skyline (@yung10x) on


We at Darknet Markets News will continue to follow this case and post updates with any new information that becomes available to us. For those who are interested, you can find more stomach wrenching photos and videos at the Instagram or youtube channel of the alleged Dream Market vendor known as OxyGod.




Only 2 More Days Until Dread Comes Back Online

Dread online in 2 days

UPDATE: We hope to see them back online today. However, even if Dread comes back online today, we urge everyone to take it with a grain of salt. This is because of the drama that unfolded between HugBunter and Olympus Market. It’s still unclear if Dread’s ex-admin and Olympus Market have control over Dread’s original URL, or if it’s securely back under control of HugBunter. We suggest waiting for HugBunter to make an official announcement on Dread’s status that he verifies by signing with his PGP key.

Anyone who regularly checks the Dread domain for any signs of life was greeted with a glimmer of hope on May 19.  Dread’s website has been updated with a message claiming they will finally make their long-awaited return on May 21, only 2 days away as of this post.

Dread, a darknet forum which is lightly based on the concept of Reddit. It quickly became the primary darknet community after Reddit banned numerous subreddits, including the popular r/DarkNetMarkets back in May.  However, Dread’s popularity was shortlived due to some drama that unfolded between the founder of Dread, HugBunter, and a newer darknet markets known as Olympus Market.

Since Dread has gone offline, the online community based around the darknet market subculture has primarily gone dark.  Some have flocked to r/DNMNoobs and Voat, while some began using the veteran darknet forums Onion Land and DNMAvengers.  Though the activity, in general,l has dwindled compared to what was on r/DarkNetMarkets.  We hope to see the reemergence of Dread breathe life into the darknet community, as without a central online community many are left in the dark which allows scammers and market exit scams to thrive.  I guess we will just have to see what happens come May 21.

Interview with SpeedStepper, the Dream Market Admin

Interview with Dream Market Admin SpeedStepper

Dream Market, is a darknet market that’s been online since 2013, making Dream Market the longest running darknet market. In the summer of 2017 when AlphaBay and Hansa were taken offline by Law Enforcement, most of the refugee users from those sites chose Dream Market as their primary alternative marketplace. This quickly made Dream Market the largest, most popular, and most successful darknet markets, a title they continue to hold.

This week DarknetMarkets.com reached out to the founder and administrator of Dream Market who is better known as SpeedStepper or Speedy. SpeedStepper was kind enough to give us the privilege to interview them, the Admin of the largest Darknet Market. We thank SpeedStepper for giving us that rare opportunity.


Dream Market Interview


DNetSEO: Who are you, and what is it that you do?

SpeedStepper: They call me Speedstepper, everyone calls me “speedy” for short, I am the frontman of the famous and longest running in history Dream Market.


DNetSEO: What is life like as the admin of the world’s most successful Darknet Market?

SpeedStepper: Some feel incredibly successful, and I am really proud of what we have created and what we achieved, I am a very humble and ambitious person, I believe we have contributed into making the world a better and safer place.


DNetSEO: How did Dream Market start?

SpeedStepper: Its all started with a dream obviously that our team made into a reality, bitcoin and tor married each other and now here we are 🙂


DNetSEO: Did you expect Dream Market would one day become the largest and longest running market?

SpeedStepper: Once I am determined and I have a goal, I will do anything and everything to achieve it, I have been like that since the day I was born.


DNetSEO: In regards to the “Server IP Leak”. I looked into this pretty extensively. While people started whining about this in 2017, suggesting Dream Market was compromised by LE, I know for a fact that is not true. That string of code containing an IP address has been exposed since March 26, 2015 and appears to be from an issue involving an update to Dream Market’s old messaging system. Why not just announce it instead of letting conspiracy theorists slip deeper into their paranoia, and why not just delete the useless string of code?

SpeedStepper: This IP is not up to date anymore. Our security is for us to take care of, we will always have rumours and people will have stories to tell, but rest assured Dream Market is and always will be Safe!


DNetSEO: I think it’s pretty great that you continue to roll out new features that improve your user’s security, like the recent update that shows recent login activity. Do you have any new features in the works or any plans on ever updating Dream Market’s design?

SpeedStepper: I have a set hours on a daily basis that i spend time my time wisely brainstorming new ideas and projects to make Dream Market even better and more secure then what it is now.


DNetSEO: Do you ever talk with other darknet market admins or primarily keep to the Dream Market crew?

SpeedStepper: I would love to communicate with admins but unfortunately that happens infrequently.


DNetSEO: Out of the new darknet markets, which one do you think will make it all the way into 2019 before exit scamming?

SpeedStepper: Honestly I can only speak on my behalf we are here to stay forever, I have seen a lot of events happen over the past years I wish every other Market operated like we do which is in an honest and safely matter but I do try and have some faith in the new emerging markets, but I cannot predict that on there behalf unfortunately.


DNetSEO: When will Dream Market finally embrace the only cryptocurrency that is worth using, Dogecoin?

SpeedStepper: Look we are always looking at cryptocurrencies we are more looking into privacy coins but Dogecoin could be on the list for all of our future 😉


DNetSEO: Do you have any crazy experiences you’ve had as a market admin that can share?

SpeedStepper: Nothing that I can think of right now.


DNetSEO: As a…as THE veteran Market admin, do you have any security or OPSEC advice for your users?

SpeedStepper: I won’t go too much into detail but I will make a short list.

(I will also like to make this clear do not fall for phishing attempts made by these noobs on the forums and even on the clear net, educate your friends I cannot make this any clearer always use PGP to login and always /verifySafeHeaven after the .onion URL to make sure you are on our Official page.


DNetSEO: The masterful art piece I promised in exchange for this interview….is actually done by me. It’s this Dream Market fan art I drew. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to hang it on your wall in a beautiful frame. Dream Market Interview SpeedStepper

SpeedStepper: Thank you and I appreciate you going out of your way.


DNetSEO: Do you have any questions for us or anything you would like to announce or share with our readers?

SpeedStepper: Some people can think that I am the Pablo or Elchapo of the internet, but really I am just your average guy who was committed to his dreams which i have made my dreams come true and now we are all living in it and everyone is making each others dreams come true.

DNetSEO: Speedy, thank you very very much for your time and for giving us the opportunity to interview you. It was an honor, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Dream Market. 


You can find links, working alternative links, and additional information about Dream Market here.  


Did Zion Market Finally Exit Scam?

Zion Market Exit Scam

While we hate to say “I told you so” especially when it involves people having money stolen from them, all signs currently point to an exit scam at the hands of Zion Market. You may have noticed that we stripped them from our trusted markets list after noticing none of the affiliate sign-ups through our Zion referral link were registering and hadn’t been for at least several months.

Between Zion ripping off the people who put effort into promoting them, and having absolutely zero interest with any involvement with the darknet market’s community on Dread or even in their own forum for that matter, an exit scam honestly shouldn’t come of many surprises to anyone. We even joked about it last month in our interview with the Admin of Tochka Market (which is a great alternative for any Zion Market refugees)

It’s possible that they are just offline, and all their alternative links are down, as it’s happened before. However, given recent reports from Zion Market Vendors, it doesn’t seem like Zion will be coming back to life this time around.

According to a discussion in the DNMAvengers forum, Vendors on Zion Market claimed that their released escrow payments were not being signed and broadcasted since at least May 4th and since May 8th Zion buyers have been unable to withdraw their funds from the market.

Several of Zion’s members attempted to contact support in regards to their missing funds, through both the support messaging system and Zion’s forum. As usual with Zion, none of the support requests received a response from the Admin or any of Zion’s support staff. A couple days later Zion Market went offline, as did every one of Zion’s alternative links.

One vendor, Usagear aka Odin Pharma, claimed “I am a vendor in zion and I stopped shipping last week because zion owed me a lot of money of escrows released and finish early (that I already shipped). I told some customers about the issue. i was going to refund pending orders yesterday if I did not received an answer from support. I was able to log in yesterday for 5 minutes, no answer, I was going to refund and zion went off line. I an usagear in zion” in the DNMAvengers forum, later mentioning they have been trying to contact Zion support about missing funds since May 2nd.

As of this post, there have been no updates on Zion’s status from the admin or the support staff. In regards to the vendors who get the worst of a deal between losing product and thousands of dollars, hopefully, Zion is just having technical issues rather than having a scumbag for an admin. So did Zion Market exit scam? *shrugs* prolly.