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Website Update: New Domain Name & Rebrand as DarknetMarkets.com


This is just a small announcement that as of last night we are no longer DarknetMarkets.net and are now DarknetMarkets.com.

No, we are not that filthy scumbag “Dr.” Bitcoin, or affiliated with him.  Most probably know him as that degenerate who runs the phishing website at darknetmarkets.org.  While he did own the .com domain previously, we purchased it at auction. Apparently, the previous owner either forgot to renew this domain name, or headhunters finally caught up to the guy and took their revenge…which would explain why he hasn’t been active online for about a year…Anyways, we are now DarknetMarkets.com

As with all site migrations when moving to a new domain name, it’s a hassle and a headache that includes a lot of work for a small team such as ours.  If you notice any part of our website that is not working, or you notice a bug on our site, please let us know by contacting us through our contact us page.

Olympus Market Apologizes for the Dread Drama

Olympus Market Apologizes

If you have been keeping up with the Dread/Olympus drama, here are some of the facts in our Olympus v. Dread timeline.  If we are missing anything, or this list requires edits please let us know via our contact page.

  • When Reddit banned the DNM subreddit, Olympus began campaigning for their forum to be a replacement.  However Dread became the chosen online community that most Reddit refugees went to.
  • Using vote manipulation, and possible fake accounts, Olympus Market started to manipulate votes, favoring posts highlighting them while downvoting positive comments about Dread on DNMNoobs.
  • After Dread opened their advertising platform, Olympus began making posts that claimed HugBunter, the Dread admin was a scammer and had operated a darknet market which exit scammed.
  • Olympus offered the co-admin of Dread $50,000 USD (eventually paying $10,000) for access to Dread’s database and private key.
  • Olympus gained control of Dread and redirected Dread’s traffic to a .onion under Olympus Market’s control.
  • Olympus Market began posting claims that they had hacked Dread.
  • HugBunter announced that Dread was not hacked, but that Olympus had bribed the co-admin for server access.
  • Both Olympus Market (including their forums) and Dread were offline. Though some Olympus Market Alternative Links were still active.
  • DarknetMarket.net contacted Olympus about the status of their site.  Olympus replied with the following “We had a strong DDOS attack, we are here to stay and never meant to go anywhere. Like yourself, we are running a business and sometimes we hire the wrong Individual for a position (PR).”
  • Olympus Market returned online shortly after.
  • HugBunter announced that Dread would return with a new and improved site.
  • Olympus admitted to bribing Dread’s co-admin and offered an apology to the Darknet Market community.

From our understanding, HugBunter has been MIA for the past few days and has not provided any information regarding the new and improved Dread.  We hope that he will come back online shortly with good news about the site.  Especially since several marketplaces paid a good deal of money for at least a month’s worth of advertising on Dread and only received less than a week’s worth of advertising before Dread went offline.

You can find a more detailed report on the drama that unfolded between Dread and Olympus Market on DeepDotWeb and the DNMNoobs SubReddit.

On April 25th, 2018 Olympus Staff member Ori (short for Orionis) posted an official apology in the Olympus Forum.

Hash: SHA256

Dear Tor users,

the past days were quite horrific for everyone who uses Tor.
I decided to close every Dread related thread on Olympus Talk instead of deleting them.
Everyone should be able to read about the mistakes we made and we would like everybody to know that those will never happen again. We haven’t thought about the community, which we temporarily destroyed. Instead, we cared about ourselves only and wanted to satisfy our desire for revenge.

Both parties, HugBunter ( Dread Admin ) and Olympus Admin, did some major mistakes. However, the fight between Olympus and Hug has been sorted and we are as good with Hug as we could be right now.

We changed some major things within our Staff team and would like to start from scratch.
We will be hiring a good PR within the next few days. So no blindfold and selfish announcements written by PR-Staff anymore. Good news about Olympus is what everyone wants to read instead of bad ones.
Olympus is in my opinion ( besides the awful previous PR ) the best market when it comes to Vendor/Buyer support, safety and easy to use interface if compared to other major markets right now

We are here to stay. I can fully understand the trust for Olympus is like -3000 right now but we would like to review the latest happenings and make sure we will change ourselves and will be an even better and bigger market in the future even if it takes a lot of time and trust.

We were down in the last few hours due to an ongoing DDoS attack. We appreciate the latest DDos attempts because this shows us how to improve our DDos protection system. Only the main onion of Olympus and Olympus Talk have been targeted. All the alternative onions worked fine throughout the DDos attempts. In case the main onion is down and you need any alternative onion just visit dnstats.net ( clearnet java version ) for now.

We would be glad if you think about giving Olympus a second chance at any time in the future.
If not, well there is nothing we can do about it. There might be a few other markets you could use instead even if not everyone of them seems to be trusted by the community.

More about this topic can be read here:


and another apologize by the admin himself here:


In Love,



Update: “OxyMonster” Vallerius Loses Evidence Challenge

OxyMonster VALLERIUS Court Update 2018

In an unfortunate turn of events for Gal Vallerius, a motion to suppress the evidence collected by immigration was denied by the U.S. Magistrate Judge on Tuesday.  The motion was requested by Vallerius lawyer due to the legality of searching electronic devices without consent while entering the United States.

Gal Vallerius, a French national widely known by his online handle “OxyMonster” was a forum support moderator of the Darknet Market, Dream Market.  Was detained for questioning in Atlanta, GA in 2017 while attempting to enter the United States to compete in a beard contest.

While being questioned, US Federal Agents requested that Vallerius unlock his laptop and other electronic devices, for a routine search.  According to court documents Vallerius complied with the search and Law Enforcement investigators were able to identify Vallerius as the Dream Market staff member by comparing writing styles of the two and tracing bitcoin transaction history.

Vallerius and his attorneys argued that even with consent, the search of the electronic devices was unwarranted as the federal agents had tricked Vallerius by claiming it was a routine search process.  They also argued the obtained evidence violated the Fifth Amendment since Vallerius was not read his Miranda rights.

Both of the arguments in the motion were rejected during Judge Torres denial.  Torres ruled that Miranda Rights were not required at the time since Vallerius was only being questioned and had not officially been detained.

The argument that Vallerius was tricked into offering consent to search his devices was denied on the basis that Vallerius had willingly given consent and that Border agents “Possessed independent authority to search electronic devices for evidence of criminal activity” which is in accordance of the Border Search Doctrine.  Electronic Device searches are now a common procedure that began in 2016.

Vallerius is currently awaiting his pending trial in a Florida jail on several charges including Narcotics Trafficking.  Anthony Natale, the Public Defender of OxyMonster, mentioned on Wednesday that he planned to file an objection and that he had not yet informed his client of Judge Torres decision.

OMG the cocaine is shipped via mail by brazen drug dealers!?!? *GASP*

The world of journalism was turned upside-down and the entire population of Great Britain has been silenced with utter shock and disbelief this morning after an EXCLUSIVE report, which is certain to win every Pulitzer prize over the next 30 decades, was published by the DailyStar.

While this may be difficult to believe, and even more difficult to accept as reality, we feel that the DailyStar’s latest article is authentic (though we are still awaiting final confirmation from SNOPES)……There are drugs….including the cocaine….being shipped through the royal mail!

Yes, it’s true.  The cocaines is actually being shipped through the RoyalMail postal service by “BRAZING drug dealers”.  Who would have thought something this horrifying could happen in the world we live in?

Thankfully Journalist Superstar Ed Gleave of the DailyStar brought this to public attention this morning in an EXCLUSIVE report that exposed several previously unknown facts about the cocaines being shipped in the mail, including, but not limited to:

  • Cocaine is being shipped via the RoyalMail by BRAZEN drug dealers
  • People share the cocaine with friends
  • Some people can purchase the cocaine in under 15 minutes!
  • Students buy the cocaines from a thing called a “dark web”(?)
  • The biggest risk of having cocaine mailed to you is “its sent in the post”
  • Dealers cut some cocaine with additives to boost their profit
  • Some dealers make £100 profit per gram

If you, dear reader, are BRAZEN enough to check out the original article (nofollowing the sh!t out of that link) for yourself at the top good-writinginged and mostest legitimate news syndication in the world, the DailyStar, that you keep these things in mind. If it wasn’t for their crack team of investigative journalists, these horrifying truths would have never been exposed in the DailyStar’s EXCLUSIVE Report, and that you should ignore the images sourced from a similar, yet not as good-like, article published by Vice several years ago.

If you hadn’t gathered. Yeah, this was a poorly written shit-post by GlitchXploiter. I wasted your time. Deal with it. 

How to Mix Your Bitcoin with CoinMixer in 2018 | Bitcoin Mixer Tutorial

Tumbling, or Mixing bitcoin is a vital step in ensuring proper OPSEC and privacy. It’s a method of securing the privacy of your bitcoin “paper trail” by mixing your bitcoin with other peoples bitcoins, or new bitcoins and is an important step in hiding your bitcoin history. While there are several bitcoin tumbling services available, today we will be using a popular and trusted bitcoin mixing service called Coinmixer.

Coinmixer is a very simple, easy to use bitcoin mixing service that has been around for a few years now and has a great reputation and they offer a few very attractive features.  One of those nice features offered by CoinMixer is that they have both a clearnet based site and an onion based site, which is a unique and attractive feature. For this tutorial, we will be using the Tor or Onion based service as it offers the best security, but using the clearnet version has the exact same steps.  As for their fee, CoinMixer chargest a fixed 0.0004 BTC fee and a randomized fee of 1 to 3%.

Step 1.) Go to the CoinMixer website. If you are using TOR (best option) you can click here to get started.  If you are not using TOR (not advised) you can visit this site here.

Bitcoin Tumbling Tutorial


Step 2.) Once CoinMixer loads go ahead and click the “participate” link in the main menu.

CoinMixer Tutorial How to Tumble Mix Bitcoins


Step 3.) As you can see CoinMixer offers a few different options.  All of which we will take advantage of to ensure the best security and privacy, and we will explain why for each one. For step 3 go ahead and click the “More Outputs” button.  More outputs will allow us to enter additional wallet addresses.

By having our bitcoin sent to multiple addresses it will further obfuscate our bitcoin activity and thus make it harder to trace.  For this tutorial, we will use 4 outputs.  While some may claim this is overboard, we disagree. You can never have too much security, and it only takes a few extra minutes to utilize.

CoinMixer Tutorial How to Tumble Mix Bitcoins

Step 4.) Add your wallet addresses by copy and pasting them into the fields labeled “Send to Address”.  These are the addresses that your bitcoin will be sent to after they have been mixed or tumbled by the CoinMixer service.  Always make sure to double check the wallet addresses to make sure they are 100% correct.

How to mix your bitcoin

Step 5.) In the field labeled “Value in BTC” we will enter the amount of our bitcoin we want to be sent to that output.  So if you are mixing 1 bitcoin and are using 4 outputs, you could put .25 in the “Value in BTC” field for each output. Double check your numbers with a calculator to make sure when you add all the outputs value in BTC that it will add up to the total amount of bitcoin you are mixing.

How to tumble your bitcoin

Step 6.) Next, we will enter in a delay time in the field labeled “Delay in hours”.  What this does is it delays the time it will take for our bitcoin to reach our output wallet address after they are mixed.  By entering different time delays it will further hide our bitcoin transaction records and make it harder to track.

Bitcoin Mixing Tutorial CoinMixer.se

Step 7.) Once you have filled out each output properly and TRIPPLE checked your wallet address for each output to make sure they are 100000% accurate, you can go ahead and fill out the captcha code and click the “Continue” button.

Mixing your bitcoin with Coinmixer

Step 8.) Select your Transfer Method – Selecting our transfer method is how we will be sending out bitcoin to CoinMixer to be tumbled/mixed.  CoinMixer offers three different transferring methods.

  1. Address and Amount – This is the most common transfer method and the one we recommend. Using this method is pretty straightforward. You simply send your bitcoin to the bitcoin address provided by CoinMixer using your bitcoin wallet. (In our demonstration we are using the Electrum wallet)
  2. Link for Desktop Client – Instead of sending the bitcoin manually with our wallet, we click the link and then send the bitcoin using the CoinMixer website. This is only available for desktop users.
  3. QR Code – This option is specifically for people using a smartphone or tablet, and would be the best option if you are on a mobile device. You simply scan the QR code with a QR reader app built into your mobile wallet and send your bitcoin to CoinMixer that way.

For our tutorial choose the 1st option “Address and Amount”

Bitcoin Mixing with CoinMixer.se tutorial

Step 9.) Transfer the Bitcoin – Since we selected to transfer the bitcoin we want to mix via the “Address and Amount” method we will scroll down to the box labeled “Address and Amount” and send the bitcoin amount displayed after the text “Amount (includes fee):” to the bitcoin address that follows the words “Pay To:”.  The total amount we are sending will be higher than the amount of bitcoin we want to mix as it includes the fee for using the bitcoin tumbling service.

How to tumble bitcoin and make them untraceable


Step 10.) Save Letter of Guarantee – We highly encourage you to scroll down to this section labeled “Save Letter of Guarantee” and either copy and paste this into a notepad file that you will save, or click the download button, or both.

This is a type of receipt that will act as proof of your transaction and will prove extremely important in the rare case that you are to run into any issues with receiving your bitcoin after they are mixed.

how to make bitcoin untraceable

Step 11.) The final step is just to click the “Done” button and watch your bitcoin wallet for your bitcoin to appear, mixed and harder to trace. The time it takes will depend on the delay you added for each output earlier in the tutorial.

Mix bitcoins

Once you click the “done” button you will be directed to CoinMixer’s status page where you can watch your bitcoin being mixed in real time.

bitcoin mixed


And there you have it.  Now you know how to properly mix your bitcoin utilizing all of the security features offered by CoinMixer.se.  You can further obfuscate your bitcoin transaction history by using your mixed bitcoin to purchase another cryptocurrency, such as Monero through LocalMonero, or by using a secondary tumbling service such as BitTumblr.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please let us know in the comment section below or by contacting us directly through our contact page.


Prisoner Convicted of Using Dark Web to Obtain Mail Bomb

Darknet Markets Mailbomb purchased Alphabay Market

Michael Young Jr and Vance Volious Jr, two prisoners in Columbia South Carolina were convicted of drug dealing and plotting to kill Michael Young’s ex-wife with a mail bomb that was purchased through the now-defunct darknet market AlphaBay Market.

The evidence presented during the trial revealed that Young had smuggled a cellphone into Broad River Correctional Institution, which was used to manage a drug-dealing operation through the dark web.  Young would purchase drugs through the darknet markets using the smuggled cellphone which was delivered to an associates residence for re-distribution by Volious.

It was during the darknet based drug operation that Young and Voilous plotted to have Young’s ex-wife murdered via a mail bomb.  Young was currently serving a fifty-year sentence stemming from a conviction related to a previous attempt to murder his ex-wife and father-in-law back in 2007.

According to the court case, Young paid an undisclosed fee in bitcoin to have the mailbomb sent to his ex-wife’s home in Irmo.  A co-conspirator, Tyrell Fears, who pleaded guilty, armed the bomb and delivered the inert mail bomb package to a post office in Irmo on June 6th, 2017, which was thankfully recovered by a United States Postal Inspector.  The next morning search warrants and interviews took place which lead back to Young, Fears, and Volious.

Young, age 32 and Voilious age 36, were convicted of mailing a non-mailable explosive with intent to kill, carrying an explosive during the commission of a felony.

The case was a group investigation spanning over several government agencies including:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • United States Postal Inspection Service
  • South Carolina Department of Corrections’ Division of Police Services
  • State Law Enforcement Division
  • South Carolina Information and Intelligence Center
  • Richland County Sheriff’s Department
  • Lexington Country Sheriff’s Department
  • Irmo Police Department
  • USC Division of Law Enforcement and Safety
  • Columbia Police Department

“This was a particularly challenging operation, and we got a great result because of great policing.  The case certainly brings to bare the very real and dangerous problem that is contraband cell phones in our prisons.”  said US Attorney Beth Drake as she thanked the local law enforcement team that worked this case. “I would to thank our local, state, and federal partners for working alongside SCDC’s Division of Police Services in this investigation to convictions in this case.  These convictions underscore what I have been saying for years—contraband cell phones in the hands of prisoners pose a significant threat to not only other prisoners and corrections staff but to the general public as well.”

Man Arrested for Spending Counterfeit Cash from Dream Market

Man arrested for Counterfeit money bought on Dream Market

Ken Stopkotte, a local swim coach from Ohio, was arrested this week after attempting to spend counterfeit 20 dollar bills he claims to have purchased off the Darknet Market known as Dream Market.

The arrest affidavit claims that Stopkotte has used 37 of the fake $20 bills at a minor league baseball game prior to his arrest.  When security staff at the game questioned Stopkotte they discovered two more of the 20 dollar bills on him, which matched the counterfeits that he had used earlier. Detectives soon after discovered 8 of the 21 event vendors identified Stopkotte as the person who had made purchases with the counterfeit 20 dollar bills.

During the initial investigation, Stopkotte denied that he was deliberately spending counterfeit money stating “Wouldn’t I have more money on me if I had passed all of those $20s?”. He also claimed that he must have received the counterfeit money from a ticket scalper outside the event who had sold him his tickets.

Upon a more thorough search of Stopkotte, law enforcement discovered $647.72 of genuine money on him and 55 counterfeit 20 dollar bills which were hidden under a refrigerator where Stopkotte was originally detained for questioning.  In total, 91 counterfeit 20 dollar bills were discovered at the event which was linked directly to Stopkotte.

Upon recovering the stash of counterfeit bills Stoplette stated “I want to cooperate” admitting that he was currently on Federal Probation for money laundering and bank fraud, and was recently released from a 37-month prison sentence. He claimed that he purchased 200 counterfeit $20 bills off the dark web market Dream Market back in March 2018 and they arrived a few days later with a return address of Columbus, OH. He had spent 15 to 20 counterfeit bills 2 weeks prior at a hockey game in Phoenix AZ.

Stopkotte has a long rap sheet which goes well beyond his stint of bank fraud and counterfeit money which includes:

  • 3 year prison sentence for stealing $180,000 in donations from Nashville are churches.
  • 2-year ban from USA swimming membership for counting 31 disqualified swims as legal swims and entering them into the SWIMS database.
  • Covering up sexual abuse by USA Swimming coaches (Which was featured on ABC’s 20/20 News)
  • 2010 charge for theft after being tied to financial irregularities related to his role as head coach of a High School.

Stopkotte now faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each charge of money laundering.

Woman Arrested After Paying $10K in BTC for Darknet Hitman Service

Woman Tries to Hire Dark Web Hitman

Tina Jones, a 31-year-old Nurse from Illinois who was arrested for an attempt to hire a dark web hitman had her bond hearing on Wednesday. Tina Jones is being charged with the Class X Felony of solicitation of murder for hire and the Judge has set her bail at $250,000.

The investigation into Jones began after Woodridge Police received a call on their tip line claiming that a local woman had been targeted in an assassination plot. According to the DuPage County Attorney’s office, the tip originated from a television show covering darknet market hitmen on CBS’s “48 Hours”.  

Tina Jones worked at Loyola University Medical Center as a registered nurse. In 2017 Jones was involved in an affair with the anesthesiologist who happened to be married. The victim turned out to be the anesthesiologist’s wife.

The police contacted Jones for questioning, which later lead to an arrest. Jones admitted that she paid $10,000 USD worth of bitcoin to a darknet website called “the Cosa Nostra International Network”.  It wasn’t until later on that she discovered it was, like all dark web assassin pages, a scam.

Jones was ordered by the judge that she is to have no contact with the alleged victim or her husband if she manages to post bail.  The charge she is facing carries a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison.  Jones arraignment hearing is scheduled for May 15th, 2018.



Postal Worker ‘Chuck the Sniffer’ Sentenced after Stealing Drugs

USPS Chuck The Sniffer Arrested

“Chuck the Sniffer”, a Postal Worker who gained a reputation for his ability to catch drugs being shipped through the postal service station who was arrested for stealing drugs from USPS last year has been sentenced in an ironic turn of events.

“Chuck”, formally known as Derek Neil Miller, 38, was arrested in 2017 along with two of his postal worker colleagues for stealing methamphetamine, ecstasy, and a variety of other drugs which they were intercepted in the mail sorting facility.  What led to their arrest was an anonymous phone call to the US Postal Inspector’s tip line. The caller implicated a male nicknamed “Chuck the Sniffer,”  along with 2 other postal workers.

Derek Neil “The Sniffer” Miller has been sentenced to 4 years of probation by the US District Judge John Dowdell of Broken Arrow.

Back in February Laura Mae Campbell, the USPS Supervisor at the time of the incident accepted a plea deal with the prosecutors and was charged with one count of conspiracy.

“I was looking for high-grade marijuana mailed from a state on the West Coast that I could remove and steal,” Miller, claimed during a plea agreement filed in January, as he admitted that he began stealing drugs as early as fall of 2015.  “Because it was difficult to do this in secret, I approached (Campbell) and asked her to assist for a share of the marijuana I found and removed from parcel.”

Had Miller not accepted the plea deal, he would have faced up to 37 months in prison under federal guidelines, and have no possibility of parole. Luckily, the District Judge agreed to a lesser punishment. The Judge also stated that Miller had a “longstanding substance abuse history.”

“Chuck the Sniffer’s” ex-supervisor, Campbell has been scheduled for sentencing May 14.

Interview with the Admin of Tochka Market

Interview with Tochka Market admin

Tochka Market, also known as Point Market, is an international darknet market that’s been online since January 2015, making Tochka one of the longest running darknet markets to date.

Tochka Market stands out from its competition with several innovative features and market-related projects. Their market is based on Open Source technology, they have an impeccable track record as far as security, and their website has a built-in social platform which gives their market a unique sense of community.

This week DarknetMarkets.net was given the privilege to interview the Admin of Tochka Market and we thank them for giving us that rare opportunity.


Tochka Market Interview


DNetSEO: Who are you and what is it that you do?

Tochka Admin: We’re at Tochka identify ourselves as like-minded people who took the opportunity to build a global operation in area of Shadow Economy. We’ve got tools and skills to build software and basic knowledge to keep it running. What will eventually come of this enterprise we’ll see.


DNetSEO: Point (Tochka) has been online for over 3 years, and according to our records, you’ve never had any major security issues or vulnerabilities on your site. Have you had any close calls with LE or hackers since you first started?

Tochka Admin: This is complicated issue. We’ve been target of multiple DDoS attacks, but managed to keep platform afloat for most of the time. Two of these attacks were heavy, but we’ve managed to recover operations. Since our codebase is opensource and periodically audited we’re confident about technical platform.

What you must keep in mind that LE won’t necessarily want to take down market via technical means. I’ve written a detailed post about psychological operations, and I think it may shed some light on how other markets were taken down.



DNetSEO: Last year you decided to re-brand the market under the name “Point” and re-purposed the Tochka name to your foundation. What made you decide to change the name?

Tochka Admin: Old name still stands and most of users and we ourselves use Tochka brand. Point is direct translation of Tochka and it may be more marketable/memorable in English-speaking users.


DNetSEO: You decided to make Tochka Free Market a Free Open Source Software for creating trading communities and have already released the source code. I think that is a very noble act. Was there a specific reason behind doing that and are you worried about LE or hackers using the source code to find vulnerabilities in Point Market?

Tochka Admin: Well, it makes for us easier to hire new coders, and get us trust. Plus we get periodical audits, and inquiries.


DNetSEO: Out of the new darknet markets that emerged over the last few months, which one do you think has the potential to make it all the way into 2019 ….before exit scamming?

Tochka Admin: No one sees what tomorrow knows. We’ve been resilient to stay around for more than 3 years, but still we’ve got a long road ahead. Btw we’ve released our plans for next year in ICO Whitepaper. Among other things we’ll be releasing a mobile app, improving customer care, auditing vendors, and so on.



DNetSEO: In the Tochka ICO Whitepaper I read that in the Digital Shadow Economy. Tochka’s activities will include Developing Open-Source Software; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research. I am very interested in this. I’m a data harvesting and analytic nerd. I spend a lot of time doing similar types of research with tools like Maltego and Recon-rg. Do you have anything that you are working on right now related to this, or is that a project planned for further down the road?

Tochka Admin: We’re planning on integrating full-blown data analytics solution such as ElasticSearch. We don’t have anything to share as of now, but I think we’ll shed some light on our data in next 6 months.


DNetSEO: When Zion Market exit scams, is the Tochka/Point staff prepared to handle the immediate rush of refugees, and will your server be able to handle that kind of stress?

Tochka Admin: We are planning for a auto-balancing cloud setup in future. As for now, we’re able to handle thousands of unique users per day.


DNetSEO: Point Market is already packed with great features, both to enhance the social aspect of it and provide top-level security. Do you have any plans for new features coming out in the near future?

Tochka Admin: A mobile application is biggest one. Take some time to research our whitepaper, we’ve got a detailed write-up of future projects.


DNetSEO: The UK just invested 50 million funding specifically into fighting darknet related crime. The US President is also now focusing on stepping up their efforts to reduce darknet related crime. From my understanding, both are in direct response to the fentanyl crisis happening in their countries. Have you considered banning the sale of fentanyl in order to greatly reduce the risk of Tochka/Point becoming a primary target in their operation?

Tochka Admin: I have researched this issue myself, but from my data there are zero fentanyl deals on Marketplace. Most of our users are geeks, not street junkies, and think rationally for themselves before buying anything.


DNetSEO: Do you think that SpeedStepper is tall irl? Or do you think he’s just three kids wearing a trench-coat like OxyGod was?

Tochka Admin: I might be autistic for now knowing who he is and not buying any of DNM drama.


DNetSEO: Do you have anything advice, knowledge or is there anything you want to say to us, our readers?

Tochka Admin: Think for yourself, never submit to LE and keep high moral standards


DNetSEO: Do you have any questions for me or DarknetMarkets.net?

Tochka Admin: Does Monopoly Man have monocle or not (answer before Googling)? :3

DNetSEO: Without Googling, I would have to guess…yes? I know he wears a top hat..and a top hat is never fashionably acceptable unless paired with a monocle. So yes. 


Get your Tochka Market account by following the link below.