Olympus Market Apologizes for the Dread Drama

Olympus Market Apologizes

If you have been keeping up with the Dread/Olympus drama, here are some of the facts in our Olympus v. Dread timeline.  If we are missing anything, or this list requires edits please let us know via our contact page.

  • When Reddit banned the DNM subreddit, Olympus began campaigning for their forum to be a replacement.  However Dread became the chosen online community that most Reddit refugees went to.
  • Using vote manipulation, and possible fake accounts, Olympus Market started to manipulate votes, favoring posts highlighting them while downvoting positive comments about Dread on DNMNoobs.
  • After Dread opened their advertising platform, Olympus began making posts that claimed HugBunter, the Dread admin was a scammer and had operated a darknet market which exit scammed.
  • Olympus offered the co-admin of Dread $50,000 USD (eventually paying $10,000) for access to Dread’s database and private key.
  • Olympus gained control of Dread and redirected Dread’s traffic to a .onion under Olympus Market’s control.
  • Olympus Market began posting claims that they had hacked Dread.
  • HugBunter announced that Dread was not hacked, but that Olympus had bribed the co-admin for server access.
  • Both Olympus Market (including their forums) and Dread were offline. Though some Olympus Market Alternative Links were still active.
  • DarknetMarket.net contacted Olympus about the status of their site.  Olympus replied with the following “We had a strong DDOS attack, we are here to stay and never meant to go anywhere. Like yourself, we are running a business and sometimes we hire the wrong Individual for a position (PR).”
  • Olympus Market returned online shortly after.
  • HugBunter announced that Dread would return with a new and improved site.
  • Olympus admitted to bribing Dread’s co-admin and offered an apology to the Darknet Market community.

From our understanding, HugBunter has been MIA for the past few days and has not provided any information regarding the new and improved Dread.  We hope that he will come back online shortly with good news about the site.  Especially since several marketplaces paid a good deal of money for at least a month’s worth of advertising on Dread and only received less than a week’s worth of advertising before Dread went offline.

You can find a more detailed report on the drama that unfolded between Dread and Olympus Market on DeepDotWeb and the DNMNoobs SubReddit.

On April 25th, 2018 Olympus Staff member Ori (short for Orionis) posted an official apology in the Olympus Forum.

Hash: SHA256

Dear Tor users,

the past days were quite horrific for everyone who uses Tor.
I decided to close every Dread related thread on Olympus Talk instead of deleting them.
Everyone should be able to read about the mistakes we made and we would like everybody to know that those will never happen again. We haven’t thought about the community, which we temporarily destroyed. Instead, we cared about ourselves only and wanted to satisfy our desire for revenge.

Both parties, HugBunter ( Dread Admin ) and Olympus Admin, did some major mistakes. However, the fight between Olympus and Hug has been sorted and we are as good with Hug as we could be right now.

We changed some major things within our Staff team and would like to start from scratch.
We will be hiring a good PR within the next few days. So no blindfold and selfish announcements written by PR-Staff anymore. Good news about Olympus is what everyone wants to read instead of bad ones.
Olympus is in my opinion ( besides the awful previous PR ) the best market when it comes to Vendor/Buyer support, safety and easy to use interface if compared to other major markets right now

We are here to stay. I can fully understand the trust for Olympus is like -3000 right now but we would like to review the latest happenings and make sure we will change ourselves and will be an even better and bigger market in the future even if it takes a lot of time and trust.

We were down in the last few hours due to an ongoing DDoS attack. We appreciate the latest DDos attempts because this shows us how to improve our DDos protection system. Only the main onion of Olympus and Olympus Talk have been targeted. All the alternative onions worked fine throughout the DDos attempts. In case the main onion is down and you need any alternative onion just visit dnstats.net ( clearnet java version ) for now.

We would be glad if you think about giving Olympus a second chance at any time in the future.
If not, well there is nothing we can do about it. There might be a few other markets you could use instead even if not everyone of them seems to be trusted by the community.

More about this topic can be read here:


and another apologize by the admin himself here:


In Love,




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