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Olympus Market Invite URL olymm2ravxnnf2hm.onion/signup/6UYWPX


Working Alternative Link: http://waeixxcraed4gw7q.onion/signup/6UYWPX

Working Forum Link: http://7nciyoqtbbtuvnav.onion/

Olympus Market Summary

Olympus market is one of the newest darknet markets which appeared online towards the end of 2017.  While it is still in it’s alpha stages, it appears that everyone who has stumbled upon the market it overwhelmingly impressed.

From its professionally designed UX, to the bare-knuckle bundle of security features implemented everywhere, it’s a difficult task finding something to criticize about Olympus.  Which is probably why Olympus was accepted in DeepDotWeb’s Top Market list, the DNMSuperlist (before the Reddit ban) and made it into our Trusted Market list, in under 6 months from its initial launch date.

Olympus Market is an invite-only darknet market at this time and you can register an account by following the links above. While the amount of listings and users is still small, the admins of Olympus Market are offering unique marketing opportunities in hopes of bringing in new users.  Updated April 25 2018.

Olympus Market URLd5zwee2wk2apmrhc.onion/signup/6UYWPX
Market Forum URLhttp://7nciyoqtbbtuvnav.onion/
DREAD URLdreadditevelidot.onion/d/OlympusMarket/
Number of Listings13,000+
Vendor Bond0.035 Bitcoin
PGPForced for Buyers and Vendors
2FAVendors forced to have 2FA enabled
FEFE privileges for Trusted Vendors
Multisig2-of-3 multisig implementation for Bitcoin
Bug Bounty ProgramYes. Pays out $50 to a $3000
Language SupportEnglish
Currency SupportBitcoin, Monero
Alternative LinksSeveral Olympus Market alternative links
OnionV3 LinkNo OnionV3 links available
Date Market OpenedDecember 2017
Security IssuesNone.
Support RatingVery High

Olympus Market Reward Programs

Olympus Market was offering $50 for anyone who makes a verified purchase through their market and leaves a review in forums or the DNM reddit group. However, we are unsure if that applies to Dread or not.

The second enticing offer they have open is their very generous Bug Bounty program.  For any major bug discovered in their market, the admins are will to shell out between $50 to $3000. Payout is depending on the severity of the bug, and since it’s major bugs only, CSS and HTML errors don’t count.

The third rewards program Olympus has is their “Scam Rewards”.  They pay out $20 for any scam you uncover within their market.

And the fourth and final user reward program is strictly for top vendors.  If you open shop on Olympus and earn a place in their top vendors section by accumulating 1,000+ sales, Olympus rewards you with $500 in bitcoin after 30 days of vending in Olympus Market.

We are expecting more great things to come out of Olympus in the not too distant future, and we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Olympus becomes the leading Darknet Market after the next major “market shift”. You can sign up for an account through our website by using the invite link below and if that isn’t working, we always have a batch of working alternative links from the Olympus which you can find here.

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