Olympus Update May 2018 : Back Online with New Links!

Olympus Market Update Working Links

Olympus Market Update May 22, 2018

After several days of downtime, Olympus Market came back online today with an announcement on their current status.  Throughout the week many darknet market users were beginning to fear Olympus had exit scammed.  Between Tochka taking a short break, Rapture Market vanishing, and Zion Market pulling a long overdue exit scam, it wasn’t too unreasonable for some to fear the worst.

Luckily (at least for those the non-Olympus haters) our theory was correct. Olympus Market was plagued with an ongoing DDoS.  We currently believe that might be what’s also keeping Rapture offline as well.

Olympus reached out to DeepDotWeb who recently updated their links.  If the Olympus links on DDW look unfamiliar, don’t worry. It’s because Olympus has moved their market and forum to new URL’s, and have published new working alternative links as well.

Olympus Market Update LinksYesterday Olympus admin made an announcement in their forum that they had brainstormed an effective strategy to overcome the recent DDoS attack. They implemented a rotating mirror system for the Olympus Market. So make sure to update your bookmarks with the following links.  We have already updated the Olympus links on our website.

Main Olympus Market Linkhttp://d5zwee2wk2apmrhc.onion/signup/6UYWPX

Olympus Market Alternative Links

Olympus Market Forum Link:

Always make sure to double check your links.  Bookmark working trusted links from reputable sources. And if requested for your pin number when logging in, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PIN. And finally, ALWAYS use 2FA login!


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