One Last Shot at Freedom for Ross Ulbricht

One Last Shot at Freedom for Ross Ulbricht

The 34-year-old Silk Road Administrator, Ross Ulbricht, has one final chance at obtaining freedom and his team of lawyers are rushing to do everything in their power to make that happen.

Ross Ulbricht was the alleged founder and administrator of the infamous Darknet Market known better as the Silk Road.  On the Silk Road, Ulbricht went by the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts and operated the darknet site from 2011 until 2013 before being captured red-handed by law enforcement while running the site from a laptop inside a coffee shop.

Ulbricht was found guilty on seven drug charges, money laundering, and several other cyber-related criminal charges. In 2015 the Judge sentenced the young Ulbrict to the maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

However, Ulbricht’s friends, family, and followers have fought perseveringly for his freedom while attesting that numerous issues with the case, including the misconduct of federal agents, hindered the standing of the case.

William & Connolly are the new legal team fighting on behave of Ulbricht’s freedom. They have petitioned for writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court and are arguing that Ulbrights fourth amendment rights are being impeded upon.

The legal team’s petition has brought up two interesting questions that are very significant to whether or not Ulbricht’s Six and Fourth Amendment protections have been violated.

According to the law team, the internet records which lead to Ulbricht’s arrest may have been seized without a warrant, and 2, that the Judge rather than the jury used uncharged crimes to support an unreasonable punishment.

The Supreme Court has not rejected the petition since it is considering similar issues in the Carpenter v. United States case, which seeks to determine if police need a warrant to obtain cellphone records revealing an individual’s location and movements.

So far the Supreme Court has yet to officially reject the petition, which gives Ulbricht supporters a glimmer of hope.  As of now, Ulbricht has been moved from NY to Florence Maximum Security know…because the tech-savvy crowd is notorious for being so rowdy and dangerous.


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