Only 2 More Days Until Dread Comes Back Online

UPDATE: We hope to see them back online today. However, even if Dread comes back online today, we urge everyone to take it with a grain of salt. This is because of the drama that unfolded between HugBunter and Olympus Market. It’s still unclear if Dread’s ex-admin and Olympus Market have control over Dread’s original URL, or if it’s securely back under control of HugBunter. We suggest waiting for HugBunter to make an official announcement on Dread’s status that he verifies by signing with his PGP key.

Anyone who regularly checks the Dread domain for any signs of life was greeted with a glimmer of hope on May 19.  Dread’s website has been updated with a message claiming they will finally make their long-awaited return on May 21, only 2 days away as of this post.

Dread, a darknet forum which is lightly based on the concept of Reddit. It quickly became the primary darknet community after Reddit banned numerous subreddits, including the popular r/DarkNetMarkets back in May.  However, Dread’s popularity was shortlived due to some drama that unfolded between the founder of Dread, HugBunter, and a newer darknet markets known as Olympus Market.

Since Dread has gone offline, the online community based around the darknet market subculture has primarily gone dark.  Some have flocked to r/DNMNoobs and Voat, while some began using the veteran darknet forums Onion Land and DNMAvengers.  Though the activity, in general,l has dwindled compared to what was on r/DarkNetMarkets.  We hope to see the reemergence of Dread breathe life into the darknet community, as without a central online community many are left in the dark which allows scammers and market exit scams to thrive.  I guess we will just have to see what happens come May 21.

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