Postal Worker ‘Chuck the Sniffer’ Sentenced after Stealing Drugs

USPS Chuck The Sniffer Arrested

“Chuck the Sniffer”, a Postal Worker who gained a reputation for his ability to catch drugs being shipped through the postal service station who was arrested for stealing drugs from USPS last year has been sentenced in an ironic turn of events.

“Chuck”, formally known as Derek Neil Miller, 38, was arrested in 2017 along with two of his postal worker colleagues for stealing methamphetamine, ecstasy, and a variety of other drugs which they were intercepted in the mail sorting facility.  What led to their arrest was an anonymous phone call to the US Postal Inspector’s tip line. The caller implicated a male nicknamed “Chuck the Sniffer,”  along with 2 other postal workers.

Derek Neil “The Sniffer” Miller has been sentenced to 4 years of probation by the US District Judge John Dowdell of Broken Arrow.

Back in February Laura Mae Campbell, the USPS Supervisor at the time of the incident accepted a plea deal with the prosecutors and was charged with one count of conspiracy.

“I was looking for high-grade marijuana mailed from a state on the West Coast that I could remove and steal,” Miller, claimed during a plea agreement filed in January, as he admitted that he began stealing drugs as early as fall of 2015.  “Because it was difficult to do this in secret, I approached (Campbell) and asked her to assist for a share of the marijuana I found and removed from parcel.”

Had Miller not accepted the plea deal, he would have faced up to 37 months in prison under federal guidelines, and have no possibility of parole. Luckily, the District Judge agreed to a lesser punishment. The Judge also stated that Miller had a “longstanding substance abuse history.”

“Chuck the Sniffer’s” ex-supervisor, Campbell has been scheduled for sentencing May 14.


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