/r/DarkNetMarkets Banned by Reddit, What Now?

Many of the 180,000 readers who were subscribed to /r/DarkNetMarkets received some unfortunate, yet not surprising news yesterday.  Reddit banned the largest darknet market related discussion group on the internet, along with numerous other subreddits that held a reputation due to their content.

Reddit Bans Largest Darknet Subreddit DNM /r/DarkNetMarkets

March 21st, 2018

Many of the 180,000 readers who were subscribed to /r/DarkNetMarkets received some unfortunate, yet not surprising news yesterday.  Reddit banned the largest darknet market-related discussion group on the internet, along with numerous other subreddits that held a reputation due to their content.

While Reddit has had issues with LE in the past over /r/DarkNetMarkets subreddit, it appears the ban was due to alleged violations of Reddit’s new rules…which was only updated moments before dozens of popular subreddits began to vanish.

At this time there is no update on whether or not LE had any influence in Reddit’s decision, but it’s unlikely as /r/DarkNetMarkets was most likely an invaluable intel gathering resource for LE.

New addition to site-wide rules regarding the use of Reddit to conduct transactions from announcements


While many subreddits were taken offline in this mass-ban, it’s clearly /r/DarkNetMarkets who will be missed the most due to the vital purpose they provided to the massive community of darknet users.

/r/DarkNetMarkets was a safe haven of unbiased information, where users didn’t have to worry about being censored for providing honest, and often critical feedback on scams and other shady activity at the hands of crooked markets and selective scam vendors.

The /r/DarkNetMarkets mods also kept a superlist of trusted darknet markets. /r/DNMSuperlist was a list of only the best…or at least mostly honest and safe darknet markets which was community-based with reports of scamming and security flaws. It served a very crucial role for the community, as it listed all the past issues each darknet market had run into, and there were little concerns of market staff buying their way on through a Reddit mod or biased information in liu of affiliate earnings. Something that is all too common with most competing subreddits and darknet news sites.

That being said, any members in the darknet community should heed caution over next coming days in anticipation of shady vendors or darknet market moderators who may take advantage of the lack of information and potentially lack of bad customer reviews during this situation. At least until a new online community builds itself back up. That being said, also be wary of any new subreddits that may pop up claiming to be the second coming of /r/DarkNetMarkets.

As of writing this article, there is still one popular subreddit that managed to escape Reddit’s ban hammer, /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs.

EternalTurmoil, a moderator of /r/darknetmarketsnoobs posted this earlier today in regards to their subreddits lucky survival.

“We just received this message from an admin:
Important Information About Your Subreddit
from kethryvis[A] to /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs

Hey mods, we want to give you notice about an update to our content policy forbidding transactions for certain goods and services; you can find details and discussion in this post. Don’t worry! We haven’t come across content in your sub that violates the new policy, which is not intended to capture mere conversations about those goods or services. We just wanted to make you aware of the change, given the focus of your community. You may wish to make your subscribers aware of the update so there are no accidental misunderstandings. Otherwise, just keep doing what you’re doing! If you have any further questions, please contact the admins. We are happy to support you!”


So as of now, if you are looking for a suitable alternate clearnet site you can visit DarkNetMarketsNoobs. They already have an informative post covering the current status of the entire situation, as well as a very, very long list of all the subreddits that received a killing blow from Reddit’s ban-hammer.

If you want to avoid Reddit all together in protest of their recent decisions you can fire-up tor and check out Dread, a hidden site similar to Reddit.

Dread is also a service that was set up by the infamous HugBunter. A very prominent and important member of the DNM community who has received some serious attention for pointing out massive security flaws in Darknet Marketplaces.

PGP Signed Message from HugBunter on Dread regarding the closure of /r/darknetmarkets + the Dread platform from DarkNetMarketsNoobs

If you are looking for an alternative to the DNM superlist, check out our list of Darknet Markets. We are very cautious about what we list, and the list. While obtaining reports may be a little difficult without DNM around, we will continue to make sure it’s up to date, with working links and alternate links from the markets themselves.

With the loss of /r/DarkNetMarkets and the temporary lack of honest and critical information, our team has decided to try and do our part to help the community. We decided it would be more beneficial to shy away from only publishing a small handful of semi-related news articles each month and really focus on being a source of information that directly affects the DNM community.

We at DarknetMarkets.net will be dedicating our time and effort on publishing information, data, and announcements about the DNM community, Markets, Scammers and other information every day. We will also make an effort to stay onto of updating our Darknet Market information pages with new information, news, and announcements several times a day.

If you have any information, feedback or topics you want us to cover, please contact our team through the contact page.

RIP /r/DarkNetMarkets


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