UK Royal Mail Postmen Deliver Dark Net Drugs Unknowingly

Royal Mail Postal workers in the United Kingdom are believed to be transferring dark market packages with illicit narcotics and other drugs through the postal service. Royal Mail has recently claimed that they are not aware of any drugs being delivered to such clients.

Contrary to their statement, there have been multiple instances where postal workers have raised questions regarding certain packages, but there was not much done about them. Reportedly Royal Mail lacks the security resources to identify illicit parcels such as specialized dogs and x-rays. Many postmen have said that they have delivered many suspicious packages, but they are not permitted to open any of the packages.

Dark Web users have stated that they used the UK postal service to have the drugs delivered through, as there is a low probability of being caught. Royal Post has also noted that international mail has a more stringent screening process than domestic packages. A BBC publication in the UK reported that they tested the system and obtained MDMA, Cannabis, and Spice using Bitcoin on the Dark Net, with the delivery taking only a week to arrive.

Royal Mail employees have stated that each package is not individually checked. However, those with repeated illicit shipments are bound to be caught eventually as the postal service is said to randomly inspect packages.


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