Interview with the Admin of Tochka Market

Interview with Tochka Market admin

Tochka Market, also known as Point Market, is an international darknet market that’s been online since January 2015, making Tochka one of the longest running darknet markets to date.

Tochka Market stands out from its competition with several innovative features and market-related projects. Their market is based on Open Source technology, they have an impeccable track record as far as security, and their website has a built-in social platform which gives their market a unique sense of community.

This week was given the privilege to interview the Admin of Tochka Market and we thank them for giving us that rare opportunity.


Tochka Market Interview


DNetSEO: Who are you and what is it that you do?

Tochka Admin: We’re at Tochka identify ourselves as like-minded people who took the opportunity to build a global operation in area of Shadow Economy. We’ve got tools and skills to build software and basic knowledge to keep it running. What will eventually come of this enterprise we’ll see.


DNetSEO: Point (Tochka) has been online for over 3 years, and according to our records, you’ve never had any major security issues or vulnerabilities on your site. Have you had any close calls with LE or hackers since you first started?

Tochka Admin: This is complicated issue. We’ve been target of multiple DDoS attacks, but managed to keep platform afloat for most of the time. Two of these attacks were heavy, but we’ve managed to recover operations. Since our codebase is opensource and periodically audited we’re confident about technical platform.

What you must keep in mind that LE won’t necessarily want to take down market via technical means. I’ve written a detailed post about psychological operations, and I think it may shed some light on how other markets were taken down.



DNetSEO: Last year you decided to re-brand the market under the name “Point” and re-purposed the Tochka name to your foundation. What made you decide to change the name?

Tochka Admin: Old name still stands and most of users and we ourselves use Tochka brand. Point is direct translation of Tochka and it may be more marketable/memorable in English-speaking users.


DNetSEO: You decided to make Tochka Free Market a Free Open Source Software for creating trading communities and have already released the source code. I think that is a very noble act. Was there a specific reason behind doing that and are you worried about LE or hackers using the source code to find vulnerabilities in Point Market?

Tochka Admin: Well, it makes for us easier to hire new coders, and get us trust. Plus we get periodical audits, and inquiries.


DNetSEO: Out of the new darknet markets that emerged over the last few months, which one do you think has the potential to make it all the way into 2019 ….before exit scamming?

Tochka Admin: No one sees what tomorrow knows. We’ve been resilient to stay around for more than 3 years, but still we’ve got a long road ahead. Btw we’ve released our plans for next year in ICO Whitepaper. Among other things we’ll be releasing a mobile app, improving customer care, auditing vendors, and so on.



DNetSEO: In the Tochka ICO Whitepaper I read that in the Digital Shadow Economy. Tochka’s activities will include Developing Open-Source Software; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research. I am very interested in this. I’m a data harvesting and analytic nerd. I spend a lot of time doing similar types of research with tools like Maltego and Recon-rg. Do you have anything that you are working on right now related to this, or is that a project planned for further down the road?

Tochka Admin: We’re planning on integrating full-blown data analytics solution such as ElasticSearch. We don’t have anything to share as of now, but I think we’ll shed some light on our data in next 6 months.


DNetSEO: When Zion Market exit scams, is the Tochka/Point staff prepared to handle the immediate rush of refugees, and will your server be able to handle that kind of stress?

Tochka Admin: We are planning for a auto-balancing cloud setup in future. As for now, we’re able to handle thousands of unique users per day.


DNetSEO: Point Market is already packed with great features, both to enhance the social aspect of it and provide top-level security. Do you have any plans for new features coming out in the near future?

Tochka Admin: A mobile application is biggest one. Take some time to research our whitepaper, we’ve got a detailed write-up of future projects.


DNetSEO: The UK just invested 50 million funding specifically into fighting darknet related crime. The US President is also now focusing on stepping up their efforts to reduce darknet related crime. From my understanding, both are in direct response to the fentanyl crisis happening in their countries. Have you considered banning the sale of fentanyl in order to greatly reduce the risk of Tochka/Point becoming a primary target in their operation?

Tochka Admin: I have researched this issue myself, but from my data there are zero fentanyl deals on Marketplace. Most of our users are geeks, not street junkies, and think rationally for themselves before buying anything.


DNetSEO: Do you think that SpeedStepper is tall irl? Or do you think he’s just three kids wearing a trench-coat like OxyGod was?

Tochka Admin: I might be autistic for now knowing who he is and not buying any of DNM drama.


DNetSEO: Do you have anything advice, knowledge or is there anything you want to say to us, our readers?

Tochka Admin: Think for yourself, never submit to LE and keep high moral standards


DNetSEO: Do you have any questions for me or

Tochka Admin: Does Monopoly Man have monocle or not (answer before Googling)? :3

DNetSEO: Without Googling, I would have to guess…yes? I know he wears a top hat..and a top hat is never fashionably acceptable unless paired with a monocle. So yes. 


Get your Tochka Market account by following the link below.  




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