DNetSEO’s Trusted Darknet Market List Criteria

Top Tier/Trusted Market List Criteria

To get on our trusted market you must fulfill the following requirements:

    • The market must have at least 500 listings from more than 100 vendors.
    • The Market must have at least 70% uptime rating.
    • The Market must be online for 6 months or longer.
    • The Market must implement 2-of-3 Multi-Signature.
    • The Market must enforce PGP for Buyers and Vendors before a transaction can be made.
    • The Market must enforce 2-FA on all Vendors.
    • Vendor needs to sign new PGP with old one if they want to change their key.
    • The Market must enforce encryption between buyers and vendors.
    • Customer and Vendor information (messages, order details) is auto-deleted from the market within 60 days
    • The Market must display it’s PGP key somewhere on the site that is easy to find.
    • The Market must have at least 5 alternative links. If the market has less than 5 alternative links than they need at least one v3Onion link.
    • Offer at least 2 types of Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. Bitcoin cannot be the only choice of currency for the market.
    • Have a Market Forum or Equivalent (Example: Dread or Reddit).
    • The Market must charge a vendor bond over $400 USD.  The only exception would be if the market had a very strict vendor vetting process.
    • Trust/Feedback rating for both Buyers and Vendors
    • Have well designed, functional market website.
    • The markets must have a decent search and filter function.
    • The Market must have a support that is responsive and able to resolve issues regularly. If you are overloaded with too many customer issues then you NEED to hire more moderators.
    • BIP32 for direct-pay/FE.
    • You must provide links and mirrors to the Market that are verified every month and sign them with the market key to verify their safety.
    • Admin must provide a communication channel for our team to inquire about status updates if the Market goes offline.  If the Market is down for any reason you have 1 week to provide us with an update or YOU WILL lose your status.
    • Must meet all requirements of Established Darknet Market List Criteria.

If you think your market meets all of our requirements to be listed on the front page and sidebar of DarknetMarkets.net then please contact us through our contact page or email me directly at [email protected].

Second Tier/Established Darknet Market List Criteria

  • Market must be online for at least 90 days.
  • Market must have active alternative links.
  • Must provide 1 form of cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin.
  • Market must have a minimum of 100 listings and 20 verified vendors.
  • Market must charge a Vendor bond of at least $200.
  • Market must provide a secondary channel of communication and keep in contact with our team if the Market goes offline for longer than 2 days.
  • The market must offer 2FA login.
  • The Market must allow encryption between buyers and vendors.
  • Must have an active, responsive support team.
  • Market must pass GlitchXploitrs Security Analysis.
  • Market must have a Feedback/Reputation feature for Vendors.
  • The Market name must be unique**
  • Market must have some sort of forum or community channel (Subreddit, Dread, Built-in Forum, etc)

Understand that any and all verified security issues will be published on your Market Report page here on DarknetMarkets.com and they will remain on your account. There will be no possible way to remove them from your record.

This also goes for any serious customer issues if we deem them serious enough and of merit after our investigation. However, if the issue is resolved or the security issue is addressed we will also add that to your DarknetMarkets.com Market Report Page.

If you believe your market meets all of the requirements above for either a Top Rated or Established Market evaluation please contact me through our contact form or via email [email protected]

** ..When I say the Market name needs to be unique, it means absolutely no SilkAgoras or Abraxas Road 9.43…with the exception that you are the admin of the original market and can prove it. For example, if Admin of BlackMarketReloaded or Agora came back and signed the market key.

If you have a copycat name of a previous market I will consider it to be a gimmick and assume you will exit scam the moment you have 30 bucks in your pocket. However, you can be influenced by previous markets and model your Market’s platform of a previous Darknet Market, as long as it’s not reflected in the market name.