How to Mix Your Bitcoin with CoinMixer in 2018 | Bitcoin Mixer Tutorial

Tumbling, or Mixing bitcoin is a vital step in ensuring proper OPSEC and privacy. It’s a method of securing the privacy of your bitcoin “paper trail” by mixing your bitcoin with other peoples bitcoins, or new bitcoins and is an important step in hiding your bitcoin history. While there are several bitcoin tumbling services available, today we will be using a popular and trusted bitcoin mixing service called Coinmixer.

Coinmixer is a very simple, easy to use bitcoin mixing service that has been around for a few years now and has a great reputation and they offer a few very attractive features.  One of those nice features offered by CoinMixer is that they have both a clearnet based site and an onion based site, which is a unique and attractive feature. For this tutorial, we will be using the Tor or Onion based service as it offers the best security, but using the clearnet version has the exact same steps.  As for their fee, CoinMixer chargest a fixed 0.0004 BTC fee and a randomized fee of 1 to 3%.

Step 1.) Go to the CoinMixer website. If you are using TOR (best option) you can click here to get started.  If you are not using TOR (not advised) you can visit this site here.

Bitcoin Tumbling Tutorial


Step 2.) Once CoinMixer loads go ahead and click the “participate” link in the main menu.

CoinMixer Tutorial How to Tumble Mix Bitcoins


Step 3.) As you can see CoinMixer offers a few different options.  All of which we will take advantage of to ensure the best security and privacy, and we will explain why for each one. For step 3 go ahead and click the “More Outputs” button.  More outputs will allow us to enter additional wallet addresses.

By having our bitcoin sent to multiple addresses it will further obfuscate our bitcoin activity and thus make it harder to trace.  For this tutorial, we will use 4 outputs.  While some may claim this is overboard, we disagree. You can never have too much security, and it only takes a few extra minutes to utilize.

CoinMixer Tutorial How to Tumble Mix Bitcoins

Step 4.) Add your wallet addresses by copy and pasting them into the fields labeled “Send to Address”.  These are the addresses that your bitcoin will be sent to after they have been mixed or tumbled by the CoinMixer service.  Always make sure to double check the wallet addresses to make sure they are 100% correct.

How to mix your bitcoin

Step 5.) In the field labeled “Value in BTC” we will enter the amount of our bitcoin we want to be sent to that output.  So if you are mixing 1 bitcoin and are using 4 outputs, you could put .25 in the “Value in BTC” field for each output. Double check your numbers with a calculator to make sure when you add all the outputs value in BTC that it will add up to the total amount of bitcoin you are mixing.

How to tumble your bitcoin

Step 6.) Next, we will enter in a delay time in the field labeled “Delay in hours”.  What this does is it delays the time it will take for our bitcoin to reach our output wallet address after they are mixed.  By entering different time delays it will further hide our bitcoin transaction records and make it harder to track.

Bitcoin Mixing Tutorial

Step 7.) Once you have filled out each output properly and TRIPPLE checked your wallet address for each output to make sure they are 100000% accurate, you can go ahead and fill out the captcha code and click the “Continue” button.

Mixing your bitcoin with Coinmixer

Step 8.) Select your Transfer Method – Selecting our transfer method is how we will be sending out bitcoin to CoinMixer to be tumbled/mixed.  CoinMixer offers three different transferring methods.

  1. Address and Amount – This is the most common transfer method and the one we recommend. Using this method is pretty straightforward. You simply send your bitcoin to the bitcoin address provided by CoinMixer using your bitcoin wallet. (In our demonstration we are using the Electrum wallet)
  2. Link for Desktop Client – Instead of sending the bitcoin manually with our wallet, we click the link and then send the bitcoin using the CoinMixer website. This is only available for desktop users.
  3. QR Code – This option is specifically for people using a smartphone or tablet, and would be the best option if you are on a mobile device. You simply scan the QR code with a QR reader app built into your mobile wallet and send your bitcoin to CoinMixer that way.

For our tutorial choose the 1st option “Address and Amount”

Bitcoin Mixing with tutorial

Step 9.) Transfer the Bitcoin – Since we selected to transfer the bitcoin we want to mix via the “Address and Amount” method we will scroll down to the box labeled “Address and Amount” and send the bitcoin amount displayed after the text “Amount (includes fee):” to the bitcoin address that follows the words “Pay To:”.  The total amount we are sending will be higher than the amount of bitcoin we want to mix as it includes the fee for using the bitcoin tumbling service.

How to tumble bitcoin and make them untraceable


Step 10.) Save Letter of Guarantee – We highly encourage you to scroll down to this section labeled “Save Letter of Guarantee” and either copy and paste this into a notepad file that you will save, or click the download button, or both.

This is a type of receipt that will act as proof of your transaction and will prove extremely important in the rare case that you are to run into any issues with receiving your bitcoin after they are mixed.

how to make bitcoin untraceable

Step 11.) The final step is just to click the “Done” button and watch your bitcoin wallet for your bitcoin to appear, mixed and harder to trace. The time it takes will depend on the delay you added for each output earlier in the tutorial.

Mix bitcoins

Once you click the “done” button you will be directed to CoinMixer’s status page where you can watch your bitcoin being mixed in real time.

bitcoin mixed


And there you have it.  Now you know how to properly mix your bitcoin utilizing all of the security features offered by  You can further obfuscate your bitcoin transaction history by using your mixed bitcoin to purchase another cryptocurrency, such as Monero through LocalMonero, or by using a secondary tumbling service such as BitTumblr.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please let us know in the comment section below or by contacting us directly through our contact page.



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