UK Gov Invest £50m Funding for Fighting Darknet Crime

UK Gov Invest 50 Million to Fighting Dark Web Crime

Amber Rudd, Homeland Secretary of the UK announced that a new primary focus will be cracking down on crime related to the dark web, including Darknet Markets.

Utilizing a recent funding of £50m Amber Rudd stated that the money will be invested in UK’s cyber law enforcement divisions. The primary goal of the funding is tackling crime related to the dark web.

During the NCSC (National Cyber Security Center’s CYBERUK) Cyber Conference in Manchester UK, the Home Secretary made the announcement that the government has already invested more than 9 million pounds into dark web crime fighting.  The National Crime Agency’s Dark Web Intelligent Unit will be receiving the bulk of the funding, while some will go towards other anti-dark web intelligence and operation units.

“A sickening shopping list of services and products are available. You can buy half a kilogram of Fentanyl, the drug responsible for over 20,000 overdose deaths in the US in the last year alone, for around £5 a gram. Alternatively, you can get a semi-automatic pistol for less than the price of a second-hand car. And, for both, you can pay in Bitcoin.” said the home secretary in regards to the Darknet Markets.

Last month a group of 5 men from Manchester was sentenced to prison for their drug trafficking operation based on the now-defunct Silk Road. The estimated total revenue brought in from the darknet market sales is estimated to be over £800,000.

Local and regional law enforcement units will be receiving around £5mil from the £50 million pound funding.  The £5 mil is to be invested in establishing new local cyber crime focused LE teams, and growing current standing teams.

“It took the combined skills and expertise of the NCA, the security and intelligence agencies, and our strong working partnership with other countries.” stated the Secretary “It’s vitally important that we have the ability to tackle more cases like this in the future.”

“Currently, only 30% of local police forces have a cyber capability that reaches the minimum standard – and as crime changes, policing needs to change too,” Rudd added.

CyberAware, a government campaign that educates people and corporations on defense against cybercrime will be receiving £3m from the new funding.

National Police Chiefs Council will be in charge of developing special training programs dedicated to cyber-intelligence in


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