UPDATE: OxyGod, The Darknet’s Dumbest Criminal?

OxyGod Dream Market Arrest

While this originally was supposed to be a short update on the trial of OxyGod, this story has taken a turn in an entirely different direction.

OxyGod was a vendor on Dream Market who was arrested in April 2018 after law enforcement intercepted packages containing pressed fentanyl pills. During their investigation, they took notice of their suspect, Wyatt Pasek’s flashy lifestyle.

During their arrest, Law Enforcement confiscated a pill press, pills, and cash from Pasek’s home in Newport Beach, CA. You can read more about the initial arrest here.

While we were searching for updates related to this case our investigation lead us to Instagram account belonging to Wyatt Pasek, the alleged Dream Market vendor known as OxyGod.

It soon became painfully clear what may have lead to Law Enforcement’s investigation into Pasek’s. Prepare to be disgusted by who we are calling the dumbest criminal in the history of the dark web.

My bag worth a lot

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Yes…that is a video of Wyatt Pasek, AKA OxyGod cruising around in a luxury vehicle showing off a bag loaded with what appears to be hundreds of thousands of dollars…for the sole purpose of Instagram followers…and if that wasn’t enough…how about this?



Yes…that was a video of Pasek dumping $75,000 USD onto a $250,000 Mclaren car….which he uploaded to his own YouTube account.

What excuse did Wyatt Pasek use to justify his fortune as a 22-year-old from California?  Well, according to his Instagram account, a small $500 investment into Bitcoin…That’s right.

A 22-year-old claimed to invest $500 in bitcoin explained the fortune he made to support his lifestyle of driving numerous cars worth over a quarter million dollars and bathing in bathtubs of cash…yeah, he posted a video of himself bathing in a bathtub of cash on his Instagram.

Apparently, Pasek isn’t a mathemetician…otherwise he would have realized investing $500 in bitcoin last year would not be even close to accounting for his new found wealth.

So, back to the initial update on the OxyGod case, the Post Indictment Arraignment Calendar shows that court case is scheduled for July 2, for both Wyatt and Duc Cao.

The indictment names Wyatt as OxyGod and includes the alias Yung10x which is also Wyatt’s Instagram and other social media handles.  Duc Cao’s aliases include the names Kevin Cao, and Kstackz.

For those interested, this is the alleged Instagram account for Duc Cao https://www.instagram.com/kstackz_____/

The indictment lists the charges against Pasek and Cao as Conspiracy to Manufacture, Possess with Intent to Distribute, and Distribute Schedule II and IV Controlled Substances, Distribution of Fentanyl, Possession with Intent to Distribute a Fentanyl Analogue and Felon in Possession of Firearms and Ammunition among other charges.

Why is there a charge for Possession of firearms by a felon? We looked into this and discovered that Wyatt Pasek (aka OxyGod) was arrested in 2016 for felony possession of a controlled substance. This marked him as a felon for life, which means Pasek is not allowed to ever be in possession of any type of firearm…however, Pasek decided it was a smart idea to upload this image to his personal Instagram account.



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We at Darknet Markets News will continue to follow this case and post updates with any new information that becomes available to us. For those who are interested, you can find more stomach wrenching photos and videos at the Instagram or youtube channel of the alleged Dream Market vendor known as OxyGod.





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