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 Valhalla Forum:  http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?board=37.20
 Number of Listings:  28,394
 Security Features:  Multisig, 2FA, Escrow, PGP enforced for vendors
 Vendor Bond:  1 Bitcoin


Valhalla Marketplace opened it’s doors way back in 2013. This makes Valhalla aka Silkkitie, one of the oldest darknet marketplaces in operation today. Valhalla Marketplace is based out of Finland and offers good security features for it’s vendors and shoppers. They offer PGP (forced for Vendors), 2FA, Multisig and the common market based escrow system to protect buyers from vendor scamming.


Previous and Current Security Issues with Valhalla

– allows doxing and scamminglink #1 | link #2 | example

– allows distribution phishing linkson the profile of that vendor (hover over the onion link and you see the phishing link in the bottom left corner)

– allows vendor impersonatorslink | first affected vendor | second vendor

– notorious non-responsive support

Reasons: the above warnings and non-responsive to contact requests by us mods
Address: silkkitiehdg5mug.onion / valhallaxmn3fydu.onion
Multisig: Yes
Subreddit: /r/ValhallaMarketplace
Forums: silkkitiehdg5mug.onion
Reddit accounts: none
PGP key: asiakaspalvelu

Valhalla Market 2017 Review and Tutorial


Admin can be contacted here: valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/kapteeni

What is a payment password?

The payment password is your secondary password which is at first the same as your login password. You can change it later in settings. It is used to release payments to vendors from escrow, or when withdrawing funds. It needs to be at least 10 characters long.

I know what a payment password is, but I forgot mine!

Contact customer support and Valhalla Market will reset your password. You can use your newly reset password right away for releasing any payments held in escrow. However, for withdrawing funds, there is a 7 day waiting period in place to prevent abuse.

What does the escrow feature do?

After making a purchase, your funds are placed in an escrow account from which the vendor cannot withdraw funds right away. Usually you would want to release the escrow once you actually receive the product.

However, some vendors may require that you release the escrow earlier (referred to as “finalize early” or “FE”), especially if you are a newly registered used or if you are making a purchase of a particularly high value. Valhalla Market suggests that you use some judgment before finalizing early and take the vendor's feedback into consideration.

My wallet address has changed. Will I still receive my deposit?

Your wallet address is changed after each deposit for security reasons. All previously used wallet addresses remain functional, so your deposits will not be lost.

How do I give my postal address to a vendor safely and securely?

Your address is automatically encrypted using the vendor's public key while making an order, and no plaintext copy of the address is stored on Valhalla Market servers. The encrypted version is also deleted from Valhalla Market database once the order status changes to Shipped. If you wish, you may also encrypt your address using the vendor's public key yourself, in which case the vendor simply has to decrypt it twice.

The product I ordered still hasn't arrived! What do I do?

Payments are released from escrow automatically to the vendor 7 days (or longer) after the order has been marked as Shipped. If the product does not arrive within that time, you should mark the order as Disputed and contact the vendor. The escrow will not be released automatically for a disputed order.

The vendor hasn't processed my order even though they just logged in!

Vendors often don't ship on weekends. Valhalla Market suggest that you wait until Monday at least. Unprocessed orders get canceled automatically in 4 days and any funds held in escrow are returned to the buyer.

How do I leave feedback to a buyer?

You cannot leave a buyer any positive or negative feedback. This is to prevent dishonest vendors from coercing buyers by threatening to leave them negative feedback. Vendors can still see three pieces of information about a buyer: the number of orders, the total value of all orders, and the percentage of payments automatically released from escrow.

What is two-factor authentication?

You can increase your account security by importing a public PGP key through your account settings. With two-factor authentication, on logging in you first give your password and in addition to that, you also give a unique challenge-response code using your private PGP key.

What are P2SH payments?

Multisig, or P2SH payments are based on Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 016 for the Bitcoin protocol, its implementation often being known as “multisig escrow”. Vendors do not have to accept multisig payments, and buyers are not forced to use multisig payments if a vendor accepts them. Both the buyer and vendor create a unique keypair for each new order. More detailed instructions are found below.

How do I generate a keypair for a multisig payment?

Go to and make sure Javascript is enabled. To enable Javascript, click on the crossed over “S” left of the address bar and select “Temporarily allow all this page”, then refresh the page. Make the following selections:

Get Address From: Secret Exponent
Secret Exponent: Random
Point Conversion: Compressed

You will then find your public key and your private key at the bottom of the page. Copy both keys into a text file. For each new order you will have to create a new keypair.

If you wish, for additional security, you may also use Brainwallet offline by clicking “Download ZIP” at the bottom of the page and extracting the ZIP file.

I'm a vendor. How do I use multisig payments?

This method of payment requires some technical knowledge. If you are not comfortable with using PGP, then you might also find multisig payments cumbersome. Because of this, the use of multisig payments is completely optional. If you wish to use multisig payments, go to your account settings and select the option “Enable multisig payments”.

While enabling multisig payments, you will need to enter your public key. You can also optionally provide a Bitcoin address outside of Valhalla for receiving payments.

With multisig payments, Valhalla Market's system will sign the Bitcoin address using Valhalla's private key and the payment will then be held in escrow. Releasing the escrow along with the payment requires two keys: under normal conditions, the buyer and Valhalla will use their private keys to release the escrow. In the case of a dispute, the vendor and Valhalla can use their private keys to cancel the payment and return the funds to the buyer. The vendor and buyer may also release the escrow without the involvement of Valhalla by exchanging their private keys and sending a pre-formatted escrow release command using a tool such as Bitcoin-QT or Electrum.

You will need to create a new keypair for each new order. Because of this, Valhalla Market recommends that you generate keypairs in bulk, and perhaps store them in a text file.

How do I become a darknet market vendor?

Create a new account and follow the instructions. For your own safety, Valhalla Market recommends that you use a different username from your buyer account. You must know how to use PGP encryption and publish your public key in your profile so that your buyers' postal addresses can be delivered to you securely.

You will also have to pay a deposit of 1 BTC. This deposit will be returned to you once two conditions are met: at least two months have passed since you paid the deposit, and you have successfully completed at least 20 orders with a total value of over €1000. There is no requirement to reach the sales target within two months, and deposit is returned only when conditions are met. Valhalla's commission fee is currently at 6.9% of the value of each order and 5% for established vendors (after returned bond or coming from other other markets).

What can I sell on Valhalla?

Valhalla Market accepts any product for sale so long as it brings no harm to third parties. By that token, the following products are forbidden: child abuse related material, services of bodily harm or violence, and explosives. This policy is based on a vote held on Valhalla Market forums.

I've found a vulnerability or a security issue on Valhalla. How can I benefit from this?

Send a message to customer support. Valhalla Market will pay you a reward of between €1000 and €5,000 depending on how serious the vulnerability is.

Where can I discuss Valhalla?

There is a link to Valhalla Market official forums at the bottom right of this page. Don't rely on Valhalla Market reading any other forums, so if you wish to get an answer to a question on a different forum, please send the link to customer support.







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