Website Update: New Domain Name & Rebrand as

This is just a small announcement that as of last night we are no longer and are now

No, we are not that filthy scumbag “Dr.” Bitcoin, or affiliated with him.  Most probably know him as that degenerate who runs the phishing website at  While he did own the .com domain previously, we purchased it at auction. Apparently, the previous owner either forgot to renew this domain name, or headhunters finally caught up to the guy and took their revenge…which would explain why he hasn’t been active online for about a year…Anyways, we are now

As with all site migrations when moving to a new domain name, it’s a hassle and a headache that includes a lot of work for a small team such as ours.  If you notice any part of our website that is not working, or you notice a bug on our site, please let us know by contacting us through our contact us page.


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