Did Zion Market Finally Exit Scam?

Zion Market Exit Scam

While we hate to say “I told you so” especially when it involves people having money stolen from them, all signs currently point to an exit scam at the hands of Zion Market. You may have noticed that we stripped them from our trusted markets list after noticing none of the affiliate sign-ups through our Zion referral link were registering and hadn’t been for at least several months.

Between Zion ripping off the people who put effort into promoting them, and having absolutely zero interest with any involvement with the darknet market’s community on Dread or even in their own forum for that matter, an exit scam honestly shouldn’t come of many surprises to anyone. We even joked about it last month in our interview with the Admin of Tochka Market (which is a great alternative for any Zion Market refugees)

It’s possible that they are just offline, and all their alternative links are down, as it’s happened before. However, given recent reports from Zion Market Vendors, it doesn’t seem like Zion will be coming back to life this time around.

According to a discussion in the DNMAvengers forum, Vendors on Zion Market claimed that their released escrow payments were not being signed and broadcasted since at least May 4th and since May 8th Zion buyers have been unable to withdraw their funds from the market.

Several of Zion’s members attempted to contact support in regards to their missing funds, through both the support messaging system and Zion’s forum. As usual with Zion, none of the support requests received a response from the Admin or any of Zion’s support staff. A couple days later Zion Market went offline, as did every one of Zion’s alternative links.

One vendor, Usagear aka Odin Pharma, claimed “I am a vendor in zion and I stopped shipping last week because zion owed me a lot of money of escrows released and finish early (that I already shipped). I told some customers about the issue. i was going to refund pending orders yesterday if I did not received an answer from support. I was able to log in yesterday for 5 minutes, no answer, I was going to refund and zion went off line. I an usagear in zion” in the DNMAvengers forum, later mentioning they have been trying to contact Zion support about missing funds since May 2nd.

As of this post, there have been no updates on Zion’s status from the admin or the support staff. In regards to the vendors who get the worst of a deal between losing product and thousands of dollars, hopefully, Zion is just having technical issues rather than having a scumbag for an admin. So did Zion Market exit scam? *shrugs* prolly.


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