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We suggest using one of the following trusted Darknet Markets


We received a message from a dark web user today claiming that ZION was actively not counting any affiliate sign ups. They also stated that when they contacted support to inform them of the issue and after 2 days that they had not received any response.  

We decided to test this ourselves and learned that ZION's affiliate system is not working, and after thoroughly testing the affiliate program we were only able to get one to register after trying several times.  We believe that this is not a malfunction, but is deliberately setup as so ZION does not have to pay out for it's marketing.

Because of this reason we are removing ZION from our Trusted Market List until further notice.  We are not doing this for the loss of affiliate earnings, as we have non affiliates on our list as well.  We are removing ZION because if they are actively deceiving the people working to promote them, then what's stopping them from deceiving their active users?

We are not telling people to avoid ZION, we just wanted to explain our reasoning behind this decision and encourage our readers always to use multisig if the option is available, and never store your bitcoin/monero/etc in your market wallet longer than needed. 

ZION Market Summary

Zion Market is another newer market that is making headway and coming in fast as a strong competitor to the veteran Darknet Markets.  Zion Market has a very modern looking website, and a unique security setup to better protect their shoppers.  

Zion Market does not use the traditional user wallet and relies 100% on multisig. Darknet shoppers visiting the Zion Market are given the option of 2 of the following two security setups where the vendor and server have keys or two of the three where the buyer too has a key.

Zion Market News Updates

New Features: XMR (Monero) withdrawals for vendors, one-click registration and checkout process, dynamic fees for multisig payments based on the Bitcoin transaction backlog and payment amount, and instant vendor account verification for new vendors with a profile on Grams, Hansa, or Valhalla, and XMPP (Jabber) notifications.
February 23, 2017

New features: For buyers we've added a Deal Finder and the ability to shop for specific quantities and amounts. For vendors we've added a quick edit option on your Products page to easily modify or add bulk prices to all of your products on a single page.
January 25, 2017

We now have a Forum! We've also added a product importer to be able to import your products directly from Hansa, Valhalla, or Dream.
January 14, 2017

New feature for vendors: Default shipping profiles for streamlined product adding/editing, escrow auto-release is now set based on the estimated delivery date for the shipping method used.
January 9, 2017

New features for vendors: Use & harm reduction guides for your products, instant delivery for digital purchases, and discount codes to give to your customers.
January 7, 2017

Shared Accounts are now enabled to allow vendors to give limited access to your staff to deal with messages, disputes, orders, etc.
December 2, 2016

New features added: Emergency account destruction password, nLocktime signed transactions for buyers and sellers, scheduled vacation mode ending time, bulk message sending for vendors, and a search tool for messages and sales.
November 30, 2016

Zion Market is live! For a short time vendor accounts are free with no bond required for established vendors, send a support message for a vendor signup code!
November 28, 2016

ZION FAQ: Buyers

How Do I Place An Order on Zion Market?

To place an order you must:

Find a product and click the Buy button.

Send the amount of BTC (or XMR if using Monero) to the address shown on your Orders page. Your payment will be held in escrow until you release it.

Send your shipping address to the vendor on the Orders page.

That's it! The order status will be updated when the vendor sees the order and processes/ships it. If you have any problems with the order you can request a refund or open a claim. Your escrow payment will be automatically released within 2 weeks to the vendor, but you can click the “Extend escrow release date” button if you haven't received your order yet.

How Do I Use Monero To Stay Anonymous?

Here is Zion Market's current recommendation using Monero:

If you have BTC While using TAILS or TorBrowser on a non-Windows computer: Create a Monero wallet (wallet1) with a Monero node (https://getmonero.org/home) or using https://mymonero.com 

Use https://shapeshift.io/ to exchange your BTC for XMR (Monero). Send the Monero to wallet1.  Place your order on Zion and click the Monero icon on your Orders page to enable Monero payment for that purchase.

Send XMR from your wallet1 to the XMR address on the Orders page. Make sure you include the Payment ID

Within 10-15 minutes your XMR will be converted back into BTC and will be safely locked in the multisig escrow transaction until you receive your item and release escrow

If you have XMR

If you already have XMR you should first send it to a wallet that only you control, not an exchange. Then send it from your wallet to the XMR payment ID & address shown on your orders page.

I Paid But My Payment Still Doesn't Show?

If you've sent BTC to your order address but it still hasn't registered, first check for your payment on https://blockexplorer.com, searching for the Bitcoin address you sent your payment to (it will start with a 3). If your payment shows there but doesn't have a confirmation yet, please wait another 10-15 minutes. If there is no payment shown then your BTC was never sent.

If your BTC was sent but still hasn't been added to the order you can click the “Check BTC Deposit” button and the system will manually check for your payment.

Please allow 1-2 hours before sending any support tickets for missing payments.

What Can I Do If I've Been Scammed?

If you haven't released escrow you should open a claim as soon as possible so that the escrow does not auto-finalize.

If escrow has already been released then ZION does not have the BTC anymore. You should leave poor feedback against the vendor and you can report the vendor to ZION so that the market can take action if it is happening to multiple buyers.

ZION FAQ: General

How Does Escrow Work?

All multisig payments are placed in an escrow account. Once a buyer receives the product they click the “Release Escrow” button on the orders page and the vendor will receive the payment.

Buyers can FE (finalize early before receiving the product) but it is at their risk. If they do not receive the item or have a problem with it they can open a claim but their options are more limited. Unless the vendor has another policy the buyer agreed to, the standard is a 50% refund if the item does not arrive. If there is a pattern of failed shipments Zion Market will refund the full escrow payment.

What Are Public Keys?

Public keys are used for creating the payment once an order has been placed.

Exporting Your Public Keys

The easiest way to export your public keys is to use the Electrum wallet that is included with TAILS.

Once you've created or imported your wallet, go to the Addresses window.
Start by selecting the top address, right click on the address, and click “Public Keys”.
Copy the public key from there into the public key textbox in your settings page.

For vendors, it is highly recommended to give Zion multiple public keys. For buyers, one is enough but more is always better.

Why Do I Need To Send A Public Key?

For maximum security when making a multisignature transaction there should be three keys, one from the buyer, vendor, and Zion. Zion Market use 2-of-3 multisig transactions, so two people have to sign the transaction before the payment is released to the vendor or refunded to the buyer.

If everything goes normally, the buyer should not have to do anything to complete the payment. But if the vendor is a scammer or goes missing, Zion Market would need the buyer to sign the transaction with their key in order to send a refund.

How Do I Use Bitmessage?

Bitmessage allows you to communicate securely and anonymously very easily.

To get started you should download the client:

Linux: https://bitmessage.org/wiki/Compiling_instructions
OSX or Windows: https://github.com/Bitmessage/PyBitmessage/releases

Once you've created a new address you can send or receive messages securely and anonymously. You can run Bitmessage over Tor and PGP encrypt your messages but it is not strictly necessary.

How Do I Sign Transactions?

There are several ways to sign transactions depending on which Bitcoin client you are using.

The easiest way to sign a transaction quickly is with https://coinb.in .

Note: For maximum security, you can save the https://coinb.in page and run it while you're offline. The only action that needs an internet connection is broadcasting the signed transaction at the very end. You can process all your payments in a batch offline and broadcast them later if you want.

First, you select the entire transaction we've given you and copy it (Ctrl-C):

Zion Market Darknet Market

Then go to https://coinb.in/#verify , paste the transaction, and click submit. This allows you to verify the transaction and double check that it is sending the BTC to the right address.

Zion Market Darknet Market

Then go to the Sign tab and paste your private key and the transaction into the boxes. Clicking Submit will sign the transaction with your key.

Zion Market Darknet Market

Then simply go to the Broadcast tab and paste the final signed transaction into the box then click Submit. That's it!

Zion Market Darknet Market

How Do I Get A Bitcoin Public Key?

The easiest way is to go to https://ww.coinb.in/#newAddress and create a new Bitcoin address.

Copy and save the private key somewhere safe and encrypted. The copy and paste the public key into your account:

Zion Market Darknet Market

And that's it! You will use the private key to sign transactions once escrow is released.

ZION FAQ: Vendors

How Do I Use Multisig?

All orders use multisignature to keep your Bitcoin safe. Zion Market hold one key and the vendor holds one key. Buyers have the option of adding one or more public keys to their account so that it will be 2-of-3 multisig, otherwise, it will be 2-of-2 multisig.

Note: If a buyer does not have a public key on file, Zion Market will sign the transaction shortly after the payment is received and give the buyer the transaction signed with Zions's key as a backup. Once the buyer releases escrow the seller will receive the signed transaction for them to complete the 2-of-2 or 2-of-3 multisig.

For orders under $20USD, sellers have the option of enabling Instant Withdrawal. If a buyer does not have a public key on file, Zion Market will create the transaction with 2 server keys and one vendor key. Once the buyer releases escrow Zion Market will sign & broadcast the transaction without the seller needing to sign and broadcast the transaction manually.

What is Instant Withdrawal?

For lower value orders, sellers have the option of enabling Instant Withdrawal. If a buyer does not have a public key on file, Zion Market will create the transaction with 2 server keys and one vendor key. Once the buyer releases escrow Zion Market will sign & broadcast the transaction without the seller needing to sign and broadcast the transaction manually.

What Goods are Forbidden?

  • Under no circumstances will Zion Market allow any of this to be sold here:
  • Child abuse material
  • Any weapons, guns, poison, or anything created to cause harm to a living being
  • Fake currency, stolen credit cards, stolen identities or identification documents

If you'd like to sell something that does not have a category already just send a Support message and we'll add it.

What Is The Commission Rate?

The commission rate is 5% for regular vendor accounts 8% for “Lite” vendor accounts.

The exact commission charged on each transaction may vary by +/- 1% to make tracking payments more difficult.

What Are Personal Bitcoin Addresses?

Personal Bitcoin wallet addresses are the bitcoin addresses in your wallet that you want your BTC to be sent to once the multi-sig transaction has been completed.

What Are Unconfirmed Payments?

Unconfirmed payments are payments that haven't yet been confirmed by the Bitcoin network. This can happen for several reasons:

The Bitcoin network has a large backlog of unconfirmed payments

The payment was not sent with a fee or an insufficient fee

To speed up the confirmation you can submit the TXID to https://www.viabtc.com/tools/txaccelerator/

What Are Promoted Products?

Promoting your products gives your products more visibility on the homepage, category pages, and search results in case you're new or trying to increase your marketing.

There are two levels of promoted products:

Level 1 increases the commission rate to 10% and places the product at the top of category or search pages.

Level 2 increases the commission rate to 15% and places the product on the homepage and as well as at the top of category and search pages.

Homepage promoted products are adjusted based on each user's past purchases and searches so that users see products that interest them most.

The homepage shows a maximum of 15 promoted products. If there are more than 15 Level 2 products, a random assortment of products is chosen every 15 minutes.

Category and search pages show 3 promoted products at the top. If there are more than 3 promoted products then a random set of 3 are displayed.

What Are Prepaid Commissions?

Enabling prepaid commissions greatly increases buyer and vendor anonymity by making it impossible to link a Bitcoin payment with Zion.

The way payments normally work is when the buyer releases escrow, the transaction is released with two payment addresses: A 2-5% commission payment to one of Zion's addresses and the rest is sent to one of the vendor's addresses. Typically an attacker will place one order, see where the payment and commission goes, and then use that to group all the payments sent to a market or vendor.

With prepaid commissions, the vendor receives the full amount of the payment once the buyer releases escrow so there is no direct link to the market for the majority of transactions. An attacker can only see the vendor payment address for an order they have placed. Vendors should use multiple BTC payment addresses/wallets or use Zion's XMR withdrawal option to further reduce their blockchain footprint.

The vendor can either pay into their commission account address directly or the system will send a complete payment from a buyer to top up their commission account.

How Do I Confirm My Account?

Confirmed vendors are vendors with previous experience in other markets who've verified their PGP keys with us. Their account is marked as confirmed with a checkbox on their profile pages.

To have your account marked as confirmed you should contact support and send your Grams profile URL and any other functioning links that show your vendor feedback. Zion Market will only mark accounts as confirmed if they have feedback of at least 100 on another market (not cumulative between multiple markets).

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